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Question posted by kmmshop on April 13th, 2012 7:47 AM

Consumer Reports Or Reviews Of Ge Mtwn4250dws Washing Machine

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  • Owners Manual - Page 1 Washers Safety Instructions ...2, 3 Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning of the Washer...7 Control Panel ...4 Control Settings ...4-5 Features ...6 Loading and Using the Washer ...7 Owner's Manual Troubleshooting Tips...8-10 Consumer Support Consumer Support ...12 ... # Serial # You can find them under the lid of the washer. G153 49-90434 02-12 GE
  • Owners Manual - Page 2

    ... an open flame or appliance during this process. PROPER INSTALLATION This washer must be properly installed and located in accordance ... size Speed Wash cycles BEFORE washing the first load. „ This washer does not include water supply hoses. GE strongly recommends the use of factory specified parts. A... 4 ft Rubber Water Supply Hoses YOUR LAUNDRY AREA „ Keep the area underneath and around ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 3

    .... Wait until the machine has completely stopped before opening the lid. „ The laundry process can ... such a result, carefully follow the garment manufacturer's wash and care instructions. „ To minimize the ... substances to the wash water. Do not use or place these substances around your washer or ... fill hoses; GE recommends changing the hoses every 5 years. „ Before discarding a washer, ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 4

    ...; Add itePs ‡ &ORse Oid 127(: Washer ZiOO QRt start tR IiOO Zith ... to loading clothes. „ Loosely load items in the washer basket. Overloading may negatively impact wash sense the load size. NOTE: This is a high-efficiency washing machine. This system requires less water while ... water level is lower than on your previous washer. This is normal. or AUTOMATIC LOAD SENSING equipped models...
  • Owners Manual - Page 5 B Temperature Select the water temperature for the wash and rinse cycles. Always follow ...your washer off and uses your household tap water temperature for a COLD wash....Lights The Cycle Indicator Lights show what stage the washer is in. When the Selector knob is set to a new cycle,...hold the button for 3 seconds. If water remains in the machine, select the DRAIN & SPIN OR SPIN ONLY ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 6

    ... The water fill dilutes liquid chlorine bleach as the washer fills for the wash cycle. 1 Check clothing care labels for ... liquid chlorine bleach directly onto clothes or into the wash basket. „ Do not pour powdered bleach ... If you prefer to use powdered bleach, add it into the wash basket with your detergent. 3 Before starting the washer, pour measured amount of bleach directly into bleach ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 7

    ...little or too much detergent is a common cause of laundry problems. For spots, apply pre-treatment ...timer will continue to run. Care and cleaning of the washer. Wash Basket: Leave the lid open ...use harsh or gritty cleaners.) Fill Hoses: GE recommends changing the hoses every 5 years....shipping rod to keep the tub stationary when moving the washer. For more information, visit or call ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 8

    ... call for service...Troubleshooting Tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages, or visit You may ...WKHWRSOHYHORIWKHFORWKHV  This is normal for this high-efficiency washer. ‡ 7KHGUDLQVWDQGSLSHPXVWEHDERYHµ...VXUHKRVHFRQQHFWLRQVDUHWLJKWDWIDXFHWVDQG rubber washers are installed. Make sure end of drain hose is correctly inserted...
  • Owners Manual - Page 9

    ...OPERATION Washer ZRQ·t RSerate Possible Causes Washer is uQSOuJJed Water suSSO\ is turQed RII &...tRR Zet Possible Causes ,QcRrrect c\cOe seOected Wash ORad Rut RI EaOaQce What To Do ‡...when rinsed with cold water. ‡ Redistribute load in washer and run through Drain & Spin cycle....+ard Zater Water is QRt hRt eQRuJh Washer is RYerORaded DeterJeQt is QRt dissROYiQJ D\e traQsIer ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 10

    ...down" in spin "Humming" "Gurgling" Water "swishing" Washer is noisy Possible Causes ShiIter PechaQisP ...agitate is complete. This occurs multiple times during the wash. (Oectric PRtRr reYersiQJ  ‡ 7KLV...rotating back and forth to clean your laundry. &ORthiQJ redistriEutiRQ ‡ $WWKHHQG...unit is agitating is normal, especially with smaller loads. Washer is uQeYeQ ‡  7ROHYHOWKH...
  • Owners Manual - Page 11

    GE Washer Warranty. All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, ... USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may... you may be required to bring the product to an Authorized GE Service location. In Alaska, the warranty excludes rights are, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state's Attorney ...
  • Owners Manual - Page 12

    ...and mental abilities and impairments. For details of GE's Universal Design applications, including kitchen ...833.4322). Extended Warranties Purchase a GE extended warranty and learn about special ....2224 during normal business hours. GE Consumer Home Services will still be there ... and are manufactured and tested to meet GE specifications. Instructions contained in this manual cover ...
  • Dimensions - Page 1

    GTWN4250D GE® 3.9 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches) Circuit Requirements: An..., is required. Electrical Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 10A Note: Washer wall outlet must be located within 36" of service ...GE® appliance questions, visit our website at or call GE Answer Center® service, 800.626.2000. Listed...
  • Dimensions - Page 2

    GTWN4250D GE® 3.9 DOE cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer Features and ... money savings • H  ydroWave® Quiet Agitator wash system-longer, slower travel provides gentle, ...Bleach and fabric softener dispensers automatically operate with wash cycle • 7  00-RPM spin speed-...efficiently and minimize dry times •  Model GTWN4250DWS - White Modified Energy Factor (MEF) Water...

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