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Question posted by joemoore20 on December 27th, 2011 10:37 PM

Philips Se450 Cordless Phones Keep Truning Off Then On

phones seem to reboot themselves if calls come in i tried to re register them reset them any other ideas and the battires are fully charged  
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  • Quick start guide - Page 2

    ... answering machine Battery door 2 AAA rechargeable batteries Power supply Line cord User manual Guarantee Do Not Return leaflet Quick Start Guide In multihandset packs, you will find one or more additional handsets, battery doors, chargers with power supply units and additional rechargeable batteries. WARNING: Always use the line cord, power supply and batteries that came with your phone.
  • Quick start guide - Page 4

    3 Enjoy Make a call Dial the number (maximum 24 digits) and press t or l. OR Press t or l to take the line, and dial the number. Answer a call When the phone rings, press t or l. End a call To end a conversation, press h. Adjust earpiece or speaker volume During a call, scroll n to select from level 1 to level 5. Set the ring tone There are 15 ring tones ...
  • Quick start guide - Page 5

    ... from the phonebook 1. Press d in idle mode. 2. Scroll n to a phonebook entry. 3. Press t. • The call is initiated. Listen to messages recorded on the answering machine (for SE455 only) Press e on the... message counter is turned on). The outgoing message is played. Press p on the base station to play phone messages (the first recorded message will be played first). Press f to skip the current ...
  • Quick start guide - Page 6

    ... power: Check the connections. • Batteries are empty: Charge the batteries. • Move closer to the base station.... Make sure that your base station is on. • Reset your unit and restart handset ...• Caller number is not displayed! Welcome to Philips! Register your product and get ... Refer to the User Manual that came with your phone. Online Help ©2008 ...
  • Leaflet - Page 1

    Philips Cordless telephone SE4502B Enhanced High Def Voice for ultimate call clarity With voice purity as clear as the bright color screen, the SE4 series combines outstanding sound and perfect color. You will be delighted with the new communication experience brought by this blend of color and sound. Outstanding sound quality • Enhanced speakerphone for real-life handsfree ...
  • Leaflet - Page 2

    Cordless telephone SE4502B/17 Specifications Picture/Display Backlight Backlight color: White Main ... keys: Paging key Battery charging indication Call Management: Call Waiting, Caller ID, ... (Amber on handset) Speakerphone-Talk handsfree • Call log entries: 50 • Phonebook: ...-11-06 Version: 2.0.1 © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All Rights reserved. Specifications are ...
  • User manual - Page 1

    Register your product and get support at SE450 US-EN Telephone Warning Use only rechargeable batteries. Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.
  • User manual - Page 3

    ...Wall mounting the base Install your phone Install battery Charge battery Remove/Attach ...Call from the phonebook while already on the phone Call using Direct Access Memory Enter a Dialing ... 8 Notification to the Local Telephone Company 8 Rights of the Phone Company 8 Interference Information 9 Hearing Aid ...14 14 15 7.1.8 7.2 7.2.1 7.3 8 8.1 8.2 Use more of your phone 30 Switch the handset off/on 30 ...
  • User manual - Page 7

    ...the product exhibits a distinct change in performance. 18 Avoid using a telephone (other than a cordless type) during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from... not attempt to recharge the battery(ies) provided with or identified for use with this product that are not intended to be charged.The battery(ies) may leak corrosive electrolyte or explode. 6 Do not attempt to ...
  • User manual - Page 9

    60950). Following a power cut, the call in progress is lost. Caution Users should ensure for ... packaging materials, exhausted batteries and old phone and where possible promote their recycling. ...8226; Do not allow the charging contacts of the charger or the battery to come into contact with extraneous ..., nor by persons with pacemakers. • Your phone can interfere with electrical equipment such ...
  • User manual - Page 10

    ... to your telephone line and still have all of these devices ring when your telephone number is called. In most (but not all) areas, the sum of the RENs of all devices connected to ... used to connect this equipment to the premises wiring and telephone network must comply with the 2.7.2 Rights of the Phone Company Should your equipment cause trouble on your line which may harm the telephone network, ...
  • User manual - Page 13

    ...: • Do not allow the charging contacts or the battery to come into contact with metal ...battery than the one delivered with the product or recommended by Philips: risk of explosion. • Always use ...; This equipment is not designed to make emergency calls when the power fails. An alternative has to be made available to allow emergency calls. • Do not expose the phone to excessive heat ...
  • User manual - Page 15

    4.1 Service Centers US service center Philips Accessories & Computer Peripherals North America1881 Route 46 WestLedgewood, NJ 07852 Phone: (800) 233-8413 E-mail support: The RBRC® seal 13
  • User manual - Page 16

    5 Your phone Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at 5.1 What's in the box Handset with belt clip Base Station with bracket Battery door 2 AAA rechargeable batteries Power supply Line cord User ...
  • User manual - Page 19

    5.3 Display icons and Messages Indicates that the battery is fully charged. This icon blinks during charge and when the... Blinks when the alarm time comes. Appears when the loudspeaker is activated. Appears when the ringer is off. Indicates that the handset is registered and within range of...below to clear (delete) a character or number when making an entry. Long press to clear all. Your phone 17
  • User manual - Page 22

    ...20 83.00 17.00 5.20 2 Turn the bracket around. 6.3 Install your phone Before using the handset, the batteries have to be installed and fully charged. Warning When the batteries are inserted for the first time, the unit will not be able to start normally due to the low battery. You must charge the batteries on the base station before you can use the handset. 3 ...
  • User manual - Page 23

    ...If the battery level becomes exceedingly low, the phone automatically switches off shortly after ...function in progress will not be saved. 1 Place the handset on the charging cradle of the base station. A beep is emitted .... 3 The battery icon becomes steady when the handset is fully charged. Note Optimal battery life is reached after 3 cycles of complete charging (over 15 Getting started 6.4 Remove/...
  • User manual - Page 25

    6.7 Menu structure The SE450 has five menus as shown in the following table. Menu Name Icon 1 Phonebook 2 Personal Settings 3 Clock and Alarm 4 Advanced Settings 5 ... menu level. Press c Back to go to the previous menu level. The charts below show the menu trees of your phone. Phonebook Phonebook New Entry List Edit Entry Select Melody Delete Delete All Direct Memory Enter Name: Entry list displayed...
  • User manual - Page 39

    ... Press c Back to discard the deletion. The screen returns to the Call List menu. It allows you to make free... Note If the handset does not belong to SE450/ 455 range, this function may not be... and press o OK. • Once the intercom call is initiated the icon is displayed on the handset. 3 Press ...8226; The display shows the numbers of the handsets registered to the base. Use more of your phone 37
  • User manual - Page 58

    ... • Redial list with 10 entries • Call log with 50 entries Battery • 2 &#...% at 40°C 13 Frequently asked questions In this chapter, you will find the most frequently ... W) Connection The handset does not switch on! • Charge the batteries: Put the handset on the base station to charge. After a few moments, the phone will switch on. • You may ...

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