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Question posted by thomasajit28 on October 16th, 2012 12:10 PM

Where I Can Get The Cartridge For Epson B351a?

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  • Start Here Card - Page 1

    ...! Note: To print from your computer, see Using PictureMate With a Computer and your CD after completing these steps. 4051812-00 XXX 1 Unpack PictureMate comes with all these items in the box. ... Photo Paper PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition Power cable PictureMate Photo Cartridge Using ... installing the battery. Caution: To avoid damaging your PictureMate, keep it out of the sun and don't leave...
  • Start Here Card - Page 2

    2 1 Install the Photo Cartridge Open the cartridge door on the back of PictureMate. You see the release lever.... not crooked. Caution: Make sure both sides of the cartridge are even, or ink may leak. If either side is sticking out, remove the cartridge and reinstall it. Right Wrong 5 Move the ... position. If it does not lock in place, the cartridge is not installed correctly. Release it and try ...
  • Start Here Card - Page 3

    ... shut. If the door does not close completely, the cartridge is not installed correctly. Remove it and try again. 7 Flip the handle to the back of PictureMate and all the way down. 3 1 2 3 4 Load Paper Your PictureMate comes with photo paper made especially for it. Caution: Don't ... on plain paper; this may damage PictureMate. Flip up the photo viewer screen. Open the paper support. Pull...
  • Start Here Card - Page 4

    ...power adapter. Plug the small cable into the back of PictureMate. Plug the other end of the power cable into... power outlet. Press the On button to turn on PictureMate. PictureMate gets the cartridge ready for printing. After a few minutes, you see a message that PictureMate is ready. On button 4 5 Press the OK button. You see this message on the photo viewer screen: 6 Do one of the following: ...
  • Start Here Card - Page 5

    ... Card Flip down the memory card door. Remove the memory card containing photos from your camera, then follow these steps: 2 Insert your memory ... it stops (it won't go in all the way). The memory card light comes on, and PictureMate tells you how many photos are on the card. Memory card light Note: Insert just one card at a time. PictureMate does not read multiple cards at once. 4 Close the ...
  • Start Here Card - Page 6

    ... press the you have selected. or button to review the photos 4 5 6 7 Press the Print button again to start printing... User's Guide for complete instructions on using PictureMate. Help on the Photo Viewer Screen Check the Help menu for special tips on using PictureMate. Press the Menu button. Press or to select ... and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights ...

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