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Question posted by moonstar8165 on January 11th, 2011 5:11 PM

My Phone Says 'searching' What Do I Do?

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  • English Owners Manual - Page 2

    Table of Contents Welcome ...5 Accessibility...5 Installing the Phone ...6 Choosing.the.Best.Location...6 Installing.the.Battery...7 ....packs.only)...8 Charging.the.Handset...9 . Testing.the.Connection...11 Changing.the.dial.mode...1 Expanding.Your.Phone...13 Adding.accessory.handsets...13 ......15 Getting to Know Your New Phone ...16 Features...16 . Answering.system....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 3

    Customizing Your Handsets ...29 Changing.the.Handset.Banner...9 . Selecting.a.Ring.Tone...9 Activating.AutoTalk...30 . Activating.Any.Key.Answer...30 Using Your Phone ...31 Making.a.Call.from.the.Phonebook...3 . Chain.dialing.from.the.phonebook...3 . During.a.Call...3 . Using Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Redial Lists ...33 Using.the.Caller.ID.List...33 ...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 5

    Welcome Note:. from.the.actual.unit.®.Partner,.Uniden.has.determined.that.this.product.or.product.models.meets. the.Energy.Star® guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star®.is.a.U.S..registered.mark...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 6

    ...; Microwave ovens • Refrigerators, TRY TO AVOID • Fluorescent lighting • Other cordless telephones Installing the Phone Near an AC outlet and a telephone • Metal.and.reinforced.concrete.may.affect.cordless.telephone.performance. 6
  • English Owners Manual - Page 7

    Installing the Battery Use.only.the.Uniden.BT-1015.rechargeable.battery.pack.supplied.with.your.cordless.telephone. Unpack all handsets, battery packs, and battery covers. (If the battery cover is ... it click into place.) Gently tug on the battery wires to make sure the connection is secure. Installing the Phone RED BLACK Place the cover over the battery compartment and slide it up into place. 7...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 8

    ..., only use the Uniden PS-0009 AC adapter with the base. Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack on the back of the base. Connect the AC adapter to a standard 120V AC wall outlet. Installing the Phone Route the cord through the molded wiring channel. Don't put any power cord where it people might trip over it or step on it. If a power cord becomes chafed or worn out, it can create a fire or ...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 9

    ...the charging cradle with the display facing forward. Make sure that the charge LED illuminates when the handset is seated. Installing the Phone What if the charge LED doesn't light up? Reseat the handset; make sure the contacts on the bottom of...Make sure that the charge LED illuminates when the handset is seated. Charge your handset at least 15 to 20 hours before plugging into the phone line. 9
  • English Owners Manual - Page 13

    Expanding Your Phone Adding accessory handsets, •,.DCX00,....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 15

    ...base,' 1),.press.MENU/, 3) Press.MENU/,."Searching".continues. to appear. You can repeat ...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 16

    Getting to Know Your New Phone Features • 1.9GHz.DECT.6.0.expandable.system • • Caller.ID/Call.Waiting....Store.30.Caller.ID.numbers • • •... • Message.alert • Getting to Know Your New Phone 16
  • English Owners Manual - Page 17,; • Bold italic
  • English Owners Manual - Page 26; use.this.ring.tone.when.this.person.calls..Use.,,.press.6 once. The ... an Existing Phonebook Entry Setting Up the Phonebook 1),.press. ) Find.the.entry....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 31

    Using Your Phone From a cordless handset 1) ) 3) 4) OR 1) ) 3) Pick.up.the.handset.from.the.cradle. Press.TALK/FLASH. Listen.for.the.dial.tone.....from.the.cradle. Dial.the.number.. Press. . Making a call Using Your Phone Answering a call 1) Pick.up.the.handset..(,.the. handset.from.the.cradle.) ) Press.TALK/FLASH..(
  • English Owners Manual - Page 37

    ....for.two.seconds, Digital.cordless.phones.generate.magnetic.signals.that.can.cause.noise.on.hearing.aids.equipped.with.a.telecoil. ("T".coil)"T-coil".mode.that,.when.activated,.reduces.the.magnetic.noise. 1),.press.MENU/SELECT. ) Select.the.Handset Setup....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 57

    When you have this problem...A.handset.says.Unavailable. extension. No.handsets.will.display.any. Caller.ID.information. Caller ID displays briefly and then.clears. I.can' the.base. A.handset.doesn't. communicate.with.other. handsets.. I.can't.transfer.calls. Try...• Moving.the....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 58

    .... not.record.any.messages. The.answering.system. doesn't.say.what.time. messages.were.recorded. Messages.are.incomplete....message.playback. I.can't.access.answering. system.from.a.remote. phone.. • •', 58
  • English Owners Manual - Page 59

    ...on the Line" noise) •,,, between.the.handset.and.the.base. line, see ...
  • English Owners Manual - Page 62 • Your.answering.system.doesn' • Caller ID displays briefly and then clears.,.the.handset.will.begin.searching.for.another.base.thirty. seconds.after.going.out.of....
  • English Owners Manual - Page 63

    ... Damage •,.but.only.the.exterior.plastic.housing.....has.entered.the.plastic.housing.( handset.battery.compartment.or.....below..After.following.these.steps,.if.,
  • English Owners Manual - Page 67

    ....or.distracting.transmissions., cordless.telephone.or.other.source.of.interference. Finally,.it....and. VCRs..To.minimize.or.prevent.such.interference,.the.base.of.the. devices.other.than.your.own.. cordless.telephone.unit..Consequently,.any.communications.using....

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