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User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 6

Deleting Messages ...36 Messaging Settings ...36 Section 6: Understanding Your Contact List ...38 Using Contacts ...38 Contact List Entry Options ...39 Adding a New Contact ...39 Favorites List ...40 Own Numbers ...40 Managing Contacts Entries ...40 Section 7: Changing Your Settings ...41 Profiles ...41 Display ...41 Time & Date ...42 Phone ...42 Security ...43 Call ...44 Applications ...44 Memory ...45 Reset Settings ...45 Section 8: Health and Safety Information ...46 Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 11

...from the wall outlet. Remove the wall charger from the phone by gently pulling the connector out. 4. Important!: The battery charging function may stop if you 44.) The Idle screen displays while the phone searches for your network. The signal strength bars show adequate signal after a network is found. Note: The display language is preset to Automatic at the factory. To change the language, use the Language menu. For more information, see Phone settings on page 42. 3.... to switch off the phone, press and hold the key. Setting Up Your Voice Mail ᮣ In Idle mode, press and hold...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 13

... 2: Understanding Your Phone This section outlines some key features of your phone. It also displays the screen and the icons that ... when the phone is in use. Features of Your Phone Your phone is lightweight, easy-to-use and offers many significant features. The following list outlines a few of the features included in your phone: • User friendly, menu-driven access to features and options &#..., and world time. • Speakerphone capability Front View of Your Phone The following illustrations show the main elements of your phone: 1 12 2 3 4 5 11 10 9 8 7 6 Understanding Your Phone 9

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 14

... key: Allows you to scroll through menus, to adjust the volume during a call, to access Create message and Messages folders and to change you sound profile. 4. Send key: Allows you to place or receive a call. In standby mode, press the key once to access the Recent .... Power On/Off/Menu Exit key: Ends a call or exits a program. Press and hold this key for a few seconds to power your phone On or Off. While in the main menu, it returns the phone to standby mode and cancels your input. When you receive an incoming call, press to reject call. 6. ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 17

.... Press and hold the Space key to toggle between Normal mode and Silent mode. You can edit these Normal profile settings. ...displays information, but the speaker is muted and the phone vibrates to alert you. You can edit these Silent profile settings. Appears when the Profile ... levels, any currently active ringtones or melodies are activated, and the phone's vibrate feature is activated. You can edit these Outdoor profile settings. Backlight A backlight illuminates ... and/or dims the light, depending on the settings in the Settings ➔ Display ➔ Light menu. Understanding Your Phone 13

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 19

...8226; In the Idle screen, press the Contacts (right) soft key to open the Contact list screen. • When in a menu mode, the right soft key function is Back. End Key ... a call. • Press to return to standby mode from any menu. Send Key The Send key is used to answer calls, dial calls, and to recall the last number(s) dialed, received, or missed. • Press once to answer calls. • Enter a ... display a list of recent calls to and from your phone. • Press twice in standby mode to call the most recent number. • Press to pick up a waiting call. Understanding Your Phone 15

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 21

...also includes the features and functionality associated with making or answering a call. Making a Call In Idle mode, enter the area code and phone number, and press the key. Note: When you activate the Auto Redial option in the Voice Calls menu, the phone will automatically redial up to 10 times when the person does not answer the call or ... Call 1. 2. Press and hold . The + character appears. . Enter the country code, area code, and phone number, then press Correcting an Entered Number Use the following steps to correct...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 22

Manual Pause Dialing When you call automated systems, you are often required to enter a password or account number. Instead of manually entering the numbers each time, you can dial the numbers along with special characters called pauses. To manually call a number with pause(s) without storing it in your Contact List: 1. 2. In Idle mode, enter a phone number. Press and hold the key to add a two-second pause. The letter P appears where the pause is set. 3. Continue to enter numbers, if...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 23

Making a Call from your Contact List You can store phone numbers that you use regularly on the SIM card or in the phone's memory. These entries are collectively called the Contact list. ...a few keys by storing the contact in your Favorites. For further details about the Contact list feature, see "Finding an Contacts list Entry" on page 38. Answering a Call When a call is received the phone rings and displays the caller's phone number, or name if stored in the Contact list. 1. From the Idle Screen press . If you wish to activate the Anykey Answer option, press MenuSettings ➔ ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 30

.../Unmute: allows you to mute and unmute your phone. • Mute Keys/Send Keys: silences/mutes the key tones when on the call. To turn this ... list. • Create Contact: allows you to create a new contact using the number of the current call. • Update Existing: allows you to update an existing contact with the current number. • Send DTMF: Sends DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency)... are sent as a group. The DTMF tones are the tones used in phones for tone dialling, sounding when you press the number keys. This option is helpful for entering a password or an account number when you call ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 33

...a series of incoming calls and place them on hold. If this service is supported by the network, and the SIM has the feature enabled, all calls can be joined together. You are notified ...a call. Silent Mode Silent mode is convenient when you wish to stop the phone from making a sound, in a theater, for example. until the phone vibrates, the "Silent Profile On" In Idle mode, press and hold message appears on screen. The ... causes the phone to vibrate and light up, depending on the settings of the Silent Phone Settings feature. To exit and reactivate the previous sound ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 36

... It also includes the features and functionality associated with messaging. Creating and Sending New Messages 1. In Idle mode, press MenuMessages ➔ Create Message. The Create Message screen... enter your recipient. Tip: To quickly access the Create Message screen, press Left Navigation key. 2. Enter the number for the recipient in ..., ABC, abc, Numeric or Symbols; and to select the Writing Language: English or Español. • Save in Drafts: allows you to save your message to your Drafts folder. • Sending Options: allows you to ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 40

Deleting Messages When your phone's memory is full, an error message displays and you cannot receive any new messages. Use the Delete option erase obsolete messages, freeing memory for new messages. You can delete the messages in each message folder(s) individually or all at one time. You can also delete all of your messages at ... services. 1. 2. In Idle mode, press MenuMessagesSettings. Select the type of message settings that you want to change. • Text Messages • Voice Mail Number 3. Press the Select soft key or the key. 36

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 42

... names and numbers in your Contact list. Using Contacts Dialing a Number from the Contact list Once you have stored phone numbers in the Contact list, you can dial them easily by highlighting the number you wish to ... Contacts from the Idle screen by pressing the Contacts soft key. Finding an Contacts list Entry You can store phone numbers and their corresponding names onto your SIM card. 1.... want is highlighted. Once you have found the entry, press to dial the number, or press the 3. 4. Options soft key to access the Contact list entry options. 38

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 45

...settings, and other settings associated with your phone. Profiles You can customize various sound profiles for your phone by changing the sound settings. 1. 2. In Idle mode, press the Menu soft key and select Settings ➔ Profiles. Highlight one of the following sound ... icon displays. 3. Press the Options soft key to Save or Edit the highlighted profile. 4. 5. To Edit your setting, press the Change soft key to make a new selection. Press the Save soft key when you are finished. Display In this menu, you can change various settings for the display: Wallpaper, My theme, Power saving mode...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 46

... Press the Select soft key to save your selection. Time & Date This menu allows you to change the format for the current ... Idle mode, press the Menu soft key and select Settings ➔ Time and Date. Phone The Phone settings menu allows you to set the language option for your phone to Automatic, English or Español, to put ... the Keypad auto-lock feature. ᮣ In Idle mode, press MenuSettingsPhone. Note: When the Keypad Auto-Lock feature is on, ... to the language of the SIM card used. - English: the selected phone language is changed to English. - Español: the ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 47

... are available. Use the Up or Down Navigation key to scroll to and set options. • Phone Lock: when enabled, the phone is locked and you must enter the 4- to 8-digit phone password each time the phone is ... when you switch on the phone. - On: you are required to enter the phone password when you switch on the phone. • PIN Lock: when enabled, you must enter your PIN each ... without your approval. The following options are available: - Off: the phone connects directly to the network when you switch it on. - On: you must enter the PIN each time the phone is ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 48

... a new one. Once you have entered a new password, you are asked to confirm it by entering it again. • Change PIN Code: allows you to change your current PIN, provided the... menu allows you to choose how your phone dials and receives calls in these settings menus: Message and Contacts. • Message: allows you to ... for Sending Options and for Block number. - Voice Mail Number: allows you to connect to the voice server and to view your voice server number. • Contact: allows you to view your Favorites, to select save options for Phone or SIM and to ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 49

... memory status. ᮣ In Idle mode, press the Menu soft key and select SettingsMemory to choose from the menu options. • Clear Phone Memory: allows you to specify All, Messages or Contacts. • Memory Status: allows you to view the memory status of the contacts and messages on your Phone and the contacts and messages on your SIM. Reset Settings The Reset Settings menu allows you to reset the only the settings you designate or to reset all the settings. ᮣ In ...

User Manual Ver.udla1_f5 (English(north America))
Page 52

... brain cancer. However, the authors determined that biases and errors prevented any conclusions being drawn from this data. Additional ...monitor developments in this field. International Cohort Study on Mobile Phone Users (COSMOS) The COSMOS study aims to ...issues linked to long-term exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use. The COSMOS study will follow approximately 300,000 adult cell phone users in Europe for 20 to 30 years. Additional...the relationship between exposure to radio frequency energy from communication technologies including cell phones and brain cancer in young people. ...

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