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Music Library
I am looking to get the music off my system and onto my Samsung S3. is this possible, and if so, wha...
(Posted by wayne29039 1 year ago)
Music Library

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  • Owner's guide - Page 2

    ... care not to spill liquids in any part of the system. Liquids can cause a failure ... should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except properly qualified service personnel. Class ... of important operating and maintenance instructions in this owner's guide. CAUTION: To prevent electric shock... at: Additional safety information See the additional instructions...
  • Owner's guide - Page 3

    ...37 38 38 38 39 39 39 SETUP 1 2 3 4 5 Placing the system components 6 Connecting the speakers to the module 8 Connecting the module to from your TV as an option ...Installing the FM and AM radio antennas ...Connecting the module to power outlet ...Setting the remote to ...For DVDs: Setting Parental Control ...42 Choosing a password ...42 Setting a restriction level ...43 Ratings supplied by the...
  • Owner's guide - Page 4

    ... ...Removing a station from a preset ... 44 44 45 45 46 46 46 REFERENCE Replacing remote batteries ...Protecting the system ...Cleaning the media center ...Cleaning the speakers ...Troubleshooting ...For Customer Service ...Limited warranty ...Technical Information ... 60 60 60 60 60 61 65 65 65 ADJUSTMENTS TO THE PERFORMANCE...
  • Owner's guide - Page 6

    ... improved spaciousness from stereo recordings and bold movie effects for surround-sound sources. System features include Small, easy-to-place shelf speakers Easy-to-hide Acoustimass® module Integrated DVD/CD player ... What is a uMusic system? This system features breakthrough Bose technology that enables you to: • Store your favorite music in a library ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 24

    Svenska SETUP Nederlands Français Italiano Deutsch Español English To get digital ... that works with your component. Such cables are available at most electronics stores. 1. Identify the digital connector on your component as either an Optical or ... but not both. Note: The media center Optical connector is factory set to work with a cable or satellite box. If your Optical component is ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 26

    ...Nederlands Français Italiano Deutsch Español English 6 Connecting audio from your TV as an option For some setups, in order to hear your TV sound from your 3•2•1® speakers, you need to make this connection. If: • Your cable box does not provide red and white AUDIO OUT connectors. &#...
  • Owner's guide - Page 33

    ...ñol Français Italiano Nederlands Svenska SETUP 2. Insert this plug into the power connector that is ...any system. Note: Surge protectors are available at most electronics stores. 4. Continue with 9 on the next page. Note: On some systems, the ... module includes one of two controls. On 220-240V models only, turn the POWER switch to on ( l ). On dual-voltage systems only, set the voltage ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 34

    Svenska SETUP Nederlands Français Italiano Deutsch Español English 9 Setting the remote to control your TV and components When the batteries are installed, you can set the 3•2•1® remote to control your TV and other components connected to the media center. Inserting the remote batteries The two supplied AA ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 35

    English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Nederlands Svenska SETUP Setting the remote for your TV To use the ... your TV, you must set the remote for the proper TV device code. ® 7. Make sure ... code numbers below: 1. Refer to the list of "Device codes" on page A-1. 2. In the list for TVs, find the brand of... one, if needed. Note: If one code works to turn your TV on and off...
  • Owner's guide - Page 37

    ... Before you continue, make sure that: • All of the cables needed for your setup are connected. • Batteries are installed in the 3•2•1® system remote control. • The system power cord...owner's manual that came with your TV. If you STILL do not see the DVD image on your screen, see the problem identified as "Sound, but no picture" under Troubleshooting on page 65. 33
  • Owner's guide - Page 44

    ...Video Input to see the correct video. Note: To prevent mid-play video disc problems, be sure the disc is clean. This is particularly important with rented DVDs. 2. On the media... set to work with your TV, use the Input button on your TV remote control. Or see your TV owner's guide for instructions. Selecting a play option If you want to: Interrupt play, press Pause on the remote control. • To...
  • Owner's guide - Page 46

    ... Checking for disc compatibility If you have trouble playing a disc, check to be sure it is one of ... small). For example, Region 1 is . For DVDs: Setting Parental Control You can password protect some DVDs ... not appropriate for other family members. Choosing a password 1. Turn on your TV and your 3&#... number buttons to create your four-digit password. • SACDs (CD-compatible Copy protection ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 48

    ...turn on the TV. If the 3•2•1 remote is set to control the component, you can press ...make small adjustments to this timing, use the audio delay setting on the 3•2•1 system: 1. Press ...Settings button on the 3•2•1 remote control. The Settings menu appears on screen. 2. Move down ... (1-8) and wait to see if this corrects the problem. Each selection makes a minute timing...
  • Owner's guide - Page 53

    ... THE PERFORMANCE Audio options These options affect the way the system sounds in your home. Option Bass Compensation Default Setting (Options) 0 (-14 to +14) Description... DVD audio from 3•2•1® media center over the 3•2•1 speakers. Sends two channels of DVD audio by HDMI cable to the TV and plays this sound on the TV speakers as well as on the Bose® speakers. 49
  • Owner's guide - Page 55

    ...a Composite or S-Video cable.) TV Video Format Default Setting (Options) (HDMI) (Composite + S-Video) (Component) Normal (Extended) ... made on the back panel of the media center. This is not an adjustable setting. Screen black level generally appropriate for most TVs. .... Correct for PAL (European standard) monitors. Only for a TV that supports multiple formats (NTSC and PAL). Screen image repaints ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 65

    ...çais Italiano Nederlands Svenska REFERENCE Troubleshooting System issues System doesn't turn on ... connected securely. • Check connections between the speakers and the Acoustimass module. • Turn off ...;2•1 system speakers. • Try plugging your system into a different AC outlet. ... Some examples are a TV, cable box, VCR, wireless internet router, dimmer switches, blinking ...
  • Owner's guide - Page 66

    ...Fixed audio output, you need to turn off the TV speakers internally. Refer to your TV owner's guide and follow the instructions provided there. • Adjust the Audio Delay using the ... (+ and -) matches the polarity marked in the battery compartment. • Install new batteries. Refer to "Replacing remote batteries" on page 60. 3•2•1 remote behaves...
  • Owner's guide - Page 68

    ... Lock DVD password lost • Enter the password 2673 to gain entry to the Lock DVD screen. Storing issues NO LABEL appears on ... to identify and classify the CDs you store. When you are registered with Bose, a music information update CD is sent out periodically. Be sure to register your ... have not. • For now, you can manually enter information using the Stored CD edit screen (Refer to "...
  • Owner's guide - Page 69

    ...Español Français Italiano Nederlands Svenska REFERENCE For customer service For additional help in solving problems, contact Bose® Customer Service. Refer to the address sheet included in the carton. Antennas FM 75Ω - external... module: 23.3 lb (10.6 kg) Finish Media center: polymer Speakers: polymer Acoustimass module: polymer 65
  • Owner's guide - Page 75

    ... Français Nederlands Svenska ©2008 Bose Corporation. No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, .... In case of 525 or 625 progressive scan picture problems, it is recommended that the user switch the connection to the "standard definition" ... are ques- tions regarding your TV set compatibility with this model 525p and 625p DVD player, please contact our customer service center. ...

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