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Safety and Regulatory Booklet
Page 3

...magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the TV. Replace only with the same or equivalent type of batteries. Using incorrect replacement batteries can lead to an explosion. CLEANING Outdoor Antenna ...810-21) Ground clamps Power service grounding electrode system (NEC Art 250 Part H) VENTILATION Electrical service equipment NEC: National Electrical Code US

Page 1

... the product, freight prepaid, in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection to the facility specified by SONY. For specific instructions on obtaining warranty service for your product, Visit SONY's Web Site: Or call the Sony Customer Information Service ... to the service plan for the coverage, duration and terms of service as they are not governed by this Limited Warranty. Repair/Replacement Warranty: This Limited Warranty shall apply to any repair, replacement part or ...

Page 2, contact with liquid, extreme heat or foreign material; (iv) customer instruction, installation, set up adjustments or signal reception issues; (v) limitations of technology;...the antenna; (vii) cosmetic damage; (viii) use or installation inconsistent with the owner's manual and other SONY instruction; (ix) use of parts or peripherals not recommended by SONY; damage caused by servicing not authorized by SONY or thirdparty...) or United States military facilities. SONY specifically does not represent that it will be able to repair any product under this warranty or make a product exchange without...

Operating Instructions
Page 3

... Mode ...30 Wide Mode with PC ...31 Inputs ...32 Playing back Photo/Music/Video via USB...32 Photo Frame (KDL-42EX440/32EX340 only)...34 Getting Started Setting Up Your TV ...7 Attaching the Table-Top Stand ...8 Locating Inputs and ... PC Input Signal Reference Chart for PC and HDMI IN...54 Using a Wall-Mount Bracket ...55 Installing the Wall-Mount Bracket ...56 Troubleshooting ...65 Important Notices ...71 Specifications ...72 Index ...74 Customer Support United States Canada

Operating Instructions
Page 4

...prior to setting up your TV. Operating Instructions Provides the most detailed information to operate your TV. Quick Setup Guide Provides TV setup information with sample connection diagrams. Experiencing Stunning HD with Your BRAVIA The quality of... stunning detail of your new BRAVIA TV, you need access to HD programming. Your BRAVIA TV can receive and display HD programming from Over-the-...™ player or other HD compatible external equipment Contact your cable, satellite or HD service provider for information on upgrading to HD programming. 4

Operating Instructions
Page 5

... with your BRAVIA TV set, a complete HD system requires a source of HD programming, an HD sound system, and a proper connection setup. Refer to the Quick Setup Guide, enclosed separately, for connecting optional equipment. You can ...: Use the Photo, Music, and Video icons to access photo, music, and video files from Sony USB equipment (page 32). ➢ PIP (Picture in Picture): You can work on your PC and watch your favorite TV program simultaneously (page 29). ➢ Favorites: Your favorite channels and inputs are at your finger tips for easy ...

Operating Instructions
Page 11

...for audio signal. This TV can auto detect and switch between the VIDEO and COMPONENT when VIDEO or COMPONENT is connected. To set to auto detection, press HOME, select Settings, and then select the Setup settings. Select the Video/Component Selection...connection using an audio cable connected to PC/HDMI 1 AUDIO IN of PC IN. Connects to USB equipment to access photo, music, and video files. Getting Started 6 HDMI IN 1/2 7 8 USB • An HDMI or Component video (YPBPR) connection is required to view 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p video ...

Operating Instructions
Page 32

Inputs Press INPUT to display the Input menu and toggle through the external inputs to select your video signal for viewing including the TV..., then select the Setup settings. Select the Manage Inputs option in AV Setup. Press V/v to highlight the video input (HDMI...Music/Video via USB You can enjoy photo/music/video files stored in a Sony digital still camera or camcorder through a USB cable or USB storage device on your TV. 1 Connect a supported USB device to the TV. 2 Press HOME. 3 Press.... • If you connect the USB device when USB Auto Start is set to On (page 48), the ...

Operating Instructions
Page 33

... the following: - Do not turn off the TV or connect USB device. - Do not disconnect the USB cable. - Do not remove the USB device. • Use a USB storage device that is compliant with USB Mass Storage Class standards. • The file ...; The file name and folder name are only supported in English. • When you connect a Sony digital still camera, set the camera's USB connection mode to "Auto" or "Mass Storage." For more information about USB connection mode, refer to the instructions supplied with your digital camera. 33

Operating Instructions
Page 37

... customize your sound settings to suit your audio preference. You can also change the settings to output the sound to your connected audio equipment. Screen: adjust the size and shape of the images you see on the ... type, as well as autoprogram channels. You can also customize the channels you see and the labels assigned to them. Parental Lock: set the password and limit access to programming based on rating levels. You can also block channels and inputs. Setup: modify and customize a variety of general setting options. Eco: changes the settings related to power consumption. Using the Menus 37

Operating Instructions
Page 50

... broadcaster. Info Banner appears on the screen each time the channel and external inputs are changed or when DISPLAY on the remote control is pressed. Clock/Timers...the TV or if you want to scan all receivable channels, select Initial Setup. Follow the instructions on the screen. Some settings such as Picture, Sound, and Parental ... Setup. If you wish to return your TV to factory settings, please see the Troubleshooting section on page 65. Language Select to display... logo when the TV is turned on. Select Off to disable it. AV Setup Manage Inputs Assigns a name to external equipment. Select Auto to...

Operating Instructions
Page 51

... the Control for HDMI function. Control for Links the operations of the TV and the equipment. HDMI For specific Sony equipment compatible with Control for HDMI, this setting is applied automatically to the connected equipment when set to On. Device Auto Select ... CH +/- or 0-9, etc. Useful when you control a tuner or set-top box, etc; via the remote control. Menu Keys For basic operations and operation of the HOME/ OPTIONS buttons. Useful when you select menus of a BD player, etc; via the remote control. Tuning and For basic operations and operation...

Operating Instructions
Page 55

...supplied) out of the box as packaged. Some larger size TV may require removing the Table-Top Stand; refer to the instructions provided with the TV. Prepare the TV ... Wall-Mount Bracket designed for your TV and the installation should be performed by a Sony dealer or licensed contractor. • Follow the instruction guide provided with the Wall-Mount Bracket for your model. Sufficient expertise is required in installing this TV, ... diameter and length of the screws differ depending on the Wall-mount bracket model. Use of screws other than those supplied may result in internal damage to the TV set...

Operating Instructions
Page 65

... related to improper connection of the cables; refer to the Quick Setup Guide provided for connections. If you have questions, service needs, or require technical assistance related to the use or call 1-877-899-SONY (7669) x Things to consider • Check the input selection by pressing the INPUT button. You may be watching the wrong input. • If ... then back on again.) 3 Release the V button when the TV is turn on. IMPORTANT: The factory reset will clear all of your customized settings including the Parental Lock setting. When...

Operating Instructions
Page 66

... Cannot receive or select channels • Perform Auto Program to add receivable channels that are not present in the TV's memory (see pages 20 and ...formats have poor quality • Check the connection between the optional video equipment and the TV. • Press INPUT on the remote control (see page 32... received, which varies between channel and program. Double images or ghosts • Check cable/antenna connections. • Check the antenna location ...Noisy picture • Make sure that the antenna is connected using a 75-ohm coaxial cable (not supplied). • Keep the antenna cable...

Operating Instructions
Page 67

...and select Alternate Audio, and change the Alternate Audio language (see page 41). • Make sure that the antenna is connected using a 75-ohm coaxial cable (not supplied). • Keep the antenna cable away from other connecting cords. • To avoid TV interference, make sure to use an ...Set Audio Out to Fixed in the Sound settings (see page 41). • Verify that the Video/Component Selection (see page 50) is set to the current input type in use. We suggest leaving this setting to Auto. • Make sure that the Control ...

Operating Instructions
Page 69

..., which will remain in affect until you change the channel or input or manually change the Wide Mode again. Certain programs on • This is due to the digital compression of the source content used DVD.../ Hide Channels setting (see page 44). • The accessible file or folder limit in a directory is 1,000 for USB connected equipment. This limit includes non-supported files or just folders. Files or folders are ... photo images or folders take time to display. • The first time a camera is connected to the TV via USB cable, it may take up to a couple ...

Operating Instructions
Page 74

... 44 Auto Shut Off 53 Auto Wide 42 AV Setup 50 S SCENE button 24 Settings Channel 44 Eco 53 Parental Lock 45 Picture 38 ...I Idle TV Standby 53 Info Banner 50 Infrared Receiver (IR) 26 Initial Setup 50 INPUT button 23, 26 Installing the TV on a wall 55, 56 B Backlight 38 Balance 40 Bass Booster 40 ... 53 C CABLE/ANTENNA 10 CC button 25 CH +/- button 25, 26 Change Password 45 Channel Block 45 CineMotion 38 Clock/Timers 50 Closed ... 52 V Vertical Center 43 Video 32 VIDEO IN 11 Viewing Blocked Programs 47 VOL (2) +/- button 25, 26 Volume Offset 40 E Edit Channel Labels 44 English Rating 47 Equalizer ...

Marketing Specifications
Page 1

KDL-42EX440 Introduce your home to the true beauty of Sony HD. With Full HD 1080p image detail .... Picture settings made easy Now adjusting the picture is as easy as changing the channel. Just make a quick choice among eight pre-configured audio and video settings for a customized ... whatever you're watching with meticulous processing. It even helps clean up video from USB and other PC sources so the picture looks pristine and vivid.... Channel Jump Channel Surf Edit Channel Labels Favorites (Simple UI) Info Banner Yes Yes Analog & Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Audio Features 5.1 Channel Audio Out 5....

Marketing Specifications
Page 2

... In (D-Sub) + Audio In (Stereo Mini) PC Input Format Support RF Connection Input(s) USB 2.0 1 (Rear) 1 (Rear Hybrid w/PC) 1 (Rear) 1 (Rear Hybrid w/ Composite) 1 (Rear Hybrid w/ Component) 1 (Rear) TV ... Sensing Features LightSensor™ Technology Yes 61.3W Service and Warranty Information Limited Warranty Term 12 months Operating Instructions Quick Setup Guide / Supplement CUE (GA) Remote Control US RM-YD080 Yes separate (assembly required) ...: 2-13/UHF: 14-69 NTSC 3.58 1(Digital/Analog) Clear QAM Inputs and Outputs AC Power Input 1 (Rear)

Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV (Black)
Duration: :57
Total Views: 6,032 Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV (Black) I 'm very pleased with those quality of picture and sound of Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV (Black).

Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42 Inch 1080p HDTV Black
Duration: 1:17
Total Views: 6,283

Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 42-Inch 1080p HDTV (Black). For Detail and Features, please visit : Video and Copyright :

Sony KDL42EX440 Review BEST Sony KDL42EX440 Review
Duration: 1:59
Total Views: 3,352

... KDL42EX440 Review BEST Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 Review This is a Sony BRAVIA KDL42EX440 Review video. KDL42EX440, ..., KDL42EX440 buy, KDL42EX440 42, Sony 42, Sony 42 led, Sony KDL42EX440, BRAVIA, Sony tv...

Sony Bravia KDL-42EX440 - Full Specs, Features
Duration: :44
Total Views: 12

Type: LCD, LED Pixel Refresh Rate Speed: 60Hz HDMI Ports: 2 Video Interfaces: Component, HDMI, USB 3D: No Web Streaming Services: No Height: 25.3 inches Widt...

Sony Bravia KDL-42EX440 - Full Specs and Features
Duration: 1:09
Total Views: 4

Type: LCD, LED Pixel Refresh Rate Speed: 60Hz HDMI Ports: 2 Video Interfaces: Component, HDMI, USB 3D: No Web Streaming Services: No Height: 25.3 inches Widt...

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