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Question posted by yorkieville2005 on June 29th, 2012 7:55 AM

Missed Call And Voice Mail Sound Notification

Does the HTC Rhyme not give an option for a sound notification on missed calls and voice mail.  I know it gives an icon.  Thanks
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  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 4

    4 Contents Calling a phone number in a text message Calling a phone number in an email Calling a phone number in a Calendar event Making an emergency call Receiving calls What can I do during a call Using Assisted dialing Internet calls Using Call history Call services Turning Airplane mode on or off Visual Voice Mail 70 71 71 71 72 74 76 78 80 82 83 84 Messages Opening...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 37

    ... from your social networks Matched contacts suggestion Bluetooth pairing request HTC Rhyme software update available Call in progress Missed call Call on hold Call forwarding on HTC Rhyme is connected to a computer via USB cable Wi-Fi® is on and wireless networks are available Mobile Hotspot is on Uploading data (animated) Downloading data (animated) Waiting...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 42

    42 Basics call, a message, or a voice mail. No more digging in your bag to find your phone while it rings. Choosing when your charm glows Set your ... and then tap Done: Charge only Disk drive Select this option if you only want to charge the battery while ... card and your computer. When Disk drive mode is enabled while HTC Rhyme is connected to the computer, you will not be able to ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 74

    74 Phone calls HTC Caller ID Everytime you make a call or your friend gives you a ring, you get ... networks like Facebook or Twitter right on the call screen. You also won't miss people's birthdays. You...the next seven days. What can I do during a call When a call is in progress, use the buttons onscreen to ... also press MENU and choose other options such as muting the microphone, and more.
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 77

    ... Rhyme will just dial as is. HTC Rhyme dials as is and does not prepend your home country code when you call phone numbers that are not stored in HTC Rhyme. When manually entering a ... code before the number. Editing a country's international call settings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From the Home screen, press MENU Tap... default 1. 2. From the Home screen, press MENU Tap Call > Assisted Dialing. , and then tap ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 80

    80 Phone calls Using Call history Use Call History to check missed calls, your dialed numbers, ... missed call You will see the missed call icon 1. 2. in the status bar when you miss a call. Slide open the Notifications panel to check who ... list to call. Press and hold a name or number in the list to display the options menu. Tap to check only the call history of a particular contact. Press MENU , ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 82

    82 Phone calls Call services HTC Rhyme can directly link to the mobile phone... voicemail, and more. Contact Verizon Wireless to find out about the availability of call services. To open voicemail, you can clear the notification with this option. When enabled, the phone automatically redials a number ...TTY (Teletypewriter) support for your phone. Encrypts outgoing voice calls and uses secure ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 84

    84 Phone calls Visual Voice Mail Rather than calling your voice ... and manage your voice mail messages right on the HTC Rhyme screen with Visual ... V Block must be removed to use Visual Voice Mail. § Anyone in possession of this device .... When prompted, enter your basic voice mail password. Read the terms of use statement... this is the first time you use Visual Voice Mail after setting it up, you...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 85

    Phone calls 85 2. On the Voicemail screen, you can: § § § Tap Compose voicemail to record and send a voice mail. View all your voice mail messages. to sort and delete voice mails, call your voice Press MENU mail box, configure voice mail settings, and more. You can also sync with the Visual Voice Mail server to refresh your voice mail messages list.
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 164

    ... History Lists all your dialed numbers and received and missed calls. Your contacts list The People app lists all ...'s name to open the contact details screen for that contact. See a notification icon such as when a contact has sent you new messages or ...'s birthday. Check out who's online in Google Talk. Online status icons are displayed if you're signed in to Google Talk on HTC Rhyme. For example, ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 172

    ... by tapping any of the displayed methods. For example, if the contact has a stored work phone number, tap Call work. Thread Shows SMS messages and... It also lists all your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to and from the contact. From this tab, you can reply Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. If you see a notification of the contact's birthday under the Events section, you can ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 273

    ...To change the name of HTC Rhyme later, click Overview > Device setup. Getting to know the workspace On ... can set your sync options, see general information about HTC Rhyme, check the used and ... and begin synchronization. The available categories and options depend on the device you've connected to... can click a category of items to see its sync options on the right side of the Device panel. Clicking ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 282

    ... want to use. Choose one from the following: Standard This layout is similar to a desktop computer keyboard. This is the default keyboard layout. Phone This layout resembles the traditional mobile phone keypad. Compact This layout features two letters on each key. The key size is slightly bigger than on the Standard layout.
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 293

    Internet connections 293 Internet connections Data connection When you turn on HTC Rhyme for the first time, it will be automatically set up to use the mobile network of Verizon Wireless. Turning the data connection on or off Turning ... MENU Wireless & networks. , and then tap Settings > Select the Mobile network check box to turn on the data connection; clear the ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 295

    ..., you'll be asked to enter the network key or password. 5. Tap Connect. When HTC Rhyme is connected to the wireless network, the Wi-Fi icon appears in the status bar and tells you the approximate signal strength (... enter the key or other security information again, unless you reset HTC Rhyme to its factory default settings. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network with ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 308

    308 Bluetooth 5. 6. Tap the name of the receiving device. If prompted, accept the pairing request on HTC Rhyme and on the receiving device. Also enter the ..., if you send a calendar event to a compatible phone, the event is shown in that phone's calendar application. If you send...example, if you send an image file to another mobile phone, it may be saved in a folder named "Images"....
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 314

    ...If you want to stop encrypting new information on HTC Rhyme, deselect the Storage encryption checkbox. Backing up your contacts Your phone features Verizon Backup Assistant, which automatically backs ... Backup Assistant when you first turned on your phone, you can set it up in Settings. ... Assistant during when you first turned on your phone, you can enable it in Settings. 1. 2. 3. From the Home ...
  • Rhyme User Guide - Page 317

    ... you do a search and set Google search options. § Choose to automatically back up some ...when needed. § If you don't want missed calls and your received text message ... connection type to use whenever you connect HTC Rhyme to your computer. § Or, select the Ask me check box to set HTC Rhyme to always display the screen for selecting the USB connection type. Security Set a screen lock ...
  • Rhyme Getting Started Guide - Page 16

    Visual Voice Mail One glance tells you all you need to know. View a list of messages without dialing into a...a button. setting up Visual Voice Mail 1. If you are a new Verizon Wireless subscriber, first...requires approximately 1 MB of data. rINgTONES Make your phone dance to your tune. Choose a ringtone, ..., press Menu , and then tap personalize. 2. On the Sound tab, tap ringtone. BASICS 16
  • Rhyme Getting Started Guide - Page 23

    text MessaGinG (FroM outside the u.s.) sending a new text message to a phone 1. On the main Home screen, tap Messages. 2. On the all messages screen, tap compose . 3. fill in one or more recipients and ensure that the following standards are entered before the mobile phone numbers: IDD (International Direct Dial) prefix + Country Code + area/City Code. 4. Tap the box that says "add ...

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