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Question posted by picturez on September 16th, 2012 11:58 AM

Charging Problem

Hi, The problem is the LED is always solid red. Even I replace a battery and after 12 hours of charging the LED color is not changed, and after couple calls it dead
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  • User Guide - Page 2

    ...product-related questions, visit us online at: Or phone us at: •1-800-353-2729 U.S.A. •1-800-461-4575 Canada &#... part of Motorola to provide notification of such revision or change. Motorola provides this guide without warranty of ...a particular purpose. Motorola may make improvements or changes in the product(s) described in this manual at any time. ...
  • User Guide - Page 4

    ...and Right Soft Keys Up and Down Scroll Phone On/Flash Redial list of the last 5 numbers dialed Switch from upper to lower case letters Turn on Handset Speakerphone Microphone 14 1 1:16 pm Handset 1 ...Number Entered/Entries in Phonebook/Caller ID List 12 End Call/Cancel Function 13 Headset/Earphone Jack (2.5 mm connector) 14 Handset Antenna, Ringer and Voicemail Message Indicator 2 ...
  • User Guide - Page 6

    Table of Contents Welcome ...i Handset Overview ...ii Handset Charger Overview ...iii Important Safety Instructions ...viii Getting Started ...1 Battery Safety Instructions ...1 Charging the Handsets ...3 Handset Display Screens ...4 Main Display Screen ...4 Main Menu Display Screen ...5 Using the Handset Display ...5 Using the Soft Keys ...6 Using the Navigation Key ...6 ...
  • User Guide - Page 10

    ... Instructions Follow these safety precautions when using your cordless phone to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons or property: To reduce the risk... fire and shock: 1. Keep all slits and openings of the phone unblocked. Do not set the phone on a heating register or over a radiator. Ensure that proper ventilation is provided at the installation site. 2. ...
  • User Guide - Page 11

    ...8. Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords. 9. Avoid using during an electrical storm... if you are in the vicinity of the gas line. Unplug this cordless phone immediately from an outlet if: • ... exposed to rain or water. Do not retrieve the handset or base until after you have ... been damaged. • The product exhibits a distinct change in performance. ix Important Safety Instructions
  • User Guide - Page 12

    ... the product. 3. Do not install this product near a bath tub, sink, or shower. 4. Operate this phone using only the power source that is indicated on the marking label. If you are unsure of ... the operating instructions. Improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work to restore the product to normal operation. 7. Clean this product with a soft, damp ...
  • User Guide - Page 13

    ... this unit. Using other power supplies may damage the unit. 9. Because cordless phones operate on electricity, you should have at least one phone in your home that isn't cordless, in case the power in your home goes out. 10.To avoid interference to nearby appliances, do not place the base of the cordless phone on or near a TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, or VCR. ...
  • User Guide - Page 16

    Setting Up the Charging Base Your expansion handset does not require a phone line; just ... Expansion Handset: 1 2 Plug the power cord into the back of the charging base. Plug the power cord into an ... the Handsets Place the handset in the charging base. The LED is solid red when the handset is charging. Note: The initial battery charging time for your new handset is at least 12 hours. Charge LED 3
  • User Guide - Page 17

    ... keys are used to select the various features and functions of the handset. This section describes how to use these components so you can ... "Setting Up." Main Display Screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Time Name of handset Display wallpaper Left softkey Up/down scroll softkey Right softkey Battery meter Ringer on/off icon 4 Phonebk cid Menu Getting Started Main Display Screen 8 1 2 1:16 pm Handset-D(4) 7 3...
  • User Guide - Page 18

    ...Up/down scroll softkey Right softkey 5 1 2 3 4 1:16 pm Menu Phonebook Recent calls Ringer Monitor room Walkie-talkie Select Exit 7 6 Using the Handset Display The main display: When the handset is not in use, the color display screen goes black. Note: Caller ID information is supplied only if you subscribe to Caller ID service from your local phone company. 5
  • User Guide - Page 31

    Using Your SD4502 Making a Call from the Handset Press OR A. When you hear the dial tone, dial the number. Using Your SD4502 Enter the phone number, then press . The phone number appears on the display before it is dialed. Use the DELETE to make corrections. During a call, a timer on the display shows the amount of time on the call. A Note: If you ...
  • User Guide - Page 41

    ... company to use the caller ID features of your phone. If you subscribe to Caller ID service...and/or number are displayed when you receive an incoming call. If no Caller ID information was sent from the phone company, or you do not subscribe ...Call. Using Your SD4502 Reviewing Caller ID Call List The handset can hold listed first. Scroll to review more calls. Press A to call selected number. 28
  • User Guide - Page 43

    ... Features Many of the advance features require at least two handsets registered to the base unit. You can expand ... handsets do not require connection to a phone line. Place the handset and its charging base anywhere a ...2 handsets as walkie talkies To order expansion devices, call: 1-800-461-4575 in Canada 1-888-390-6456 TTY (Text Telephone) On the Web: Advanced Features 30
  • User Guide - Page 48

    ... the base unit. You must complete steps 1 and 2 for both handsets to use walkie-talkie mode. 1 2 3 4 5 Press MENU. Scroll to ... you want to use with the walkie talkie feature. (For example, if the handset you want to talk to is named Kitchen(2), press 2 on the keypad.) Press OK to answer the page. Press Note: When a handset is in walkie talkie mode, you cannot make or receive phone calls. 6 7 B ...
  • User Guide - Page 52

    Deregistering Handsets Caution: You will deregister all handsets from the base unit and render your cordless telephone system inoperable until at least one handset is reregistered to the base unit. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Delete or listen to all voice ... and fully press and release PAGE again. "Please register handset" displays. Press OK to begin the registration process or press ...
  • User Guide - Page 54

    ...• If your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this cordless phone does not disable your alarm equipment. If you have questions about what will disable ... your line. • The FCC requires that you connect your cordless telephone to the nationwide telephone network through a modular telephone jack...
  • User Guide - Page 57

    ... have all of these devices ring when your telephone number is called. The sum of the RENs of all devices connected to one line may not exceed 5. Before installing this cordless phone, you should make sure that it is permissible... service may be extended by means of a certified connector assembly (telephone extension cord). You should be aware that compliance with the above conditions...
  • User Guide - Page 58

    ... wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this cordless phone does not disable your alarm equipment. If you have questions about what will ... not be ensured when using this telephone. Other devices, including other cordless telephones, may interfere with the operation of this cordless phone or cause noise during operation. Units without code ...
  • User Guide - Page 61

    ... for Consumer Products, Accessories, and Software Purchased in the United States or Canada What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola, Inc. warrants its cordless telephones ("Products"), Motorola-branded or certified accessories sold for use with these Products ("Accessories"), and Motorola software contained on CD-ROMs or other tangible media and sold for ...
  • User Guide - Page 63

    ...and without warranty. Who is Covered This warranty extends to the first end-user purchaser, only. What will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, or replace any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new ...

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