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Owner's Manual
Page 4

...Saving station presets ...Listening to station presets ...Naming preset stations ...Choosing the listening mode ...Auto playback ...Listening in surround sound ...Using the Advanced surround ...Using Stream Direct ...Using ...HDMI ...Analog audio cables ...Digital audio cables...Video cables ...About the video converter (VSX-1022 only) ...About video outputs connection (VSX-822 only) ...Connecting a TV and playback components ...Connecting using HDMI ...Connecting your TV with no HDMI input... ...The Network Standby menu ...The FL Demo Mode menu ... 38 38 38 38 38 39 39 39 40 40 40 41 41 42 42 42 42...

Owner's Manual
Page 6

... setting (VSX-1022 only) (page 49) 4 The (Specify either using the surround back or front height speaker.) The Pre Out Setting (VSX-822 only) (page 50) (When connecting the front height speakers.) The Input Assign menu (page 49) (When using connections other than the recommended connections.) HDMI Setup (page 52) (When the connected TV supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel function.)  Setting to be made as necessary the speakers 1 Connecting Where you place the speakers will have a big effect on the sound. •...

Owner's Manual
Page 7

... / ON PHONES MCACC SETUP MIC VIDEO iPod iPhone iPad USB 5V 2.1 A 23 24 25 26 27 28 27 29 10...(stereo) and FM MONO radio bands (page 32). TUNER EDIT - Use with TUNE /, PRESET / and ... stations for recall (page 32). TUNE / - Used to find radio frequencies (page 32). PRESET / - Use to select preset radio stations (page 32). 11 PHONES jack 3 Receiver control buttons SPEAKERS - ... listening mode, sound volume, Speaker System (VSX-1022)/Pre Out (VSX-822) setting or input name can be checked by selecting an input source. • The ...

Owner's Manual
Page 9

... TUNER first to access: TOOLS - Memorizes stations for recall (page 32), also used to change the name (page 32). BAND - used to find radio frequencies and PRESET / can be used to select preset radio stations (page 32). The ... CD). These buttons also function as described below. Press RECEIVER first to access: BASS +/-, TRE +/- - Use to adjust Bass or Treble. • These controls are disabled when the listening mode is set to DIRECT or PURE...61547;/), ENTER 13 TOP MENU 5 Input function buttons TUNE 7 8 Use to select the input source to this receiver (page 25). This...

Owner's Manual
Page 10

1 Use the number buttons to directly select a radio frequency (page 32) or the tracks on a CD, etc.... the level (page 48). LEV +/- - Use to adjust the channel level. MIDNIGHT - Switches to Midnight or Loudness listening (... sound volume, Speaker System (VSX-1022)/Pre Out (VSX-822) setting or input name can be checked by selecting an input source. •...or environmental public instruction's rules that apply in your country or area. - Do not use or store batteries ...the TV input signal. CH +/- - Use to select channels. VOL +/- - Use to adjust the volume on your TV. 12 TV CONTROL buttons 13 +Favorite...

Owner's Manual
Page 12 connected, either setting will suffice) (see The Speaker System setting (VSX-1022 only) on page 49). • When using only one surround back speaker, connect it to... mm (3/8 in.) Connect the surround back or front height speakers (In case of VSX-822) Connect the PRE OUT SURR BACK/FRONT HEIGHT outputs of the unit and additional amplifier to add a surround back ...the surround back speaker nor the front height speaker is connected, either setting will suffice) (see The Pre Out Setting (VSX-822 only) on page 50). • You can use the additional amplifier on the surround back channel pre-outs ...

Owner's Manual
Page 14

... on the front panel to select a speaker terminal setting. SPEAKERS DIMMER DISPLAY Connecting your equipment • If the video signal does not appear on your TV,... Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) technology. This receiver supports the functions described below through HDMI connections. • Digital transfer of uncompressed video ... transmitted simultaneously with one cable. If connecting the player and the TV via this receiver, for both connections, use HDMI cables. HDM I Be careful to connect the terminal in the proper direction. Note • Set the HDMI parameter in...

Owner's Manual
Page 17

... to listen to the sound of the TV over this receiver. - If the TV does not support the HDMI Audio Return Channel function, connect the receiver and TV with audio cables (as shown). - If the TV supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel function, the sound of the TV can be input to the receiver via the HDMI terminal, so there is no need to ...AUDIO OUT OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT Select one HDMI/DVI-compatible TV If the TV does not support the HDMI Audio Return Channel function, this connection is required to listen to the TV sound over the receiver. 17...

Owner's Manual
Page 20

...wireless technology (portable cell phone, digital music player, etc.) can be used to listen to music wirelessly.  Connect a Bluetooth ADAPTER to the ADAPTER PORT terminal on the rear panel. • For instructions on playing the Bluetooth wireless technology device... PRE OUT SUB WOOFER ADAPTER PORT (OUTPUT 5 V 0.1 A MAX) LAN cable (sold separately) IN L CEN VSX-822 LAN (10/100) COAXIAL ASSIGNABLE (Single) SURR BACK/ L FRONT HEIGHT...VIDEO AUDIO Class 2 Wiring SPEAKERS VSX-822 (Single) SURR BACK/ L FRONT HEIGHT PRE OUT R ANTENNA AM LOOP R FRONT ...

Owner's Manual
Page 23

Chapter 3 Basic SetupVSX-822 only: If you connected either the surround back speaker or the front height ... provided with your system, the receiver uses the information from a series of test tones to optimize the speaker settings and equalization for your particular room.... will overwrite any existing speaker settings you've made. • Before using the Auto MCACC setup, the NETRADIO, ... to the TV through the corresponding HDMI cable. the microphone to the MCACC SETUP MIC jack 3 Connect on the front panel. Make sure there are no obstacles between the speakers and ...

Owner's Manual
Page 24

... setup has finished! You return to the 10 The Home Menu. The settings made in the Auto MCACC setup should give you excellent surround sound from your system, but it is also possible to adjust these settings manually using the Home Menu (starting on page 46). Note • Depending on the characteristics...[ [ YES YES YES --YES ] ] ] ] ] OK Return VSX-1022 VSX-822 10:Next • Mic In! blinks when the microphone is not connected to MCACC SETUP MIC ... to establish the ambient noise level. the instructions on-screen. 6 Follow • Make sure the microphone is connected. • Make sure the ...

Owner's Manual
Page 25

... 4 Press start playback of the source. If you're playing a Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound DVD disc, with a digital audio connection, you should hear surround sound. If you're playing a...on the front panel display whether or not surround sound playback is being performed properly. When using a surround back speaker, 2D+PLIIx is displayed when playing Dolby Digital 5.1-channel signals, and DTS+NEO:6 is displayed when playing DTS 5.1channel signals. When not using a surround back speaker, 2D is displayed when playing Dolby Digital signals. If the display does not correspond to the input signal...

Owner's Manual
Page 26

4 • When digital input (optical or coaxial) is selected, this receiver can only play back Dolby Digital, PCM (32 kHz to 96 kHz) and DTS (... may get digital noise when a LD or CD player compatible with DTS is playing an analog signal. To prevent noise, make the proper digital connections (page 15) and set the signal input to C1/O1 (digital). • Some DVD players don't...49) Audio CD TV RECEIVER SIGNAL SEL 3 A ANALOG IN1 audio input terminal is assigned to CD under factory settings. If you want to change this to TV input, please change the settings in the Input Assign menu (page 49). 26

Owner's Manual
Page 34

...-1022 only) on page 49). • In case of VSX-822: Cannot be selected when the Pre Out is set to Surr. Back (see The Pre Out Setting (VSX-822 only) on page 50). f. The audio is heard with your surround settings and you can still ... using just the front speakers and the subwoofer. Use to provide a rich surround sound effect directed to the center of where the front left and right speakers sound...processing. RECEIVER SLEEP SOURCE You can listen to sources using the Acoustic Calibration Equalization set in Automatically setting up for surround sound (MCACC) on page 23. Refer...

Owner's Manual
Page 36

...-video delay between components connected with an HDMI cable. The audio delay time is set depending on the operational status of the display connected with an HDMI cable. The video delay time is automatically adjusted according to the audio delay time....dB) ** (OFF) RECEIVER SLEEP SOURCE INPUT 1 / to select the setting you want to adjust. 2 Use Depending on the current status/mode of the receiver, Press RECEIVER , then ... RETURN to confirm and exit the menu. F.PCM (Fixed PCM) This is useful if you find there is a slight delay before OFF recognizes the ...

Owner's Manual
Page 46

... on the front panel display (see The FL Demo Mode menu on page 51). VSX-1022 VSX-822 Manual speaker setup This receiver allows you to make detailed settings to optimize the surround sound performance... The OSD display for these operating instructions is an example of when the Speaker System setting is set to Surr. Back. • VSX-822 only: Depending on the Pre ... the aspect ratio (page 50). • Pre Out Setting (VSX-822 only) - Specify how to use the PRE OUT SURR BACK/FRONT HEIGHT outputs (see The Pre Out Setting (VSX-822 only) on page 50). • HDMI Setup ...

Owner's Manual
Page 47

7 Home Menu - VSX-822 only: You can only adjust the Surr. Back setting 1 Select 'Manual SP Setup' from the Home Menu. 'Speaker Setting' from ...frequencies effectively, or if you didn't connect a subwoofer. Select SMALL to send the bass frequencies to the subwoofer. • Center - Select LARGE if your...frequencies effectively, or select SMALL to send bass frequencies to the other speakers or subwoofer. If you didn't connect a center speaker, choose NO (the... the subwoofer). If you did not connect a subwoofer choose NO (the bass frequencies are output from other speakers). you're finished, ...

Owner's Manual
Page 52

... with HDMIcompatible Pioneer TV or Blu-ray Disc player are possible when the component is connected to the receiver using an ...'s Control with HDMI HDMI Setup You must adjust the settings of this receiver as well as the connected Control with .... You will need to set it to ON to use the Control with HDMI function. When using a component that does not support the Control with HDMI function, set this to..., audio and video of sources connected via HDMI are not output. the 'ARC' setting you want....are connected by HDMI connections, if the TV supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel function, the sound of ...

Owner's Manual
Page 59

... image is output when an input function is selected.  Make sure the component is connected correctly (refer to Connecting your equipment on page 11).  VSX-822 only: Use the same type of video cables for the source component and TV to connect to this receiver (see About video outputs connection (VSX-822 only) on page 16).  VSX-1022 only: Check The Input Assign menu on page 49 to make sure you're assigned the correct input.  The...

Owner's Manual
Page 61

...  Depending in the output settings of the source component, it may be outputting a video format that can't be displayed. Change the output settings of the source, or connect using the composite video jacks.  This receiver is HDCP-compatible. Check ... this receiver (from your component), please try the following configuration when connecting up. Configuration A Connect your HDMI-equipped component directly to the display using an HDMI cable. Then use the most convenient connection (digital is recommended) for sending audio to the receiver. See the operating instructions for more...

Product Tour: Pioneer VSX-822-K 5.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver
Duration: 3:50
Total Views: 17,205

..., because of the rapid changes in the industry and our reliance on information provided by outside sources, we ... appears in all copies (2) is for non-commercial use only and (3) is not modified in any ...

Pioneer VSX-822
Duration: 3:50
Total Views: 256

5.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver Network- Ready with AirPlay®, Pandora®, and vTuner®...174;/iPhone®/iPad® Certified - Cable Included Pioneer ControlApp 6 HDMI® Inputs with ...

360° Video Callout™ - Pioneer VSX-822-KA/V Receiver P725-4012
Duration: :31
Total Views: 2,724

...With additional features including network capability, Bluetooth and HDMI outputs, the Pioneer VSX-822-KA/V Receiver is a sure hit in the home entertainment industry.

Pioneer VSX-822-K 5.1 Home Theater Receiver
Duration: 3:50
Total Views: 2,711

Pioneer VSX-822-K 5.1 Home Theater Receiver.

Household Unit Conversion Example: Inches to centimeters for a pioneer vsx 822 receiver
Duration: 3:31
Total Views: 44

Hi In this video, we are converting the dimensions of a receiver ( ) that you can buy online, from inches to ...

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