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Question posted by ali123bai on November 20th, 2012 3:54 PM

How To Reset Bios Password L755 19h

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  • User Manual - Page 3

    L750/L755/L750D/L755D Chapter 4 Operating Basics Using the Touch Pad ...4-1 Web Camera ...4-2 Using the TOSHIBA Face ...Chapter 6 Power and Power-Up Modes Power conditions ...6-1 Monitoring of power condition ...6-2 Battery ...6-3 Password Utility ...6-10 Starting the computer by password ...6-11 Power-up modes...6-11 Panel power on/off ...6-12 System automatic Sleep/Hibernation ...6-12 Chapter 7...
  • User Manual - Page 1

    User's Manual Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D Satellite Pro L750/L750D Series
  • User Manual - Page 3

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D System Recovery ...1-13 Chapter 2 The Grand Tour Front with the display closed ...2-1 Left side ...2-2 Right side ...2-4 Back ...2-5 Underside ...2-6 Front with the display open ...2-7 Indicators ...2-9 Optical disc drives ...2-11 AC adaptor ...2-12 Chapter 3 Hardware, Utilities and Options Hardware ...3-1 Special ...
  • User Manual - Page 4

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Monitoring of power condition ...6-2 Battery ...6-3 Password Utility ...6-10 Starting the computer by password ...6-10 Power-up modes...6-11 Panel power on/off ...6-11 System automatic Sleep/Hibernation ...6-11 Chapter 7 HW Setup Accessing HW Setup ...7-1 HW Setup window ...7-1 Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Problem ...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Copy Protection ...F-4 Glossary Index User's Manual v
  • User Manual - Page 6

    .../L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Copyright © 2010 by TOSHIBA Corporation. ... assumed, with respect to the use of the information contained herein. TOSHIBA Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite ... accuracy. The instructions and descriptions it contains are accurate for the TOSHIBA Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Series Portable Personal Computer at the time ...
  • User Manual - Page 7

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D ConfigFree is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Secure Digital and SD are trademarks of SD Card Association. MultiMediaCard and MMC are trademarks of MultiMediaCard Association. Labelflash is a trademark of YAMAHA CORPORATION. WinDVD and Corel Digital Studio are ...
  • User Manual - Page 9

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Working environment This product was designed to fulfil the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirements to be observed for so-called "Residential, commercial and light industry environments". TOSHIBA do not approve the use of this product in working environments other than the above mentioned "Residential, commercial...
  • User Manual - Page 10

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Canadian regulatory information (Canada only) This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the Radio Interference Regulation of the Canadian Department of Communications. Note that Canadian Department of Communications (DOC) regulations provide, ...
  • User Manual - Page 11

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D The hookflash (timed break register recall) function is subject to separate national type approvals. It has not been tested for conformity to national type regulations, and no guarantee of successful operation of that specific function on specific national networks can be given. Japan regulations Region selection If you ...
  • User Manual - Page 12

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Pursuant to FCC CFR 47, Part 68: When you are ready to install or use the modem, call your local telephone company and give them the following information:
  • User Manual - Page 13

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Fax branding The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or other electronic device to send any message via a telephone fax machine unless such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page or on the first page of the transmission, ...
  • User Manual - Page 14

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each terminal device provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence ...
  • User Manual - Page 15

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Notes for use of this device in New Zealand
  • User Manual - Page 16

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D
  • User Manual - Page 17

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Disposal of batteries and/or accumulators The crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol indicates that batteries and/or accumulators must be collected and disposed of separately from household waste. If the battery or accumulator contains more than the specified values of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and/or cadmium (Cd) defined in ...
  • User Manual - Page 18

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Following information is only for Turkey:
  • User Manual - Page 19

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D Panasonic System Networks
  • User Manual - Page 141

    HW Setup Setup This field displays the installed BIOS version, date and EC version. ... repeat from step 1. Entry Error!!! To delete a user password: 1. Select Not Registered to display the following ... string you enter matches the registered password, the password option is reset and the display changes ...appears. You must repeat from step 1. Incorrect Password. Owner String This blank field is used ...
  • User Manual - Page 192

    Satellite L750/L755/L750D/L755D/Satellite Pro L750/L750D FN + F7 (Brightness Up) 5-3 FN + F8 (Wireless) 5-4 FN + F9 (Touch Pad) 5-4 FN + ... 3-6 connecting 4-31 disconnecting 4-32 jack 2-5 problems 8-17 region selection 4-30 Moving the computer 4-37 MultiMediaCard 3-16 I Indicators 2-9 P Password power on 3-7 Starting the computer by 6-10 Pointing Device Index-2 User's Manual

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