Question posted by gstark36 on April 19th, 2012 1:29 PM

How Do I Access My Craigslist Account

I set up my account to list an item for free. When I go in and give my email address it indicates no such account has been set up.  How do I access my account to see if I have any responses to my ad that is listed?
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Answer #1: Posted by Odin on April 20th, 2012 7:53 AM

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You don't need an account to list an item and receive replies. There may have been a typo when you provided your email address. You can either re-list without an account, or set up a new account with a correct email address.
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  • craigslist | about > help > faq
    ... proceed from there. You can post a free ad without an account, which works like this... posting just as you have typed it. We anonymize your email address. We relay responses to your actual email... folder. You may have entered your email address incorrectly on the posting form -- it only takes... craigslist is prohibited. We also provide a partial list of items prohibited for sale or trade on craigslist....
  • craigslist | about > help > how
    Sep 15th 2008 04:29 PM > how Start by going here to set up a free account: You will be sent an email that contains a link. Clicking on this ... Posting Description box. Your email address will be masked with a craigslist anonymous address, but responses are forwarded to your email account. If you'd rather not receive replies by email, select "do...
  • craigslist | about > help > accountposting
    .... If you are unable to access your account, the email address you are using may ... to reply to : - This will be defaulted to the email address that was provided at the time of setting up the account. Contact Firm -... name provided at the time the account was set up. General Job Location - Where the job is located.... may want to browse through the current listings in your city to see where other similar ...

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