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Sm Bus Controler On Asus K54e
(Posted by slavceilievski 4 months ago)
Sm Bus Controler On Asus K54e
Where Can I Find A Switch For Yifi Connection On My Laptop?
(Posted by hungarianlizzie 7 months ago)
Where Can I Find A Switch For Yifi Connection On My Laptop?
Can Connect This Laptop With Wireless ?
(Posted by WJKow 1 year ago)
Can Connect This Laptop With Wireless ?
About Driver
I'm using laptop X44h,when I setup driver for it, I don't find the SM Bus Controller driver ...what ...
(Posted by vietduyen118 1 year ago)
About Driver
Asus K84l
What is the current value of the Asus K84L, and I need a manual! Thanks, Pamela
(Posted by pcameron999 2 years ago)
Asus K84l

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How To Disassemble Asus X44H K84L Notebook (complete)


X44l K84L Asus Laptop Power Jack Repair Socket Input Port Loose Connector Fix

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  • User Manual - Page 2

    Table of Contents Safety Precautions...3 Preparing your Notebook PC...5 Using the Touchpad...7 Knowing the Parts...8 Right Side...8 Left Side ...10 Rear Side...12 Front Side...13 Recovering Your Notebook ... Frequency Bands...20 UL Safety Notices...22 Power Safety Requirement...23 TV Tuner Notices...23 REACH ...23 Nordic Lithium Cautions (for lithium-ion batteries)...24  Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 3

    Safety Precautions The following safety precautions will increase the life of the Notebook PC. Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Disconnect the AC power ...storms. Battery safety warning: DO NOT throw the battery in fire. DO NOT short circuit the contacts. DO NOT disassemble the battery. Notebook PC User Manual 
  • User Manual - Page 4

    ...such as thinners, benzene, or other chemicals on or near the surface. Incorrect installation of battery may cause explosion and damage the Notebook PC. DO NOT throw the Notebook PC in municipal waste. This product has been... throw the battery in municipal waste. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the battery should not be placed in municipal waste.  Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 5

    Preparing your Notebook PC These are quick instructions for using your Notebook PC. Installing the Battery Pack 3 1 2 Connecting the Power Adapter HDMI 2 V-2 110 0V 3 2 1 Notebook PC User Manual 
  • User Manual - Page 6

    Opening the LCD display panel 1. Carefully lift up the display panel with your thumb. 2. Slowly tilt the display panel forward or backward to a comfortable viewing angle. Turning on the Power 1. Push and release the power button located beneath the LCD display panel. 2. Use [Fn]+[F5] or [Fn]+[F6] to adjust the LCD brightness.  Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 7

    Using the Touchpad A B Right button Left button Right button Left button C A. Slide your finger across the touchpad to move the pointer. You can also hold the left button and slide your finger to drag the selected item. B. Use the left and right buttons like a standard mouse. C. Slide your finger up or down on the right side to scroll up or down a window. Notebook PC User Manual 
  • User Manual - Page 8

    ... memory cards from devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, and PDAs. This Notebook PC has a built-in highspeed memory card reader that can conveniently read from and write to.... USB supports hot-swapping of devices so that most peripherals can be connected or disconnected without restarting the computer. 2  Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 9

    ...power adapter converts AC power to DC power for use with this jack. Power supplied through this jack supplies power to the Notebook PC and charges the internal battery pack. To prevent damage to the Notebook PC and battery pack, always use the supplied power adapter. The use. Ensure not to cover the adapter and keep it away from your body. 5 Notebook PC User Manual 
  • User Manual - Page 10

    ... can be connected or disconnected without restarting the computer. Optical Drive The Notebook PC comes in various models with different optical drives. The Notebook PC's optical drive may support compact discs (CD) and/or digital video... or re-writable (RW) capabilities. See the marketing specifications for details on each model. 2 3 10 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 11

    ...for video conferencing, voice narrations, or simple audio recordings. Headphone Output Jack The stereo headphone jack (1/8 inch) is used to connect the Notebook PC's audio out signal to amplified speakers or headphones. Using this jack automatically disables the built-in speakers. 7 Notebook PC User Manual 11
  • User Manual - Page 12

    Rear Side 1 2 1 Battery Pack The battery pack is automatically charged when the Notebook PC is connected to an AC power...between locations. Battery time varies by usage and by the specifications for this Notebook PC. The battery pack cannot be disassembled and must be purchased as...fixed object. Some may also include a motion detector to sound an alarm when moved. 2 12 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 13

    Front Side 1 1 Status Indicators (front) Status indicators represent various hardware/software conditions. Notebook PC User Manual 13
  • User Manual - Page 14

    ... Side The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model. The battery pack size varies depending on model. 1 2 3 1 2 7 6 5 4 WARNING! The bottom of the Notebook PC can get very hot. Be careful when ... surfaces such as beds or sofas which may block the vents. DO NOT PUT THE NOTEBOOK PC ON YOUR LAP OR OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY TO AVOID INJURY FROM THE HEAT. 14 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 16

    ... sequence. Four DIMM slots model DIMM slot 2 is located at the back of the motherboard and will be populated by memory at the factory if the Notebook PC comes with four DIMM slots. We recommend you visit an authorized service center or retailer if you would like to upgrade or change the memory installed on DIMM slot 2. 1 3 4 16 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 17

    Two DIMM slots model Only DIMM slot 1 and slot 3 are available when the Notebook PC comes with two DIMM slots. 1 3 6 Hard ... or retailer for information on hard disk drive upgrades for your Notebook PC. Only purchase hard disk drives from authorized retailers ... restart, the shutdown button can be pressed with a straightened paper clip to shutdown the Notebook PC. 7 Notebook PC User Manual 17
  • User Manual - Page 18

    ... space on your hard disk drive used to restore the operating system, drivers, and utilities installed on your Notebook PC at the factory. IMPORTANT! DO NOT ... and cannot be restored if deleted. Take your Notebook PC to an authorized ASUS service center if you have problems ... you to keep other partitions, and to create a new system partition as drive "C" . Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 19

    ...%) and "D" (40%). 6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process. Visit the ASUS website at for updated drivers and utilities. Using Recovery DVD (on selected models) Creating the Recovery DVD: ... to Microsoft, you may lose important data because of setting up Windows on the wrong disk drive or formatting the incorrect drive partition. Notebook PC User Manual 19
  • User Manual - Page 20

    ...will be unusable. Ensure to connect the power adapter to your Notebbook PC when performing system recovery. Unstable power supply may cause recovery failure. Visit the ASUS website at for updated drivers and utilities. 20 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 22

    ...Exposure Caution Statement Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. "The manufacture declares that this device is limited to Channels 1 through ...[EN 301 489-17] Effective use of the radio spectrum as in [Article 3.2] Radio test suites according to [EN 300 328-2] 22 Notebook PC User Manual
  • User Manual - Page 23

    ... compatibility" and 2006/95/EC "Low voltage directive" . CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/ Bluetooth This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 1999/5/ EC of the European Parliament and Commission ... indoors and away from windows to provide maximum shielding. Equipment (or its transmit antenna) that is installed outdoors is subject to licensing. Notebook PC User Manual 23

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