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Straight Talk Reviews

.... July 14th, 2014

Mobile Hot Spot is a Rip Off!!

I had my mobile hot spot for about 2 months before I started having problems. The account WAS protected but when I couldn't get online after refilling my data, I called in & they said my 4GB was GONE. It had been less then 12 hours! The technician didn't know what he was doing and told me someone had accessed my account and used my data. After 45 minutes on the phone and nothing resolved, I asked for a manager and was disconnected shortly thereafter!
The next morning I called again. Got a different person, who ALSO didn't know what he was doing. Spent ANOTHER $40 for 4GB and it was GONE in 3 hours!! Again I called in and went through another frustrating experience, asked for his manager and AGAIN WAS DISCONNECTED.
After I cooled down over the weekend, I called again. This technician seemed to know a little more, found my $80 worth of data in a "reserve" account and loaded on the account. I received my credit card statement today and found that I was double charged on another refill in May and they charged me for a $15 card that I never got....BECAUSE...I was DISCONNECTED after asking for the manager AGAIN!
SO... it cost me $135 in the past month for data that I NEVER USED!!!

.... July 1st, 2014

No network coverage

I've got a LG optimus 4g smartphone have had straight talk services for 5 years now and haven't had any problems until now I live in Owasso Oklahoma I had a couple of jobs less than 100 miles away and at both locations had no network coverage had lost all coverage 30 miles outside my hometown Owasso I don't understand this the last two phones I had worked great everywhere why doesn't this one work I'm thinking of switching services and carriers unless they fix this immediately or I'll have to switch I've got too many jobs that require me to travel outside of Owasso are.. ????????????

.... June 3rd, 2014

Here is some real Straight Talk

At one time they seemed like a good company but no more. This is the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with. I beg you, do not use this company. You WILL regret it. I have been a customer of theirs for 4 years and as I type I have had no service for two days. I called to ask about buying a new phone. The first thing I told the support person is that I had to keep my current carrier because none of the other companies have coverage in my home area. She said no problem. So I bought a new phone. After the transaction she then told me that she had made an error and that I could not keep my old carrier. I said ok, I don't want the new phone. Then she informed me that I had lost my phone number and that I could not get it back. I have had this number for years and I can't begin to remember how many people have it. She then said she would transfer me to a support department that could fix the problem. I waited for 30 minutes and then was dropped. I tried to call back and my phone would not work. It prompted me to add more time. I had 8 days left on my current period so I thought ok, I will just lose the time and start over. When I attempted to add time I was informed that they had no record of my phone or number. I have spent the last 2 days trying to get someone to fix the problem but keep getting transfered and then being told I have to start over with a new phone and number. The last person I talked to said it might correct itself if I just can wait a few days. Unbelievable!!! I want my old number. I have business cards and stationary printed. Not to mention websites etc. They really don't care. Did I mention that I am a four year customer of theirs in good standing.!!!BEWARE!!!

.... June 3rd, 2014

How can u guys say your plans are unlimited and then send a txt saying your cutting my internet speed in half because ive reached my data limit???its supposed to be unlimited,correct?i don't even use my internet that much and ucut my speed down?as it is u guys have the slowest loading internet of all time.....its horrible.....and half the time u cant even heat people good when they call....i spent almost 300 dollars on my phone and bought a 6 month service card.... and i gotta say what a friggin ripoff u guys are....and your customer service sux.....u get someone on the phone who (a)has no idea how to help u and(b) cant even barely speak english......u gotta be kidding me.....anyone out there considering straighttalk as your provider turn around and dont look back because theyre gonna take your hard earned money .....rating 1-10......-100

.... May 7th, 2014


Activated one line, they charged my card 6 times.......still no return on money...After about 10 calls, pressing 1 for English, and never getting an English speaking rep......still no money...I was informed that the conversation may be recorded...ok, no problem...I informed them the conversation WOULD be recorded on my end, so my attorney would be able to listen to.....they refused to talk anymore...........hmmmm....scared to be recorded...that speaks volumes to me!!!

.... April 27th, 2014

Straight talk downside

Good price! BUT! If you do not dial your number quick enough, the call will go to Verizon wireless telling you to try again. I now dial the number,hang up, and call back with redial, then it dials quickly, and goes through. People call me, and alot of the time they do not get through. It sends their call to voicemail. Then they have to call back, and get me on my cell. Very inconvenient! Never dropped a call mid conversation.

.... April 16th, 2014

Insufficient Data Available

I looked in the booklet, asked others and no one had heard of this. The first clue was I could not send my photoes to my computer to store. I could not send them any where! I looked in the info I got nothing mentioned. I called X4 and when I FINALLY got a live person of a non native with a name I could not pronounce, understand not spell etc. He asked me how many days I had on my phone. 'I told him 10 days' I will have to check that and returned many minutes later. You have 10 days left! 'Dah! I said that" I heard many people laughing in the background like a party! I told he I hit my limit on the card. And told me it would be OK on ce I got another card! I tried to ask questions but got now here fast! Will I loose the photoes, damaged, will I have this problem again! He wanted me to buy an other card at the unlimited price! Being disaabled and on a limited income I said I would have to wait. 'Why wait, I can activate another card for you!'
I have had my phone for 1-1/2 years. What infurated me, was I could not get answers, everything is automated, the phone call to the automated operator!

.... April 6th, 2014

No storage for apps

I just purchased zte phone w/straight talk prepaid. Ihave got very,very few apps. Will not accept or update apps. Keeps saying storage full. Most of my apps r on s.d. card?

.... March 17th, 2014


I am disabled due to cancer and as most consumers cannot afford to be mislead. Several of my friends and family had their data suspended without warning due to data overuse. UNLIMITED DATA ads by WALMART & STRAIGHT TALK should be illegal. There is a data limit of (approx.) 1.7 G Also due to UNAMERICAN OUTSOURCING I cannot understand the speech of reps. due to their very heavy accents.

.... March 15th, 2014

The worst customer service ! Straight talk !

Straight talk by far has the worst customer service than any other carrier ! I guess you get what you pay for for !

.... March 7th, 2014

need support

i can not seem to ever get a live person and i get cut off a lot of times i have had questions about my account and support questions with my service i need help with.

.... February 24th, 2014

I just was changing my phone number now I have no cell phone this company suck I will get a whole new phone

.... February 5th, 2014

straight talk wireless = no good

straight talk has by far the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in my entire life.

they are completely incompetent and under-trained. they have also lied to me to get me off the phone. promising one thing, only to be disappointed.

i have called about this particular issue FOUR (4) times and just checked my account to see that, again, i have been lied to and will have to call AGAIN for the fifth time.

my issue is straight talk royally screwed up my phone transfer. story short, i ended up buying a year long service plan + a 30 day service plan + they gave me a free month for the huge mess up on their part.

that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English) i'll have to call in for the 5TH time.

the last four times, i tell them they need to escalate the call to a real manager (they lie and say they are a manager -- dont believe them!). they assure my the dates are changed. i call them liars. again, they assure me. i usually have to submit to their incompetence cause by then i am just so frustrated.

a couple days after each call, i log back into my account only to see the dates changed back!

i am done trying to get what i paid for.


.... December 22nd, 2013

unlimited data---how bout NO DATA!

switched from ATT to BYOP and port number to straight talk.
3 lines. Started with mine---took 8 days.
told to wait for email that says my number has been ported.Kept turning phone on/off to check---DEAD! After 5 days I received a new sim card FED EX.
called them and they said put it in and try--DEAD! Waited longer since a lot of reviews online said this is not unusual.
called again, they had my ATT account # wrong (I gave it to one guy at least 5 times;apparently they cant understand our accent (Ohio) either!)Finally got to a person that made it work. Then started on my wife's phone as both of us were out of service since the beginning. same BS for 2 days more. Called again; presto! Now I have my sons phone left.
Since I knew the system better by now, I let him start on it while I sat there to make sure he had done all the right moves; he handed me the phone half way thru (couldn't understand them). after 3 different tries the guy asked for the phone SN;I gave it to him- turns out he meant the imei # At this point he got a loud lecture on for the right number (condescending attitudes bring this out of me. Same old line next; wait 1-18 hours.
By now I knew to call and check on the porting progress immediately.
got the switch made by the next 20 min!
Turns out 2 of the 3 phones don't have the data working yet; Ding! Ding! Round 2 coming up....
Haven't had them long enough to rate anything else.

.... December 15th, 2013

Straight talk makes no sense

I bought a phone from my local wal mart I activated as on my way out f town got back home I had no service ..I had been all over Tex that day all was good. Make a ling story short that particular droid phone didint work in my fine 30 miles either direction but won't work wherei I purchased it...Why sell it let someone activate it with your local number and. Not know it's not going to work..If a particular phone won't work in that area then do.nt sell it..How can a 200 dollar phone just not work anyways..

.... December 15th, 2013

Straight talk makes no sense

I bought a phone from my local wal mart I activated as on my way out f town got back home I had no service ..I had been all over Tex that day all was good. Make a ling story short that particular droid phone didint work in my fine 30 miles either direction but won't work wherei I purchased it...Why sell it let someone activate it with your local number and. Not know it's not going to work..If a particular phone won't work in that area then do.nt sell it..How can a 200 dollar phone just not work anyways..

.... December 13th, 2013

Worst service in the world

I would not recommend if it was the last service on earth! Six hours to try and activate - sim card expired and had to buy new one - no notice - my account has never showed my phone - no live support. Worst experience ever.

.... December 13th, 2013

Probs with sims card?

Just buy the samsung galaxy centura doesnt take sims card i cange my fone number as many times as i want no probs but i do agree with trying to understand them they are not bilangual and im not understanding how pplz are having trouble getting data disconnected im on alot and as long as u set your data bar higher under settings you shouldnt have any probs with it thats what i had to do it kept saying i reached limit or something like that and wudnt let me on net but when imved bar up i had no problem with it sense u can use over 500 gb so if u guys are using over that u reallly need to take a vaca from your fone.

.... December 13th, 2013

I like straight talk service

I have straight talk and have for years sense they started and i see alot of reviews o the internet and i have no probs with the net works fine for me ut then again i dont live on it but i do use it alot and the review of what towers they workboff it depends were u live on what towers it uses mine uses verizon net laggs sometimes but thats just the internet no matter what your using but that my opinion just depends on whobu are and what ur standards are in a fone on if straight talk is for u or not

.... November 13th, 2013

rip off!!!!

signal sucks...paid my bill 2 weeks ago,authorized one payment...THEY TOOK FOUR (4)....they have not put the money back to date. starting fraud action thru VISA tomorrrow...wish me luck

.... November 2nd, 2013

Straight talk is to complicated

Ive been going thru straight talk for a couple years now, and I haven't had a problem with them for awhile until I found out that they don't give u full unlimited internet data like they said they did when I first went thru them. And when I had to reactivate my phone they kept putting me thru verizon I though they go thru sprint, but i guess not. Then verizon kept putting me over to straight talk and they kept doing that for 2hrs its rediculous I'm starting not to like straight talk

.... October 3rd, 2013

Trying to get a replacement prone

My phone has a 2 year warranty and the touch screen has gone out for some reason. I called straight talk to see what I should do. Well they tried to fix it or tell me how to but nothing g they told me to do would work cause you can't use the screen that was very hard to get across to them. So finally they were going to send me a box to return my phone to them in and all the instruction. Well I was wanting to know if I had to get a replacement phone like the one that is tore up or if they had one at the same price if I could possiblely have that one? Well they kept giving me a run around so I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told NO! Oh I couldn't believe my ears and not once did he tell me NO but several. So I hung up and called back and reported him.

.... September 29th, 2013

Complete Rip-off, Whatever Happened?

I, like a lot of people, have been with Straighttalk for years. I would tell my friends about it, and had some very pleasant expereinces. Recently, my mom gave me her old Iphone 4s, and I thought, I can get a sim card and get service for this. I finally did, but it took over a month, seven customer service reps, three reps hanging up on me, and four sims. To walk you through this just a little, I got a t-mobile micro sim, tried to activate it, and the activation did not work, and I was left without a phone for 2 days, until I finally got service restored to my old phone. Then, talked to a lady from customer service, who could not understand what I was telling her, but finally agreed to send me another card. It shows up, and it is not a micro. I spend almost an hour on the phone again, and they will not do anything. So I finally go back on and order a new micro. It shows up and it is an AT&T micro sim, and does not work in my area. I cannot activate it at all. So I call the company, get bounced from representative after representative, and non of tehm seem to understand what I am telling them. I get informed that my only option is to buy another sim card, even though they had sent me the wrong one. Finally, in frustration, I ask for a manager. Some lady gets on the phone, telling me that my only choice is to buy a sim card, even though THEY sent me the wrong one. I finally snapped and told her that it was poor (more colorful words at this point) customer service, and asking someone to buy somethign that they already bought was a rip-off. Of course her response was, no its not. So I told her I wasn't going to let it go, that I was going to report the company to the BBB, and that I was going to tell everyone I could find about them stealing from cutomers. After this, she finally decided to work with me. I am still not happy with the results, but at least I did not completely lose out. I have two sim cards that I can sell, and service on my phone. However, we will see how long my service lasts. Btw, I am not opposed to outsourcing for customer service reps, as long as they can speak and understand the language they are going to be using for their work, fluently.

.... September 21st, 2013


DISHONEST! This company is absolutely full of crap! Their "Unlimited" data is an absolute BALD FACED LIE. There most definitely IS a limit! And, the worst part is that limit is completely arbitrary. When they determine that you have used too much data, they will cut off your service!

No apologies, no recompensation, just take your money and then chose not to deliver the service they have advertised. Everyone associated with straight talk is a horrible person, and I pray that every last one of them burns in hell for an eternity.

.... September 9th, 2013

huawei asend y

I was happy to get my Huawei Asend y..After one week i lost the screen...i recieved texts,emails,and phone calls but could answer any because the screen was blank...Almost a month before i recieved my replacement phone.One guy forgot to send my appology...or simply enough how about a free nothing..I cant get wifi /internet 99% of the time and I get my messages and TExts once or twice aday depending where i am standing..I email straight reply..I now type on my ebay app and if i push the space bar it erases everything ,i have typed,,contact straight help..I had a chance to buy to buy a huawei asend plus with a damaged screen for a good price from a friend;so i contact straight talk about the cost of a replacement answer..the service of straight talk sucks...

.... September 6th, 2013

The concept of straight talk is great and so is the price sometimes..

The signal is not very good in the area that I happen to live in. I love the fact that the unlimited plan is affordable and that the phones that are coming out now are smarter then the older flip phones. So besides the signal issues that I have been having straight talk is pretty great.

.... August 15th, 2013

Fantastic service for a low cost

I was so shocked to see the reviews posted here about Straight Talk I had to do this.
Ive had straight talk for 6 months now. I first got the service in Pennsylvania, and have since moved to California. I had service and 3G the entire drive here.
- I get a signal everywhere I go.
- I get 3G everywhere I go.
- They remind me several times to pay the extremely low bill before shutting off service.
- Did I say extremely low? its 45 dollars a month for unlimited voice, text, data, I mean what?!
- No contract.
- bought a new phone and was able to transfer my existing service to new phone without any trouble what so ever.
- Ive even changed my number with them in the past for no cost and no hassle.

All and all im thankful for their service, and im shocked at other reviews here. Best choice Ive made in regards to cell service was to get off a stupid contract and huge monthly bill and switch to straight talk.

.... August 2nd, 2013

Not the right service for anyone using data

Same thing happened to me, I had fairly low data consumption, just the occasional Pandora, and my data got cut off with no warning. Another month of paying didn't restore it. That's it; I was done with them.

I can only recommend this service to someone who doesn't care about using data much at all. I even heard cases of people who simply used apps and updating their apps eventually got their data turned off.

Solavei uses tmobile towers and offers unlimited talk,text and data (2GB/mth at 4G speeds, then edge speeds after that). It's invite only, but easy to get invited. If you have good Tmobile reception in your area, I recommend it.

.... July 16th, 2013

Unlimited my ass

Some days I dot even use my phone yet I use too much Internet and in cut off. ON MY "unlimited" plan. Customer service is also HORRIBLE. Conversations run in circles and when you ask for a manager they say its against the terms of service.

.... July 16th, 2013


Bad customer service...if you can even understand what they are saying. Also...when they ship you a phone they ship it to where you can only receive it by signing for you have to miss work just to sign for a phone & they will NOT work with you on it. Pretty much they can do what they want & they don't care what you think.

.... July 6th, 2013


You Buy The Phone But Once You Put Their Sim Card Into It, They Will Not Give U The Code To Un-lock It ( Which = No Other Sim Card Can Be Use, And More And Less They Own The Phone )

.... July 3rd, 2013


I Have Been With Esculation For The Last 2 Months Working With The 4th Now Android And Have Tried All Day To Get A Call Or Be Able To Make A Call. Need To Speak With Exculation Immediately But There Is No Website Chat When You Have No Ph! Im Disabled And In Need Of A Ph That Will Work, It Was Said If This One Did The Same Thing That Someone Would Get Me A Phone That Would Actually Work In My Region. Would Someone Please Give Me Your Opion Of The Android Galaxy Centura???? Iv Just About Had It With Straight Talk, Is There Another Pay As You Go Unlimited Program Out There?

.... June 29th, 2013

Straight talk pros and cons

I have had straight talk for a year now with the Iphone4 and have been very happy. The few times I had to call customer service it has been awful, and today the customer service rep laughed at me, I told him that I am the consumer and he had best not take that approach with me. I would have written his name down if I could understand him. So anyway this week I have encountered an issue!! I need to refill and as I always do I go online and use my credit card, well now the website is saying "error purchasing airtime 3" my card has money and straight talk is telling me via email to call because the issue is too complex, I called and they wanted all my information over the phone, I said I do not feel comfortable doing that so buck up and tell me the issue! (This is when the rep laughed) so then I asked for a supervisor and waited for about 20 minutes, and he could not tell me. They apparently tried calling me today, I didn't answer so they emailed me and said to call. I replied stating to explain this complex issue via email. I am now waiting to hear. The phone coverage is great but what the hell is going on???

.... June 19th, 2013

Worst Customer Service Ever

I've been a loyal straighttalk customer for years and even recommended them, until the first time I had to call their customer service. It literally took 3 calls wherein I had to be put on hold several times for the issue to be resolved. I assumed it was an isolated incident. I was wrong. I've had a few issues now and I can tell you that I have never once had an issue that it didn't take multiple calls to resolve, and some were never resolved because their customer service representatives are so poorly trained and have so many issues answering simple basic question. I now tell everyone I know to AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! I've had them for years and I'm not even sticking with them. Any service is better than this one.

.... June 4th, 2013


Straight Talk comes out good to start with. They promise you the moon "cheap". But do not be fooled by their claims. Their service is absolutely terrible, you keep getting not registered on network messages, call do not go through, you miss calls, you don't get text until the following day etc etc. I could go on and on. Don't even think about calling their customer service because the call quality is terrible, you cannot understand them unless you speak another language other than English and you wait forever. And GOD forbid you try to make a payment over the phone because they will screw that up also and sit there and tell you that they did not. We got billed 3 times for one renewal and it took several hours on the phone to finally get it corrected. I am going elsewhere for my cell provider.

.... June 2nd, 2013

Great prices, bad customer service by phone, great customer service by email

I've had Straight Talk for about 3 years now.

The Good: The actual phone service is amazing. It uses the same towers as the major networks(Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc) but for way less. I switched over from AT&T and noticed no difference in signal strength or call quality. They're now even offering smartphones. I just bought an Android from their site for less than $20. That's insane.

The Bad: By phone, their customer support is by far the worst I've experienced. Most of the time, I don't have problems and don't need their help, but when I do, there's probably about a 1/4 chance that it will go horribly. One time I waited on the phone for over two hours without getting a person on the phone. Sometimes they'll transfer you to someone else, and the someone else never picks up. If you do get someone on the phone, sometimes they're downright rude to you.

Today I called about not receiving the 30 day unlimited plan that I ordered. The lady transferred me to her supervisor. I waited for about 45 min with my phone on speakerphone, and they never picked up.

I eventually decided I'd compose an email to their customer service while I waited. I said the problem, how I wanted it fixed, and my information. I expected to get an email within a few days, but literally 2 minutes after I hit "send", I get a text that thanked me for refilling. Less than five minutes after that, I get an email apologizing, saying that they credited my account. I couldn't believe how easy they made it by email!

If you're having trouble with Straight Talk customer service, try emailing them instead! They get back to you insanely fast and it seems like they're much more helpful.

.... May 31st, 2013

Cheap Service, not worth the trouble

I've had straight talk for several months now, and nothing but problems past the first month. First, my phone started telling me I wasn't enrolled in a data plan and I couldn't access data. After three hours on the home phone, the issue was temporarily resolved. Next month, my voicemail started telling me I had the wrong password. Instead of working on figuring out what was wrong, the tech I spoke with wiped my entire voicemail, including messages with important information that I needed, all with out confirming that is what I wanted. My phone STILL will not let me into voicemail, three months now. I have given up on getting help with the issue. I enrolled in auto-enroll, once. Supposedly, you are able to cancel the service any time, no problems. I had to cancel, as a family emergency depleted my funds and they would not have been avaliable to withdraw the auto enroll fee to refill my phone. In the end, I could not get unenrolled at all, they charged my account, sent me into overdraft, and acted like I was a complete ideot when I finally got ahold of a person. After multiple hours on the phone, I finally was able to get them to withdraw the fee and cancel my phone, and then had to call my bank to get them to lift the overdraft fee. It is near impossible to add minutes online. Every time I try, the website logs me out, freezes, or loops to a previous page and refuses to allow me to refill my phone. I end up calling. Yes, StraightTalk is the cheapest plan out there, and that is THE only reason I have it... the iPhone I have was given to me, I did not have to pay for it, and I can't afford a better carrier just yet, so if I want to use my phone, I'm forced to use StraightTalk. It's true, you get what you pay for. In this case, horrable customer service and crappy plans. Leave it to Wal-Mart to come up with yet another product that half works.

.... May 28th, 2013

Worst service ever

As with many of these pay-as-you-go plans, the online payment setup is full of bugs and the phone simply ends up not working. More trouble than it's worth, I had decent service for about 3 months.

.... May 23rd, 2013

Excellent coverage

Verizon base iphone5 excellent coverage and surpasses my former AT&T account of 13 years 1000%. Use wifi when possible and average about 700 gig a month but have never been throttled or suspended. Just added 5 more phones to my account and only problem encountered was porting numbers from AT&T and of course that was from AT&T

.... May 22nd, 2013


Well I just got off the phone from Straight Talk today. I locked my phone by accident and then I didn't remember the code. So that's why I called. well long story short the guy I talked to wanted me to send my locked phone to him and they could send me another one. Well I'm not doing that it has all my information on it. So I hung up the phone from him after he said that they can't do anything for me. I called *228 and hit 1 it reset my phone I have all my information still on my phone just reset my code to the last 4 digits of my number. So if you have the same problem as I did please call *228

.... May 22nd, 2013

I finally switched & am so happy!

Straight talk, I had too many issues with you from your service, data, and trying to resolve issues with your customer service. I really got sick of it and now I finally switched to a carrier that is great! I only pay $49 no contract unlimited 4G data. One of the cool part is I can try it out for 14 days and if I dont like it I can cancel and get my money back. If you are tired of Straight Talk and want a better carrier feel

.... May 20th, 2013

They change your number...just because?

At 7 PM my phone quit working. I found out they transfered my number to another phone even though they say they need the phone serial number, my zip code, and the answer to my security question in order to do it. Whever got that number dumped it this morning, probably because I am an avid texter and they were overwhelmed by texts. Straigh talk "can't give my back my number" because.... well who really knows. "I's policy" My opinion, somebody fat fingered an input somewhere or because customer service is in Mexico, where anything goes, who knows who sold what to who. BEWARE!!!

.... May 19th, 2013


There I was thinking I got a defeated IPhone 5. Bought it on the first.. actived the service. By the 16 my 3G stop working. Since I was under the unlimited plan and the 3G bar was at 4 bar, I thought it was my phone. Did all this research, blah I won't get into it. Finally I got through to a CSR, explain my situation, only to be told that my 3G was suspended. Suspended? Why? Because you are over using the 3G. I was like no i have the UNLIMITED plan. He than said yes I know all. Than I said so let me get this straight, I'm under the UNLIMITED plan but my 3G is currently suspended because I use to much Internet and there's actually a limit to it. Than he said " no no you account unlimited" sooooo why is it suspended? "Oh you use to much".. Basically our conversation ran in circle. He then told me get a refill and everything will renew. Should of read some review first.

.... May 19th, 2013


Darn, I was looking forward to getting rid of the $150 per month I've been ATT for a two phone family plan. The promise of Smart Talk saving me $60/mth or $720 per year was too much to resist. So I purchased the SIM card and first month of unlimited service for $60 to try out on my phone. The Smart Talk site has you activate your monthly usage and then instructs you to insert the new SIM card. Alas, here is the problem. Smart Talk does not currently sell a micro SIM card, only the larger SIM card. So I called customer service (in some third world country) and they said, well, we dont have any micro SIM cards, but you can buy them in Walmart stores in California. I told the customer service rep that I live in Washington State and it would be slightly impractical to fly to California, go to a Walmart store, and purchase a $15 SIM card. Perhaps you can simply mail me one, I requested. Nope, was the response, we don't carry them; but you can try cutting down your SIM card to micro size. I tried that today, and I did a fairly good job of it after watching a YouTube video. But, alas, the phone won't recognize the cutted-down SIM card. In my frustration of having lost $60 for nothing, to Walmart no less, I want to at least warn those folks with an iphone 4 that your destiny is not in Straight Talk.

.... May 18th, 2013



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Let me start by saying that I have never in my life encountered so many problems with any service provider EVER! Over the last year I have been lied to, hung up on repeatedly, and been promised things that never came true. Your employees are by far the most unprofessional, unreliable service reps I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have read countless horror stories from customers like myself and today you will hear another one. Last year (May 2012) I decided to purchase one of your Samsung Straighttalk Flip Phones. Not long after purchasing, the phone itself stopped making and receiving calls. I was then forced to spend entire days on the telephone with your customer service reps only to be promised the issue had been resolved and find myself calling again countless days later! I was made to program hundreds of numbers into my phone for hours at a time! I was then promised 1 full year of service by a manager who lied to me in order to get me to complete the exhausting task of reprogramming the phone! Needless to say i received no more than 2 weeks of compensation on a phone that had cost me weeks of time and hard earned money! I should have sued then but i didn't. Now less than a year later I've encountered even more problems from a company I had been so loyal to... Last month (April 2013) I purchased a straighttalk sim card for my Iphone as well as an unlimited data plan. I called and had the cell phone and service card activated with no problems the entire month. Last week (May 2013) I tried calling to add more airtime to my Iphone and was informed, only after purchasing a non-refundable card, that the $30 airtime cards were not compatible with the Iphones and, that even though there is no mention of this on the card itself, I would need to purchase another card for an additional $45! This is an outrage to think your company sells items in Walmart that fail to mention something as important as this! Here i am again less than a year later being lied to and feeling taking advantage off by your company! But wait it gets even better! After argueing with management, about the false advertising your company engages in, I was promised my $30 would be upgraded to unlimited usage for the month due to this error on their behalf. After spending another hour on the phone I was told my account (which was just activated in the system 1 month prior) could not be found so therefore i would have to wait 24-48 hours for them to track it down and activate it! This is the second time i have been told to go without service in the last year and to me and so many others this is plain and simply unacceptable for a service I had already paid for! I was then hung up on by a member of management and forced to revert back to using my old Samsung Flip Phone for the next 5 days. 5 DAYS LATER: Today May 14th, 2013 I called back to straighttalk due to more problems I had been having with their service and also to check the status of my account in hopes that they had in fact located it so i could finally go back to using my Iphone with the straighttalk sim card and service plan i had purchased. Not only did the manager I spoke with days earlier never create a ticket before hanging up on me, they had no record of me ever calling or being promised cell phone service for my Iphone! Alast we are getting close to the end of my nightmare! I spoke with a manager who agreed to uphold the original managers promise to refill my Iphone service for the month! She disconnected my old Samsung Flip Phone and claimed to reactivate my Iphone. Alast had come too soon when dealing with straighttalk customer service reps! Hours after calling and being promised a working Iphone neither one of my phones were working! Can this nightmare get any worse? Im missing business calls and couldnt even call for help in the event of an emergency! After giving them hours to correct the problem I contacted customer support through email online. I was written back back by someone who would not leave there name stating in order to correct the problem I would need to call straighttalk customer service back on the phone. Did i really just email customer service and the only help they could offer me is to advise me to call customer service? What the hell is wrong with you people!? I will end this email with my phone number, sim card, and one simple question.....Why would I ever want to do business with a company like yours again after receiving nothing but lies and empty promises despite my faithfullness to you? Scott



On 5/17/13, [email protected]
[email protected]


Scott Werner,


This is a follow up to the email that was sent.

Should you need additional assistance, just send us an email.

Sincerely yours,

Straight Talk Wireless

Thank you for your patience, while we respond to your inquiry.



Your request could not be processed because the ticket is in the status Closed. To submit this as a new issue, please visit our support portal.


.... May 16th, 2013

straight talk

they're $45 unlimited talk and text and web is BS!!! they will cut your service if you stream too much or watch too many videos.

.... May 14th, 2013

Good product but avoid auto-refill

- same call quality as t-mobile
- same service availability as t-mobile i.e. major cities
- lots of device choices

- auto-refill billing is easy to start but it takes 2 months of constant phone calls, emails and negative reviews to turn off. don't turn it on because there is no online option to turn it off. i called customer service for 30 days and no one answered. no, not one call was answered. check out lots of complaints from unhappy customers at:

it took 2 months to turn it off and now, I am fighting the credit card company to stop payments. lots of wasted effort.

.... May 14th, 2013

Straight Talk Charge Twice - Will not refund.

order the Straight talk sim card for my iPhone 4 from their website plus one month service. My order failed to go through so I tried again. Later I received two order confirmation emails.My credit card was charged twice for $64.49 and I received two packages. I refused delivery of one of the packages and it was returned unopened to Straight talk.
I called their customer service. The agent spent a long time asking for all my information before telling me that Straight talk do not issue refunds under any circumstances. Including when duplicate orders were sent out in error and had been returned unopened. I followed up with an email to the companies email. The reply was to call their customer service center.
It has now also become apparent that My factory unlocked GSM AT&T iPhone 4 is not compatible with Straight talk which uses Tmobile GSM towers. The phone and text works fine but the data will not work properly even with the correct APN settings. After much research I have discovered that although Tmobile and AT&T both use GSM, each companies towers use different frequencies.
I am currently disputing the charges with my credit card company.
I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of doing business with Straight Talk to think again.

.... May 12th, 2013

Terrible Customer Service

The saying that "you get what you pay for" is never more true with Straight Talk. The customer service is atrocious. After going through ten minutes of automated menus the customer reps don't even speak English and can't answer you questions.

.... May 11th, 2013

Not Worth Your Time or Money

In 2012, my parents decided to change their network from AT&T to Verizon, then from Verizon to Straight Talk in about a two month span. They had a few complications, including having to buy brand new unlocked phones, but afterwards, their switch went smoothly. They were paying less, got unlimited data, minutes, and texts, and they were able to use their service of choice (AT&T has best coverage where they live.) This year, my fiance and I decided to follow suit as our AT&T contract had just expired, and we were tired of paying over $160 a month for two phones and limited data and minutes. And so, we naturally chose Straight Talk since my parents were enjoying it.
About three weeks prior to our switch, my fiance called up Straight Talk and inquired about who would unlock our phones (iPhone 3GS for the both of us) and how to proceed in our switch. They told him that they would take care of everything and not to worry about unlocking our phones. Then came the day we ordered our new sim cards online along with our Straight Talk plan.
First off, I'd like to say that when the sims arrived, Straight Talk called AT&T and had our AT&T account deactivated to "help us with the process". After that, we quickly realized our phones had not been unlocked, and we no longer had any phone service, rendering our newly activated Straight Talk cards completely useless.
We contacted AT&T about unlocking our phones via internet, phone, and in store only to find out that they "don't know" how to unlock our phones. Which meant we had to buy completely new unlocked phones.
A few days ago, my newly unlocked Google Nexus 4 arrived along with my sim card cutter so I could actually insert my sim into the new phone. Here's how round 2 with Straight Talk happened: We inserted the card, inputted the proper settings for the network, and quickly discovered they gave me a T-Mobile sim card instead of the AT&T card that we had specifically asked for while talking with customer service. My biggest issue with this is that T-Mobile has absolutely zero service where I currently live, which means I still have no phone service. By now, we have already sunk in over $500 in switching to Straight Talk between ordering sim cards, a new phone, and the sim card cutter, as well as the service.
My fiance quickly dialed customer service again to hopefully resolve this matter only to have the representative hang up on him as soon as he stated we had the wrong card. He re-dailed the number, and the automated service machine also hung up on him while dialing my phone's number (which was supposedly already activated).
Finally, after the third call, he got to talk to a person who then told him they only have T-Mobile sim cards now, which is pretty unfair since my father has an AT&T card. And so, I'm stuck with zero service after almost two weeks of switching to Straight Talk and over $500 into it. Not worth the time, money, stress, or frustration. They blatantly lied to us about the service provider as well as about unlocking the phone, which in the end cost us to buy a new phone (my fiance had ordered one the day after mine came in, but luckily he was able to cancel) as well as all this frustration, and in the end, we will be having to switch back to AT&T without ever using our Straight Talk service. Sounds like an elaborate scam, if you ask me.

.... May 11th, 2013

Switched to StraightTalk and LOVE IT!!

I switched to StraightTalk from another "unlimited 4G" carrier and have never been happier!! I was with the other supposedly 4G carrier for 6 years and had very poor and spotty service even living in a metropolitan area and their service maps "said" they covered my area which was BS!! I have GREAT GREAT GREAT service now in areas my old service NEVER picked up!! Having service no matter where I go is very important to me being an on-call operating room nurse for emergency surgeries. I recommend this service to everyone. I purchased the LG Optimus Showtime and love the phone also except for low ring tones for phone calls, GREAT battery life without any downloaded apps!! I go all day without having to charge it and have owned it for 4 months so far. Had to call customer service only one time and did not have any problems.

.... May 10th, 2013

straight talk

Dont buy the straight talk,customer service is so poor ,call is not at going to international numbers,they are fraud and they are saying unlimited international calls.It is absolutely wrong

.... May 9th, 2013

Striaght Talk Not a Preffered One

I dont have chance to give less then one star. i would say its very worst Service. almost including me all my friens facing lots of network issus.
At leas

.... May 8th, 2013

Worst Customer Service Ever.

Lost my phone, which had a product replacement plan. Since I just moved out of state the receipt is lost in a box and I was hung up on by the replacement line for not having it. When I bought a used phone to transfer my service to, I spent over 45 minutes talking to people, getting transferred to the wrong department, and talking to managers just to be told the phone was not compatible. (I took the phone into the walmart store before calling to make sure it was). I the used phone for one of the same make and model as the one I had lost. When I tried to activate that phone, I was transferred to a supervisor who told me that the only way to get service on a new phone was to buy one outright from the store. Upon going to the store today I was told the phone should be able to be hooked up, and after another hour with the store clerk and I on the phone with customer service yet again, the manager informed us the phone couldn't be activated because it was stolen. Which they did not inform me last night. Now I am stuck with no phone and a company that refuses to do anything to help after giving a customer the run-around and passing the buck between agents and supervisors for a total of about 4 hours of my time. I ended up getting a walmart store manager involved in the situation, however as of yet there is no resolution in sight and still nobody stepping in to say "here is what I can do to help" instead all you get from this company is "well I'm sorry but we can't do anything". I have worked in the customer service field for years, and I have never been more appalled by the lack of decent customer service. My advice, NEVER switch to straight talk. They don't care about keeping your business, just making a quick buck

.... May 8th, 2013


Straight Talk Is Not Unlimited They Will Shut Off Your Data Service If You Stream Videos Or Music For Some Time.

.... May 8th, 2013

Not customer friendly

"Unlimited" plan has far too limitations. Company is very aggressive about terminating customers for any and all reasons (see extremely long terms of service) difficult to add time activate unlike other companies you must use an already active phone to activate if you add time you lose your current and start from the new add. In short: horrible company (EA of cellphones) do yourself a favor and stay away from straight rip off talk!

.... May 7th, 2013

Does not work in western Nassau county, Long Island. Cut-your-own sim card

I purchased a Straight Talk sim card for my factory unlocked iPhone 4S. What Straight Talk doesn't tell you is that you must cut the sim card yourself to get it to fit into your iPhone. That's right--you need to use a ruler and a razor (or scissors) to trim the regular sim card so that it fits in the iPhone's micro sim slot. If you cut it incorrectly there's no going back--you can't return the sim card.

To my amazement, after viewing several online tutorials (on YouTube) I managed to make this work. However, I could not get any further as the network used by Straight Talk (TMobile) has only spotty coverage in western Nassau County. I was able to get one bar (or none) in a half mile radius around my home. Upstairs I could occasionally get 2 bars. Needless to say, this wasn't enough to allow it to reliably connect.

Since Straight Talk doesn't offer a return policy I'm out the cost of the card and the prepaid plan I purchased.

If you are still considering using Straight Talk despite this, I'd advise you to speak with a neighbor who has TMobile to see if they have reliable reception. If they don't then you won't have any luck with Straight Talk.

.... May 7th, 2013

Have Plenty of Time to Kill - Purchase Straight Talk

While setting up my Straight Talk device I ran into a couple of minor issues with my phone and a several MAJOR problems with their customer service.
I decided to try Straight talk when my original cell phone got wet and died. Of course I didn't have a land-line so my only means of contact to Straight Talk's customer service was through email. I quickly discovered that their emailed responses are just a "cut copy and paste" of pre-written answers, that do not even address your questions or individual problems. In fact, when I sent them an email explaining that my cell phone was not functioning and I had no means of making a call, they responded by suggesting that it was best to call them to explain the problem in more detail. Foolishly I emailed them two more times explaining that I did not have a phone and they replied both times, with exactly the same response... to call them.
So, you need a way to call Straight Talk directly before you can even begin the cycle of speaking to several different people who will all give you a different analysis as to the cause of your problem. One person told me that my phone was working fine (according to their system) and another person told me that there was not record of my phone in their system at all and I should re-do everything and then call them back.
God have mercy on your soul if you need to call them for anything. They don't care, they don't even pretend to care and when it comes to solving your problem... you're on your own!

.... May 6th, 2013

Strait talk cell phone service

The level of incompintance is truely amazing, the reps know next to nothing of the services the provide and are about as helpful as a hole in a boat. Having an issue with a monthly payment I got a run around from the first person I talked to, after rechecking everything related to the account the second rep gave me an around again, the third one paid less attention to words and had payment statements that didn't match the ones I was sent earlier. Considering the want you to provide access to an acount you would expect them to be on top of their machines and records. This was a waste of money and time this company should be allowed to go under and forgotten about like yesterdays trash

.... May 5th, 2013

I purchased a Straight Talk phone 2 mos. ago. It does not have a loud enough ring, even on the loudest setting. I also cannot connect it to my laptop to down load pictures. Can I upgrade it for a better phone?

.... May 4th, 2013

Horrible Experience

We had issues from the beginning. After less than one month my wife's phone would go to a blank screen whenever she tried to call voice mail. After several frustrating "customer service" calls to the Philippines it was decided that a new phone was needed. We had to send in our phone first and wait 5 days for the new one to arrive. During the call to set this up I was told that the new phone would arrive with all contact info and service days installed. This did not happen. I called to complain, gave the case number to the first of 3 broken English speaking people I talked to who informed me she had no record of that number. I was told by the second person that it was up to me to sync my contact info Before sending in the phone!! I asked for a full 30 days service to be placed on the wife's phone for our inconvenience. Was told only 17 days would be added. The third person I spoke to said the same. At that time I asked for a full refund on the phones I purchased so I could go to a carrier with better service and customer care. I was then informed that although I qualified for a refund because the phones were purchased less than 30 days ago, I would not get a refund because the phones are not defective!! DO NOT GIVE THESE CLOWNS YOUR MONEY!!

.... May 3rd, 2013

Dissappointment in the one I use to brag about!

I have been with straight talk for quit some time now, and I can say that until about 6 months ago, I was pretty satisfied. When I first started out with straigt talk, I had a Samsung R451C phone. The phone would drop call all the time, and would constantly shut off. The I switched to the LG Optimus phone. The phone screen stayed frozen. I had a lock code on my phone, and couldn't unlock it because the touch screen wouldn't work. I called customer service,and they had me on the phone for almost 1.5 hours. I couldn't hang up because I need my phone fixed because I travel everyday I called customer service, an after fighting to understand my rep, my phone was still doing the same thing. I don't know about a lot of people, but I use to brag about straight talk and their phones. That is until I encoutered a problem and had to call customer service. Troubleshooing went on and on. After being on the phone for an hour, they still couldn't get it fix. I had purchased insurance on the phone, so they told me they would replace my phone. I was told I would have to wait until they send me a package to send the phone in, but make sure I remove my battery off my old phone. I told the phone rep that I did not want the same phone and they told me it was nothing they could do they can only send the same phone, and it would take 5-7 days or more. I told the rep I travel too much to go that long without a phone, So I bought another phone. Same problems as before. This time, my internet didn't work almost 90% of the time. Called customer service, and again was on the phone for and hour. The rep keep going silent on the phone, and I had to keep asking, are you there? By this time, I'm p/o. I had just bought this phone about two months ago, and the pevious one abou 4 months prior to that. Mind you, this is the third ST phone I have had. Oh, did I mention this phone too keep dropping my calls, doesn't let me us the internet. Once she got my phone to where I could use it, I told her the phone kept jumping to safe mode, the screen time out was not working properly, and I was tired of callin them about the repeated problem. I told them I wanted switch to another phone, and pay the difference of the next up grade. I was told, they couldn't do that either. I was told I have to get the same phone or the flip phone. Even with trying to pay the difference in an upgrade, they would not do it. I asked to speak to the highest person available, and they only sent me to someone else who also did not help me. I hung up the phone in the ladies face, and she called me back to insist on giving me an 800 number that wasn't going to make a difference. I use to love ST, but now I could roll down my window ,and through the phone out the window! With Staight talk wireless, the customer seldom win. Even with my dedication in being with them for a couple of years, they still didn't try to resolve the situation to the point where I was even a little satisfied. Straight talk needs to stop selling defectivce phones! They would rather lose a customer,than truly work with you. Just in case you are wonding why I hadn't switched phones yet, it's because like a lot of people, I'm on a serious buget. But after tonight, a new S.p. is looking like eye candy.

.... May 3rd, 2013

Is this really legal

Bought 45 dollar card and tried to activate it. The phone hung up while activating it then straight talk called back saying it went through and hung up on me. No minutes where added to my phone so I called back. They asked for my pin then said that the pin was already being used. I explained what happened and she did nothing. They literally are telling me they put the pin on a non existing phone so it can't be used. It's like i went to walmart to send straight talk 45 dollars for absolutely nothing but to waste 2 hrs on a Friday night trying to figure out if it was a joke or real life

.... May 1st, 2013

poor service/ scam

I had a phone on the $30 plan. Didn't have any problems until my phone was ruined. I ordered a new phone and waited. I got the phone, called to activate it, then was told I needed a sim card to activate it. I paid $20+ for a card and waited. The card came so I called to activate it. After spending about an hour trying to talk to people and explaining that my old phone couldn't be turned on I was finally told I had to upgrade my plan for it to work. I requested a refund on just the sim card and my service cancelled and was told no.

.... May 1st, 2013

Unlimited my ASS!!!you should advertise unlimited BS!!..full of crap, pure scam!!!.ordered a phone, late delivery, did not activate on time and having lots of issues. I've wasted too muc time here!!!.please refund my money coz i'll be leaving your company the easy way.

.... May 1st, 2013

Poor Customer Service

If you value customer service, do not use Straighttalk. The reps are ok, they read from a script and have very thick accents. This is fine; however, their procedures are inconvenient, not feasible, not user friendly and certainly not customer friendly. I have have several examples but I will share my most recent one. I purchased a new phone yesterday and tried to activate it today. Called Cust serv to inquire about a battery error message. Apparently i have a defective battery. I ordered the phone online thru Straighttalk and it was sent overnight. They are sending me a replacement phone but it will take 3-5 days because this is their "process." This is a big inconvenience for me. I am very dissatisfied!

.... May 1st, 2013

Just plain Horrible

So it all started with my high Verizon Bills and Straight Talks promise of equal signal coverage for only $45 a month. Big fat lie. Me and my wife switched over to Straight Talk and ported our numbers. They offered a bring your own phone program as long as it was a GSM type phone. So looking through Straight Talks phone line up, I picked a model number and searched it on Amazon and found that same phone for half the price that Straight Talk was selling it for. The phone was listed as a TracFone which is basically the same company as Straight Talk so I figured there should be no issues since they allow phones from any other carrier on their plans. WRONG. TracPhones are not allowed on Straight Talk plans even though the phone is from basically the same company. Called the company and the person from India gave me an attitude and told me there was nothing they could do for me. So I was out the money I spent on that phone. Bought a 2nd basic phone got it hooked up and realized that the web browser and picture messaging features were not sending or receiving. Called them up, nothing they can do for me. Then I realized that I have to walk to my neighbors yard to make a call or text EVEN IF I HAVE 5 BARS. Same thing with my wife's phone. She had a Samsung Galaxy Mini and would have full signal and couldn't make a call. Called Straight Talk up and they gave me an attitude and told me there was nothing they could do for me and refused to give any refunds for airtime cards or sim cards purchased. So at this point, I am stuck and have wasted over $400 and cant make or receive calls, texts, or pictures on our phones. The only thing that does work is my wife's phone has WIFI. I live in a densely populated urban area(Hampton Roads, Virginia) and all over town I have signal but half the time I can't get a call out. If I go in a building (anywhere) I loose signal. I can't wait to get back to Verizon. This has been the WORST experience I have ever had with any company including their HORRIBLE customer service. I wish I had found these reviews before I got Straight Talk. My prepaid Verizon Phones are set to come in the mail today and I will be rid of this Company, who ripped me off, for good. Verizon's Prepaid plans are only $5 more per month and are far worth it.

.... April 30th, 2013

U suvk

I have nothing but problems this is a replacement phone i hsd too buy a little over s mounth ago thee phone i had before i purchase in December it was defective i fought with you and you would not helpme i am considering getting legal concel and sueinh the company you need to contact me immediately i do not have a computer or printer jusy this phone walmart has ststed they would back me on this problem my email

.... April 30th, 2013

Avoid Straight Talk for Data

After 6 straight talk weeks of bad service, the data was not limited, but cut off completely. Professionally and personally,the worst data ISP service. Save yourself the time and hassle. Go for T-mobile, and avoid Straight Talk. Best of luck!

.... April 29th, 2013

Absolutely Horrible

My data was "limited" aka shut off for no apparent reason and I cannot get an answer from them of why it was shut off. I only had 125mb of data that I used that month, but still they claim I violated their terms and conditions, though they cannot tell me how. They have very scripted responses and are given no power at all to fix your problems. Avoid!

.... April 29th, 2013

The most disappointing experience

We have used Straight Talk for almost 5 years. We've never had a problem with the service of the phones or the plans. However, when one of the phones was dropped in water (understandably out of service) we decided to hop online and order a new one.

Right now, there is a deal online for Free Overnight shipping. There is also a promotional deal for a Free phone with a purchase of the $30 plan. PERFECT! We are low on cash and this gives us exactly what we need to just replace the broken phone.

I ordered the phone on a Thursday night. I understand that since it was late I expected the phone to arrive on Saturday. FedEx runs on Saturday, and considering I chose the Overnight shipping option, I didn't expect anything less.

Boy was I wrong! After not receiving my order on Saturday, I called customer service. This is where the fun begins. If you call Straight Talk customer service expect to be on hold for more than an hour. Expect to only speak to people overseas and not understand a word they are saying. Expect to receive absolutely no help. They told me that their overnight shipping option is not overnight, but is in fact 3 business days. Ridiculous.

I told them that I no longer wanted the phone. I wanted them to keep it but want my money back. I was told to refuse the package upon arrival and then I would magically receive the money in my account. And I'm supposed to believe that? No. I'll take the free phone and burn it in the Walmart parking lot.

.... April 26th, 2013

If I could give it a negative 5 I would!

I bought 2 sim cards from them (bring your own phone) and when THEY werent able to activate the sim cards they told me that since it wasnt my fault they would issue me a refund. The lady gave me a reference number and told me that I would need to send it back with a tracking number, call back with it and it would take up to 15 days after they received the package for me to get my refund. I called today to give them the tracking number and after I did they informed me that they would not be giving me my refund. After arguing with them for 30 min I finally said "So she just basically lied to me about getting a refund so that I would send it back and you guys could resell it and make another $150 off it" she said YES MAM!! I would NEVER buy anything from them again!!! They are shady shady people

.... April 25th, 2013

if Straight Talk have a building then I hope the whole company burns down

my very first smart phone from straight talk was defective and would not work if not connected to the charger. my replacement smart phone from straight talk worked for only two months and then would no longer work if not connected to the charger. the internet data plan is unlimited for a bout a two week period at most! after that everything moves so slow that you might as well not have any internet at all. false advertisement!

.... April 24th, 2013


If it was possible id give them zero stars!! Customer service is a JOKE!! wont help with anything and dont do what they tell you they will! i wanted to take auto refill off of my phones and they will NOT send me a confirmation letter to my email when the lady ALREADY told me that she would send me and email AND a text to my cell phone. Ive talked with several people in the "customer service" they just keep bouncing me from person to person and none of them will help me and they all tell me they are a supervisor. Come on now!! it was a simple request i said to just email one to me type one up or something and they said they dont have an email address to do that. HELLOOOO they have an email address right on their web site!!! Im very angry and would NOT tell anyone to get their service! Not to mention that half the time my phone doesnt even ring when people call me it just goes right to voice mail when i have full service, the phones wont hold any apps and it keeps freezing. just over all TERRIBLE!!

.... April 21st, 2013

Liars, cheaters, illegal business practices.

This will only help me to vent, but hopefully it will let others know what to expect. I know the company has no interest in our opinions or experiece with their company. I thought it was illegal for an employee to change your records. I know that at most places that would be grounds for immediate dismissal, but with straight talk it is apparently encouraged. They changed my records to reflect a different expiration date on my credit card to cover the fact that they had been charging a card that their files showed expired over a year prior. After learning their mistake they changed the date in their system for 8 months in the future. Then cancelled my service( totally shut off my phone) because they had the wrong expiration date, even though the card would have gone through. There was never any notice given. I was never contacted to make changes. I lost 2 days of work trying to communicate with them. I also had to make calls to my credit card company, after being lied to by straight talk, to find out why my card was declined as I had been told. Card was not declined by credit card company. Straight talk never tried to put it through after they realized their mistake and the subsequent cover up. For your own peace of mind, do not deal with these people. Also I bought one of their chargers for my car and it worked one time. I do not have the time or energy to even call and listen to how that is my fault, the cars fault, or some other company's fault. Anybody but them.

.... April 19th, 2013

Does not meet the standards that were accepted with phone usage.

Buying a unlimited phone card that is required for all smart phones for straight talk now you are supposed to have unlimited minutes unlimited text messages and unlimited use of the web. So why has my internet service has been suspended for a violation of policy. They claim high usage of the internet. If you download games and music you are in a violation. So why is the phone come with a play store that van download apps. So I will have to give straight talk a zero if possible. I paid my 45 dollars and I can not get what I paid for that is supposed to last a month.

.... April 18th, 2013

straight talk is ripping people off when using debit or credit card

keep track of your accounts when purchasing minutes using your credit or debit cards straight talk will take money outta your account continuously whether authorized or not so pay close attention to your accounts when dealing with straight talk. then they will turn off the service when confronted of the unauthorized debits.

Delaware pissed off mother

.... April 17th, 2013

Customer Service is the worse that I have ever encountered

I just spent over 3 hours on the phone with straight talk representatives. I was fairly happy with the service(except that I cannot receive picture messages on my phone and have to get them through email) and have referred at least 20 people to Straight Talk. Recently however, I ran into some major problems. I had received an email with a promotion for $2.50 off of my $45 per month plan if I signed up for automatic billing. I went to the link and signed up for the promotion. I had a couple of monthes or so left on our current card so it wasn't until this month that all of a sudden they billed me for 3 months on both of my phones which came to nearly $300. I was not very happy because this was not what the promotion had advertised. I called them and of course took 10 minutes to get through to a person. After explaining my problem they said it would require a supervisor. I waited while they found one. After reexplaining my problem to the supervisor she said that she could not help me and I would need to talk to a manager. She transferred me (I had been on there for around 30 minutes by this point). It went to a message which told me all lines were busy, call back later and hung up on me. I called back in again, went through the same exact thing and they hung up on me again. I called back in again got a real person who said he would find a manager to talk to me (bless his heart, his name was Joseph). I waited for around 45 minutes on hold. By now, I admit, I am frustrated. The manager came on,( her name was Jerlys #53936) was nice at first and got nastier as we went. AFter explaining the situation, I told her how many hours they had taken from my day and that I was very frustrated that this had taken so long. Guess what? She could not refund the money that had already been charged to my account and could not find when I had signed up for auto pay and therefore could not offer me the promotion that I had been offered. All she could do was cancel the auto payment. She did not even pretend to care, not in the least. All told, I was on the phone over 3 hours. What a nightmare! I am hoping to find a similar plan with someone else. I am so disappointed with them. It makes me really miss my contract with Alltel. They were always so kind, no matter what and at least acted like they really cared about me, the customer.

.... April 15th, 2013


The "unlimited" service plan is NOT UNLIMITED, they hide behind fine print that explains you basically have unlimited service untill some system decides you exceeded you're data limit. Then they shut off your phone forcing you to buy ANOTHER service card, after that you must factory reset, and you will never watch a video or download an app again. Customer service is rude and powerless to help you, that is if you can find the right combination of prompts. And have hours to waste. DONT BUY STRAIGHT TALK!!

.... April 15th, 2013

Absolutely Disgusted

I have never been so utterly disgusted with a company in my life. They are inept, uncooperative, screw up their billing, and do not fulfill what they promise - in advertising or customer service requests. They have some decent service reps that I hope will find jobs elsewhere. The others need to be set out in the alley with the company and the service they claim to provide.

.... April 15th, 2013


its a scam. the service works for a few days and then they cut you off. it starts with telling you each number you dial is busy (even the phone lying next to me was "busy") then it starts hanging up on you saying "WE have to hangup now" when you call their access code for international calls (Which was a service plan I bot)

.... April 14th, 2013

Unbelievable poor customer service

Wow is all I have to say! Don't count on them every fixing anything that does work without investing at least a day worth of your time, refunding or compensating in any way for their down time even when it is weeks or for that matter even getting a receipt for a purchase from them.

Oh and apparently they don't know how to say "we're sorry" either.

.... April 14th, 2013

Great service and coverage, but customer services stinks!

I've been with Straight Talk since August of 2012 and have been very happy. I never had any dropped calls or spotty coverage. The LG phone gave me a little grief, but I got that straightened out. I got an E-mail notification that if you're on Auto Refill you save $2.50 a month. Well, I was always on Auto Refill. When I tried to find out how I can save the $2.50, they said I had to cancel my account and renew. Okay. Still getting billed $45 instead of $42.50. I called today, got a Manager, and he said that I called on Feb 20th and the promotion ended on Feb 19th. Why didn't the CS rep tell me that? And seriously? One day and no offer of the discount? I told him that I felt like canceling my service, and he said, "Okay, do you want to do that now?" No apologies, no "I'm sorry to hear that." Terrible customer service. I'm going to check out Virgin.

.... April 14th, 2013

Straight talk is a fraud

I purchased a sim card for the bring your own phone. It did not work. So then I went to the store, I bought a straight talk phone and supposedly after 1 hr it was supposed to work. Well, now it has been well over 24hrs and nothing has been done. I am lucky to have a house phone to call out otherwise I would be without a phone. Customer service is a joke including the supervisor. If this is the way their company works, I will make sure everyone knows. The hassle is not worth having a cheap bill because their are other companies with bills around the same price with less hassle.

.... April 14th, 2013

Wow! Just when you think you are a careful phone user...

Had my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for 2 months. LOVE It. Very nice phone and the service was great. The straight talk website is nearly useless as things take so long that my hardware times out but... If you call it takes around a half hour to get to someone. THen they are extremely friendly though.
Lost the 3g symbol on my display and the two little orange and green arrows. Went to walmart the next morning and the associate in there phone booth called Straighttalke. Foudn out I'd been shut off because of overusage. They apparently couldnt' or wouldn't tell him how much over. I don't download videos. I have Yahoo messenger and facebook on there. I never dreamed that would take me over my Unlimited Limit. If I shut off Data when i'm not using the phone will that satisfy there rules? Kind of felt cheated and lied to. Live and Learn.

.... April 14th, 2013


I bought a straight talk phone and followed the instruction. The instructions said that if after an hour you can't use your phone to call customer service. I called the customer servicecenter to find out that you have to wait up to 24 hours for the phone to be activated. I needed my phone now. NOWHERE in the instuctions does it say 24 hrs. If I had known this upfront I would have gone with another company.

.... April 13th, 2013

This plan sucks

I bought the straight talk on the basis of the fact that it was unlimited text unlimited phone service unlimited internet service. It turns out you don't have unlimited internet service stay safe in only download up to 15 gigabytes a month.So right off the bat or lying. Their customer service reps are nice enough but they're pretty much powerless and most of them have such a thick accent you can't understand what they're saying I'm quitting this company today do not buy straight talk they will rob you.

.... April 13th, 2013

Great service

i love this service. Had at&t for ten years and i will never go back. Only complaint is i cant ever understand the costomer service people..

.... April 13th, 2013

Don't Buy a straight talk phone!!!!!

I have went through 3 phones, because of dropping calls.
Then on top of that I got a text saying I was on auto refill-I in no was gave consent for that. Of course I called again and was told no record that I was auto refilled. I changed over to another carrier-but discovered today that straight talk did in fact take over $46.00 out of my cking acct.
Went to the bank in order for them to credit my acct. back and now I have to wait for a new debit card since I had to cancel my old one!!!!!!!

.... April 12th, 2013


ST sucks major doody in my 2 yrs with ST i have gone through 3 phones none of which have properly yet, im actually sitting here on hold as im typing (45minz and couting) every phone ive had has had a defective battery but yet i keep getting these tore up referbished ass phones, im so over this service ugh!

.... April 12th, 2013

STRAIGHT TALK LIES in my dictionary unlimited means no boundaries

Why say unlimited when its not unlimited? why not say what it really is. ST turned my data off due to overusage, so since I didn't have google to look up the word unlimited:)(even though I know what it means) SMH I dusted off the old dictionary. no boundaries was the def. someone may need to teach st more than just english. and to everyone saying they don't know what the big fuss about straighttalk is! ha just wait. I thought it was too good to be true too but I am very unsatisfied. I love the phone but straight talk sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... April 12th, 2013


This is my second "go round" with ST....first time, I NEVER had a problem with anything...a few days ago, I get a call (automated) regarding "excessive data usage and the THREAT of terminating my service !...wth!...yeah, ok!....WHY THEN ARE YOU ADVERTISING THE PLAN AS UNLIMITED?!...yeah, there IS a saying; "you get what you pay for"......I paid for UNLIMITED ABD THAT IS WHAT I EXPECT! the end of my service plan, I WILL BE SWITCHING TO A DIFFERENT PREPAID!....

.... April 11th, 2013


Straight Talk claims to give you unlimited talk, text, and data capabilities. I bought my mother a phone to use with Straight Talk and it has had the data suspended two consecutive months. In the terms of service, they state they have the right to slow down or terminate the data service if their is "excessive use" but she hardly ever uses it. The first incident was 3 days after she paid them $50 ( which I was mad about seeing how in the billing page, they claimed the final fee would be $45. That's a lie). So that was $50 wasted seeing how we got Straight Talk specifically because they lied and advertised that they offer UNLIMITED talk, text, and data for $45. We called around for days and only spoke with the same 3 foreign agents who lied about their names. When I would call them by the other name they used on previous calls, they would admit that I have spoken to them before. The Straight Talk agents have Indian accents and lie and claim to be in America, then later in Mexico. The Straight Talk agents lied and told me they just made my data speeds slower and then hung up. What kind of customer service hangs up on their customers? After getting back through with the Straight Talk customer reps, they lie again and say the data works, it will just be slower, and before this one could hang up on me I told her it does not work at all. She then tells me, your data has been suspended but I can transfer you to the "correct department." So I'm transferred to Straight Talk's automated voice message stating ways to preserve data to avoid having your data speeds slowed. I never spoke to anyone having anything to do with Net 10. I never spoke with any managers, it was the same people claiming to be managers. Instead of telling me that they erroneously disconnected my data and there's nothing they can do about it, they blamed us and told us it would be fixed in the next billing cycle. The phone's data worked for one day and has stopped completely again. So, in conclusion, we are out of $100 plus the cost of our phone and sim card. I will not recommend Straight Talk Wireless Net 10 Walmart to anyone. (I'm using the names as much as possible for internet keyword search engines.) Straight Talk will not assist you with your problems and when they have a problem, they refuse to inform their customers, but they will continue to take your money! I see that they have stopped selling ATT compatible SIM cards altogether (my mother's phone is an ATT compatible phone) letting you further know there is some major problem with the use of some ATT phone services through Straight Talk, but they fail to mention this to current or potential customers.
Yes, Straight Talk provides slightly decent phone services for talking and text messaging, although some messages come extremely delayed, but I would under no circumstances recommend Straight Talk for the fact that they have poor customer service and unreliable data service. It would be very easy to find a reliable phone service with or without a contract that offers unlimited talk and text for $45 a month; however, that was not my reasoning for switching my family to Straight Talk. Beware.

.... April 11th, 2013

Works for me!

I am confused with all these people saying their internet was cut off. I have been using ST for a year and half and I have never had that issue. Maybe its because I live around Little Rock a major city and others may live in a rural area with less service. I really don't know. I do know that I bought a LG L38c from Wal-Mart and the apps work, the youtube works, navigation works and internet works and I have yet been cut off for any reason. It works for me for my needs but others maybe not so much. I will agree that the customer service is horrible though!

.... April 11th, 2013

poor customer service

I watched a few videos on my phone and my internet was cut off. They told me that their service was not intended for streaming data. I asked my data limitations were. They said there was not any. I asked what streaming data means. They could not answer. I was told I could not view You Tube more than ten minutes a day and could not download music files of any type. Customer service had a nasty attitude!

.... April 11th, 2013

The Best Cellular service money can buy.

It has two months already with strighttalk $45 unlimited plan.I purchased the micro sim online from ebay and are using my IPhone 4S from AT&T without any problems.Stright Talk made it possible for me to afford using my Iphone without any commitments but yet enjoying a full Iphone experience responsibly. I must say that I'm not your typical iphone user meaning
That I use most of my data at home via WIFI and use data anywhere else on as needed bases like GPS or email or mms or just to lookup something Fast.
So far my experience with ST has been excellent and you get what pay for. If you expect $45 deal to last for you ? Then you must realize your limits! or go back to the BIG four and the pay hundreds of dollars.

.... April 10th, 2013

ST works for me because:

I can't stand talking on the phone. So I am a very low use customer. And I've obviously been lucky...

I bought a Samsung phone off the ST site at least 2 years ago and use the $30 auto refill feature.

The phone has not been a problem.

And no problems with interrupted service. With auto pay, my unused minutes even roll over (which I think is a mistake, on their end).

The internet service on the phone is useless, but I don't use the phone for internet.

So if you can get by on 1000 min/mo (forget the internet), live near a decent cel tower corridor, order the samsung phone, and sign up for auto refill maybe less problems...
I am appalled to find out that the $45 (limited) unlimited plan is a sham and the customer service can be horrifying so I am removing stars and never switching or recommending "unlimited" to anyone.

I'm beginning to wonder how ST is going to stay in business. This is a world of ultra high data use.

PS. I found this site by searching to see what .."dial * blah blah to update roaming capabilities"

.... April 9th, 2013

junk huawei

I bought this phone 4 months ago there are more problems with dropping calls especially after the first month. The internet speed slowed down after a month. u call an get the runaround put this code in wipe out the phone never give u a call back number. so start all over again with new dip then tell u to go out side to make a call, the phone worked .give me a new phone!!!!!or ill go back to team mobil.

.... April 8th, 2013

DON'T GET IT!!! IT'S NOT UNLIMITED!!!Walmart doesn't care about it's customers!!

We originally joined Straight Talk for the price. I am a mother with 3 very young children and hardly ever use my internet. However, when I called I was sent to a machine that told me that I had been cut off do to over usage (it's "unlimited" by the way). I called back 4 different times and every time asked to speak to a person about the issue and they insisted that I would and transferred me back to the same machine that gave me the same message and hung up on me (which is really frusturating considering it takes 20min just to get to that point). The agents REFUSE to talk to you when they realize there is a problem. I eventually found out that if you use the internet and don't go to your applications and push "exit all" that it stays online. They refused to put my service back on until the next service cycle. At the next service cycle it refreshed. I had internet for about 3 days, barely used it, and this time exited it every time. By the 4th day, they took my service away again. I called and asked to speak to the manager who told me that nothing could be done about it. I told them I would be switching phone companies and they told me that if that is what I feel I should do then to go ahead and do that. I HAD ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WALMART CARED ABOUT IT'S CUSTOMERS BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! They also explained that, in fine print, (even though the service says unlimited) that they reserve the right to take your service away (such as internet) if they feel you are using it too much. VERY VERY VERY DISATISFIED.

.... April 7th, 2013

This company is garbage

Stay away from straight talk. Garbage and there service department does not care what your problem is. I am currently on my 3rd phone call with them today and have been put on hold numerous times. One of he mangers walked away from the phone when he said he was going to help me. They will transfer your call around the department. I got my phone 4 days ago and it is still not working. I would rather chuck the damn thing in the garbage. I am beyond pissed. they will have you type codes in, take your battery in and out of your phone, turn your phone off and on...yada yada yada..They told me at one point they were going to order a new sim card for my phone but when transferred they put me on hold for over 20 mins and still no one answered the phone. DO NOT go with this company

.... April 7th, 2013

Great service!

I was very hesitant to switch to Straight Talk after reading all the reviews online. For the amount of money I can save each month on phone service I thought it was worth a try. I kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to call customer service, but my husband pointed out that it was worth the savings if I did need customer service. Needless to say I did need to call customer service to port my phone number because my zip code didn't match my area code. I have to say that the customer service I received was awesome! The phone call took a long time, but they were very helpful and very thorough to make sure my problem was handled correctly and solved before I hung up. They had to send out a new SIM card (no charge) and when I received it I had to call back and again very helpful. I also had to call to port my husbands number on his phone and again the customer service was very pleasant and solved my problem. I would highly recommend Straight Talk! We had AT&T before and am using their network on ST and am completely happy with the connection I get. I actually switched to an android from iPhone and am getting better reception than before.

.... April 7th, 2013

Lots of problems with new Phone Hauwei Ascend

My son and I bought this phone 2 months ago there are more problems with dropping calls especially after the first month. The internet speed slowed down after a month. I am a babyboomer retailer. I know the ins and outs of business. They do things to get your business then like all other companies it changes once they get your business. As far as the pricing it's great but then again, my parents always said, you get what you pay for!

.... April 6th, 2013

Straight talk sucks

Tip when calling cs before you begin your conversation ask for name and employee number. They can lie about their name but cannot lie about their employee number that is a federal crime and ST company itself can be charged with federal criminal charges. Company says I overused my data just one day after paying my bill. For two days I have been fighting with them I finally asked for employee I'd numbers and am getting results. My data is back on and no restrictions. I am switching to Tmobiles unlmtd plan though

.... April 6th, 2013

Newly Purchased Phone and service not working and agents unwilling to help

Purchased a new phone and service online. Phone arrived by FedEx. Followed activation instructions but phone had no service. Made call to Help number and spoke to 4 agents. Agents said I had to wait an initial 24 hours and than an additional 72 hours before I could call back with the issue. Agents were unable to provide an explanation other then that a ticket was created and I had to wait. Agents were unwilling to let me speak with a more knowledgeable agent in order to get a more reasonable answer as to why my issue was not resolved. Online terms of service says that they are not responsible for lack of service from a provider. How can they be selling something that they do not have?

.... April 6th, 2013


Straight Talk Is Full Of Bs All The Customer Service Reps Don't Have The Same Info They All Say Something Different.....paid On My Account And Have Proof That I Paid It Amd They Trying To Tell Me It Didn't Go Thru And I Should Pay It I Ask A Rep If She Know That She Paid Her Car Payment And The Bank Told Her She Needs To Pay Again This Helifer Told Me She Would Pay Ot Again A Bunch Of Lies Don't Get Straight Talk Go Pre Paid Someplace Else.....

.... April 5th, 2013

God is Watching Y'all

We have been on Straight Talk service for a year,and what a shame that you have all these people complaining about the way y'all operate,but you can get away from doing what y'all are doing to these people.You don't think God is watching y'all? Change what you are doing because though you may have some on your side,the vast majority are against.What y'all are doing is serving Satan the Devil.Keep doing people wrong,and you will pay.So get ready for God-He is watching y'all!

.... April 5th, 2013

Thank God for reviews.. Kept me from making a huge mistake..

I recently came across ST and was really considering using it thinking how great it would be, def. cut my bill in half with the 3 lines we already have with Verizon, Thank God I decided to check out the reviews first.. I hate dealing with scams n the thought of it makes me wanna puke.. i read enough reviews to convince me that there is a great deal of scam happening with ST n I personally think the other few great reviews were probably written by ST employees/owners/ect. not customers.. Thanks for the Heads up PEOPLE!!!

.... April 5th, 2013

Ignore the peanut gallery. Straight talk is great!

I've been using straighttalk for 2 years. I use the nokia e71, i got this phone because (with an app) it can make wifi hotspots(Warning: against user agreement) i've never had my data speeds cut, but one time after using this feature daily for a month straight to connect two computers to the internet did i get a call from straight talk saying that i was using too much data and that continuation may result in action being taken, and this had to be after several gigs of data cause I had downloaded at least 1gb of music in addition to playing Runescape which is a realtime multiplayer online rpg, as well as surfing facebook, google, and whatever my partner was doing. The first phone i had, i bought used from craigslist and it didn't have a sim card included ~30min with customer service and they sent me a new sim free in 3 days with the remainder of the previous owners service. the phone was stolen after a few months, so i got another new this time from walmart. i still use this phone 1.5 years later. recently i encountered an error during processing while adding service online where payment was deducted from my account but service wasn't added. i spent 15-30 minutes with customer service and they had it straightened out and good to go. Overall i think straighttalk is wonderful and if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be able to afford phone service. Customer service seems to be spread out, meaning sometimes u get someone from India other time you may get someone from Florida. Either way they get the job done, I've never encountered an issue with them. I believe my phone uses either the sprint or att network through them and i live in the boondocks but i have coverage everywhere, usually 3g or 3.5g. At the price of 48.92 per month, for unlimited, why not choose straighttalk. I couldn't imagine paying much more for phone service, especially if you were to get less, as most monthy contracts go. Ignore the peanut gallery and try/decide for yourself.

.... April 3rd, 2013

About to Activate a iphone on Straight Talk

So This Scares me to death about the problems with Theft, Turning off service, and throttling back Data, and turning that service off. Reading about people going to other states and not having service in places that any other service providers work fine. All I have to say EVERY-ONE needs to send complaints to the FCC. Shame on Straight Talk. Call, Write, Forward, to the Federal Communications Commission

.... April 3rd, 2013

Straight talk being stupid!

They stopped my internet because I was watching videos (the walking dead videos) and I paid for a freaking 45 card and it doesn't run out until the 12th and that's when they said I'll get my internet back... This isn't right! It's my money i'm paying to get me internet and etc. I should be able to watch videos if I freaking please! This is bull crap and they should give me my internet back!!!!!!!!

.... March 31st, 2013

Strait talk is stealing money

There falsely advertising "unlimited data plan" when in fact there is a me unlimited has no limit but the more and more i talk to strait talk.. They have bout convinced me that im in the wrong for using my unlimited phone to much. And they cut my network service OFF and wont turn it back on...said im a high data user.i mean no sh$@ thats why i wanted unlimited like they advertise....i wanted to say all kinds of sh@$ to there dumb ass rep.. but i didnt!! we all need to understand that its not there fault and they are nothing but puppets for straight talk..we need to get the proper athoritys focused on the big pitcher,like the C.E.O. the acual people getting rich off false advertising"unlimited data"For strait talk!!!! At least thats what im about to do...and again the people u talk to from strait talks customer service ISN'T THE PROBLEM AND ARE ONLY DOING WHAT THERE TOLD FROM THE POWERS ABOVE!!!!!We need to focus on the powers above if we want anything done...I JUST WANT UNLIMITED DATA LIKE STRAIT TALK CLAIMS CAUSE THATS WHAT IM PAYING FOR....If u are a lawer or know the laws please help or fill me in cause im going to do everything in my power to either get true unlimited data or get my money back for there crappy servise..took 6 months before i relized what they were doing...they have been slowing"throttling"my service but thought it was either bad service or my phones memory So i went and bought the samsung galaxy s II Thats when i knew they were slowin my network to a dailup crawle then a week after i bought this $400 phone they cut my network off....i still cant believe they had the nuts to cut my network OFF..MEAN OFF....I JUST WANT TO GO F&@$ THEM UP!!!IM GONNA DO IT THE LEGAL WAY...IF U WANT TO HELP EMAIL ME ...and strait talk if u got anything to say hit me up on email...i'll post with update when i talk to the proper authoritys....DUECES

.... March 30th, 2013

BS #straighttalk instagram

Seriously, what a fraud!!! Curt off my service a few days after paying! Of course, they say high data usage, use wifi at home only. Don't call CS, they don't care for sh/t! We need a protest people!!!

.... March 30th, 2013


I have had Straight Talk for a couple of years now and I absolutely LOVE it. The $45 Unlimited Plan is the simplest thing there is - don't know what everyone's problem is with them. I pay $45, have complete, uninterrupted service for 30 days and then I pay another $45 and start it all over again. I've never had my data shut off. I've never had my service interrupted. I've received nothing but WONDERFUL service and prices from them. Others (ATT, etc ...) charge up to $80 per month or more for an Unlimited Plan - - that is what is ridiculous to me! I'm now purchasing their Home Phone system. My friends have it and they rave about it. Does anyone know, does Straight Talk have a wireless internet card yet for PC's? I can't wait until they do get one .... because then I'll be known as a "Straight Talk Bundler." :-) Thank you Straight Talk!! Keep up the good work!

.... March 30th, 2013


I used ST for 3 years with no problems,I am not a big data user and have an app to watch my use,I ALWAYS used less than 1GB a month, bought my card last week to continue service and after a week My data was slowed to less than 150 kbps! THATS SLOWER THAN DIALUP!
I called ST and they said I was flagged for to much data use..I explained I had only used 150 mb for the week but they did NOTHING and in other words said TOO BAD!
ST IS CHARGING $45 a month and very little data..THEY ARE A SCAM..DON'T FALL FOR IT!

.... March 30th, 2013

Credit Card Fraud

That's right, Straight Talk charged my debit card for over $100 after I called in 3 times seeking help with their service! I couldn't believe that such blatant criminal activity was taking place right in front of me, but the arbitrary charges didnt lie(three for over $40 each on four days). Straight Talk did their absolute best to drain my account!

I went to my bank, made a report of fraud, and was awarded my money back very shortly due to the blatant nature of the crime. UNBELIEVABLE,

I think those who recommend calling and complaining to a higher power are right on. This IS NOT acceptable. We are the customer, the power source for any business. So, if we don't like it, we should shut them down. I mean, DEBIT CARD FRAUD? REALLY???

As soon as I switch to my new carrier, I'm making the call.

.... March 29th, 2013

When is UNLIMITED, limited

I paid for unlimited phone, text and data, before my first month was over, my data was suspended for "high data usage! But Straight Talk, I paid for unlimited data DUH

.... March 29th, 2013

Not going to be ripped off anymore! !

We need to stop letting Straight Talk take advantage
of us. Posting complaints is good but won't stop them from continuing their deceptive business practices. Do what some of us have. We ALL need to call the Federal Communication Commission and file a complaint against Straight Talk!! When you call a real person will answer the phone. They will speak English. They are here in America. .not out sourced. So help stop what you know needs to be changed. CALL NOW.

.... March 28th, 2013

Straight talk is a liar!!!

I had this service 32 days. They shut off my data two days after paying my bill. I am an older lady.i work ten hrs. A day sonetimes twelve. Believe me i dont download anything. No videos. No music. Nothing. I make sure whatever site i am in is exited. This company is advertising unlimited and cuts me off after two days and to top that off they dont provide proof of any kind. I cant wait to leave these LIARS!!!!!!! RIPP OFFS!!!!!

.... March 28th, 2013

Straight Talk

We switched from ATT's thieving to straight talk.. Why - I'm paying the same or less for 2 phones for 3 months than I was paying for 2 phones for 1 month! I've been on straight talk going on 6 months now without a hitch, but, I pay my bill at least 2 days prior to the service end date. - My hubby switched about 4 months ago, and the first 3 were fine, this last month since he didn't pay till the end day caused some problems. Well, I finally figured out that the web site / server updates every 48 hours, and because the website showed his phone to be "in process" it kept booting him off line. After a few calls and figuring this out, the service agent manually punched in the information to the site - Yes, it took a little while, but they fixed the problem and my hubby has learned NOT to wait till the last minuet to extend the plan. All in all, Yes, I give a 5 star because ALL of the agents were kind and understood the problem and wanted to help. Thank you, I really enjoy not paying an arm and leg for UNLIMITED phone service!

.... March 27th, 2013

Never again! $200 stolen!!

To make a story of 2 weeks without a phone and countless calls to ST customer services short : DON'T DO IT!

Customer service? Ha! I've spent over $200 on this "business" an it's accessories and haven't seen a dime's worth of service. The best part is, customer services lie to cover up the company's mishaps. After 2 weeks without a phone, I was told service was down in my area and, for this reason, my phone remained inactive. I don't think so.

No sympathy or common civility was shown to me when I explained my dilemma countless times to countless representative. I'm a student, seeking medical school; I cannot afford phone problems. I requested that my case be tracked, it was not. I asked that my service be turned on, is was not. I asked that the defective SIM card sold to me be replaced, it was not (I've also come across defective phones from these people as well).

I walk away $200 poorer, without service and very, very frustrated. If you are want ST as your carrier, expect to be beaten and told that it is fair.

In a word: CRIMINAL.

.... March 27th, 2013

Not as advertised!!

I've only had this phone service for about 6 weeks, and have not been overly impressed. I traveled to Illinois last week, and was unable to use the phone for anything. If I had broken down, I would not have been able to call for help. This is the only phone I have, and it quit again yesterday for about 8 hours. Needless to say I would not have been able to call for help. Hope they get it working as advertised one of these days. I believe if I had taken the time to read all the comments on this company, I would have looked very hard into another company.

.... March 25th, 2013


Do not buy straight talk. Unless you want no data for half a month. They shut mine off halfway through the month so i either have to wait till my service runs out or I have to pay for another card.

.... March 25th, 2013

This company sucks

They shut off my internet and even when I bought a new card they refuse to turn it back on. They kept telling me they had to transfer me to another department. I kept telling them thhat it was recording the hang up on me it took them 2 and a half weeks to fix my phone no 1 would even try to fix it until I had a fit. now I'm stuck with a 200 dollar phone and it's sucky company. they refuse to unlock my phone where I can go to a better company. the customer representative of rude and hateful and yell at you

.... March 24th, 2013

The WORST wireless provider on Earth!!!

Straight Talk is the worst wireless provider on Earth!!! They cap their data at very low usage.. After a week of data use (I don't use it much .. about 500mb) the speed drops down to 0.13mbps and it keeps cutting off. I had to reset my phone's internet 100 times a day to keep it working. The biggest hustle is when I tried to port my number, after several attempts to get in hold of there customer service (every time you call, they have high call volume and they cannot take the call!!) The account number needed for porting is the serial number of the first phone I activated the SIM card with. I have had several phones since I got ST. The customer service REFUSES to give out the account number because quote "The account number is confidential" even if you verify who you are. They kept transferring me from one India to an other who barely speak English!! I have had a horrible experience and almost lost the phone number that I had for more than 10 years!!! Stay away from this company.. It's a RIPOFF!!!!

.... March 23rd, 2013


I Hate Giving It A 1 Star Because I Could Not Go Less Than That,they Do Not Deserve That 1 Star!!this Company Promised Me Unlimited Everything,i Was Skeptical So I Talked With A Supervisor And He Advised Me That I Would Get Unlimited Everything,i Activated My Service...and Btw...why Are They Taking Money Before They Even Port Over A Iphone 5 Has Only Talk N Tx...unlimited My Ass...i Will Report These Crooks To The Bbb And I Pray They Get Shut Down...if Anyone Wants To Go With Straight Talk..beware Of Annoying Prompts,hold Time,and People Who Dont Comprehend A Word Of What You Are Saying!!!i Hate Even Saying The Name...ughhhh...super Irrkkkeedd!!!

.... March 21st, 2013


STRAIGHT TALK AND WALMART OFFER THE ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET! Walmart's site has been rejecting and refusing my credit card when I needed to purchase minutes. When I called Straight Talk, they said I need to purchase a card from Walmart. This time I attempted to purchase the card 5 different times with 3 different cards. I called Walmart 4 times. The fist time I was told that they would have billing call me and that would take 2-3 days. No one attempted to call me back. I also emailed their customer service, they sent a response saying it was most likely the system and to try again in 24 hours. That didn't work. I tried again, it didn't work. I called again and again, once told to call the bank - the bank said they had approved the charge, it was Walmart that was denying sending it through. Back and forth on the phone for several hours over a 3 day period. I tried to call Straight Talks 611# from my phone and no one picked up! The final result? The phone was deactivated! Could I transfer the number to a different phone? No! Could I buy a new card? NO! Is this piece of garbage going straight into the trash after a few good whacks with a sledge hammer? YES!!!! Other issues were spotty to no reception almost everywhere - even in places where everyone else with a phone - Tracfone included had it. Slow and poor internet- unless I was on Wi-Fi and that was quite spotty too. Again THE ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET FROM BOTH WALMART AND STRAIGHT TALK! I am forced to give up my phone number because I don't have countless hours TO SPEND TRYING TO BUY TIME ON THE IDIOTIC THING! I can't transfer it back to Tracfone now so I guess it's a done deal. Better to buy a pre-paid phone anywhere else than with Straight Talk. Tracfone is a sister company but the way we use minutes, it is a much better deal. The service almost never runs out (you buy 90 days with most cards and the minutes run out before the days do - and the days add up each time you buy) and the average cost is much less per month. Still, I would look just about anywhere else before I purchased from either company!

.... March 20th, 2013

Walmart employee would not recommend Straight Talk cell phone service

Was thinking about switching from verizon to straight talk cell phone. I checked a couple of Walmart stores to get some questions answered. One sales clerk did not recommend ST. He said he had numerous complaints with their customer service reps being overseas and hard to understand, response time for calls being lengthy (several hours in hold), etc. Going to check out the other prepaid cell phone companies.

.... March 20th, 2013

I'm begging you. DON'T use this service

Customer service had me on hold for a total of over 3 hours and still my issues were not resolved. They automatically took $49.67 out of my credit card without my permission and sent me an e-mail letting me know they did an auto-refill on my phone. I don't even have that phone anymore. So trust me when I say their customer service dept is awful, plus they say they will transfer you to someone who could help you, don't let them it will mean another hour of your life will be on hold. GOOD LUCK TO ANYONE WHO CHOOSES STRAIGHT TALK. One mistake I will never make again.

.... March 19th, 2013

phone service and unhelpfulness

this plan is HORRIBLE. I usually got cards to refill my plan from Walmart and used a credit card one month. They mistakenly enrolled me in auto refill and when I disputed the charge cancelled my card without any warning! Then they refused to give me credit for the month of time remaining from my Walmart refill card and told me it was all my fault! Aweful customer service, aweful phone service at times, a complete waste of time and money! Don't buy this product!!!

.... March 19th, 2013

What a garbage!

It is by far the worst business of any kind. Absolutely horrid. I am going to do my best to expose this scam of a business. It is unacceptable to let businesses with extremely low professional code such as straight talk operate.

.... March 19th, 2013

worst service I have ever received.

I bought an expensive iphone5. I have been trying to get service for two months. Customer service is a farce. They don't know how to fix it and won't send me another phone. I don't know if their iphones are rejects or the service is just that shabby.

.... March 18th, 2013

Straight Talk - No Data and NO Customer Service!

I got the $45 monthly plan and soon afterward, the 3G data quit working. Still can use the phone, but no data and no MMS. Called repeatedly, but no answer. Posted to online forums and got a canned email response saying "we'll take this offline". I NEVER got a personal response. From reading the other posts it's all too common. This is criminal.I'm giving a one star review because there's nothing lower.

.... March 18th, 2013


I just added the $45 unlimited phone plan this friday 3/15/13..and last night my web service was shut off I call straighttalk to see whats going on only to be put on hold for hours at a time,being transferred to a machine that tells me I violated data usage or something like that.I mean I paid the money for everything to be unlimited so how am I violating!?..and I never recieved any kind of warning at all,I just had my service shut off with no one but a machine to try and get an understanding of why to no prevail...I wish I knew what I now know before I bought this phone..

.... March 17th, 2013

ST works for me

About a year ago I bought online a $10 phone from ST site. I have used it in KY,TN,AL,GA and NV with no problems. Admittedly I was in southern TN at a remote lake and did not get a signal but no other cell worked either. I plan on dropping my regular Blue Grass Cellular service at the end of my contract. I will buy the best smart phone ST offers for my home area in KY and use it exclusivly

.... March 16th, 2013

The worst service I've ever used.

The phone itself seemed to work fine; the problem was the constant "out of minutes" error messages and mistaken interruption of service, requiring a big hassle to straighten out.

I finally changed providers when their website kept saying I had the wrong password - the one they GAVE me!

.... March 16th, 2013

Full of it!

These people are full of crap! I've been with straight talk for almost 3 years. I've never had a problem. Yes the customer service reps are hard to understand, but you can do everything online. I've never had my data throttled. I listen to pandora and iheartradio. I watch youtube videos. I do everything I did on my Verizon phones and more. People always want to write bad reviews, but never give credit when credit is due. Give straight talk a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

.... March 15th, 2013

i bought a unlocked s3 for straight talk to leave verizon because i am tired of getting screwed. so far all i am getting from s t is screwed. internet is slow or doesn't work at all. very disappointed. out alot of money

.... March 15th, 2013

Straight Talk Home Phone

It cheap and works good. Problem with it is they can not speak English good enough when you contact them for anything. I still can deal with it though. Much cheaper and just as good as A.T.&T.

.... March 15th, 2013


Unlimited Data is NOT unlimited. You will get cut off and they'll assure you Data will come back with the next billing cycle. It will not. You will waste countless hours on hold with many, many people and recordings from Customer Service. They will pass you around and refuse to provide you with any of their names saying, "It is against our policy." What apparently is their company policy is to insist on demanding to know what websites you visit and what applications you download before they'll restore Data service. So, you can't know their names, but they need to know how you use your personal phone. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

.... March 13th, 2013


Stay away from straight talk! The customer service is just awful, the internet connexion is so slow (when it's working...!), I can't send some pics by text etc etc... I am finishing the month since I paid and I am out!!!!

.... March 13th, 2013


I switched to straight talk a couple of months ago. omg what a nightmare. The phones (2) I bought, Samsung galaxy proclaim, $149 each. We have missed calls, get our messages days later, texts also come in later or not at all. When I call customer no service I'm put on hold for 30+ minutes. Then I get someone who barely speaks english. We have both at different times have been unable to access the internet, took for ever to get that fixed. The pictures are terrible that you take with this phone. When I called to see if I could upgrade to a better phone....sorry no can do. I could get the same phone, piece of s@#$. Thank goodness there is no contract. I just threw away $300+

.... March 13th, 2013

Straight Talk closed my business for a week!

Have had Straight Talk for 3 years with o.k. service, few complaints. Had my phone # transfered to them from Tmobile which I have had since 2003. 2 weeks ago decided to upgrade phones to the newer model and had my # ported to that phone, but when it was activated the new phone was a bad one. Called customer service to have my # ported BACK to the old Galaxy phone, and the tech did something horribly wrong and DESTROYED MY #! Told me I could not get the same # back and would have to be issued a new #. An inconvienience to anyone, but my # that I have had for almost 10 years is tied to my advertisement, business cards, website, ect, so now I have to shell out BIG MONEY to change all that with a new #! So I figh=ured if I had to go with a new # I would just go with a new carrier too and switched to Virgin. Straight talk has techs that to not speak or understand simple English and they will never get another dime from me. Roll the dice and take ur chances folks!

.... March 12th, 2013

Been there done that.

Straight talk unlimited everything. Terrible customer support. I called back 3 times and it took them over 3 hours to get my phone back up. I however enjoyed there service range no problems. I do not reccomend it tho because there customer support is terrible I probably would have decked the guy who was on the phone with me if he was over a counter. I am not easyily angered either, however comments like "sir please turn your phone off and back on sir." Me I just did that." Customer support "Sir would you like to fix it youself sir" 1 hour later after they still can't get it running me "I just want my money back this is ridiculous ($100) bought two plans. Customer support "Sir we wont refund you your money." Me "its your fault you cant get it up and running" cust. Sir its your fault. This was the worst experience I have had changing companys next month. Oh and the customer support guy was spanish.

.... March 12th, 2013

never never use this company

this is the worst customer service i have ever experienced i have spent hours and hours trying to get my service back - by the way i am on automatic pay and there is nothing wrong with my credit card straight talk should read these reviews ----actually they probably do and they laugh as they are reading them heed my warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... March 12th, 2013

No Phone, can't contact cust service

Second time this year when I try and call out get there is not enough money in your account to make a call. please add money to your account. however phone shows a service end date a month away yet because the money is there. tried to check balance online and hangs a while then goes to a screen asking to enter phone number to check balance on, I do it and get same results again. Called 611 for cust service after several options to get to a person I get recording due to high call volume we are unable to take your call at this time, please call back later, Goodbye. Really as far as I am concerned there is no customer service, this has been good until I have problems and now It is absolutely no good, no phone and can't contact anyone for help. Thanks straighttalk

.... March 12th, 2013

Simple...dont buy anything from them!

My experience has been awfull, dont say nobody warned you. Since day 1 having to call them for bad reception, no service, I set up direct debits and was another nightmare and at the end when they decided to limit my service (without letting me now)I decided to transfer to another company ANOTHER nightmare, almost 10 days to do it and a new bill without a refund! If you like drama,waste your money and headaches thats the company!

.... March 11th, 2013


I have seen most of the straight talk commercials about saving money, so I left verizon from paying $ 97.00/month to come over to straight talk. I am very disappointed, b/c I bought 2 huawei smart phones for $ 100.00 a piece. Only to find that these ppl can't even activate the phones properly. I have called them about about 10 times in 15 days. I only got to speak to someone twice who said the phones would be on in 24 hours. Not to mention you will be on hold on the phone waiting from anywhere to 30 min to an 90 min. Such terrible customer service. And, dare I say if you are lucky enough to speak to someone, they can't understand english, so they will transfer you to another dept. Where you will wait another 45 min. This company is hopeless. Anyone who wants to try straight talk to save money, DON"T. Save yourself the headaches & pains, that you will surely recieve dealing with these ppl. I have lost over $ 270.00 by coming to straight talk. Well, after 3 weeks of complaining, I am fed up. I have now moved on to Boost Mobile.Com, who has a better network, better phones/plans, & better customer service and only $ 10.00 more than straight talk. I would not even give these ppl a 1 star rating b/c they're not even worth half a star.I have read over ppl reviews on this site, and I know that they are all telling the truth. Straight talk sucks.

.... March 11th, 2013

I don't understand the other reviews...

I have not had a single problem with Straight Talk. I have called Customer Service about three times now, each time when I bought a new phone through them and the person I got on the line always spoke fluent and clear English. My number was transferred within thirty minutes and I only spent about ten of that on the phone with Customer Service.

My grandmother's house is the only place I have poor phone reception but every carrier at her house does for some reason, they think it is because she is in close proximity to a phone tower.

I have been every where else on the east coast and always had great service.

When I refill on demand the second I hit submit I get a text message saying, "Thank you for refilling" and my phone works perfectly fine with no problems.

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all have the worst Customer Service I have ever seen. I have used all three companies and each one has over charged me, had me on the phone for over an hour at a time fixing a simple issue, or would end my service before the time was up or say my payment was late when it was weeks from being due!

My sister and both my grandparents use straight talk and they love it! My parents are even going to get it when their Verizon contract runs out.

I sat here and read a lot of the negative reviews and no one I know with Straight Talk has ever had that problem (and I know quite a few people with it. A good 150 people where I work use it and they never have complained either.)

I recommend it to everyone that wants to get rid of scam ridden contract phones. They actually have quite a few phones to choose from and I love only paying 45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data when my boyfriend pays 60 a month and he has a data limit!

.... March 9th, 2013

One star is too high for their customer service.

Straight talk is not to bad when there is not a glitch, but when there is one. HANG ON FOR THE FUN!

Here is a letter I submitted to customer service with the private info omitted.

Dear sirs or madams,

I would like to tell you about my straight talk home phone experience. My home phone number (ported from century link) is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I started using your service with an initial service end date of 2-3-2013. The service was extended to the most recent end date of 3-6-2013. I had added 2 - 30 day service plans which I ordered from walmart in early February. The 2 cards have my current service end date ending on 4-6-2013 for the first 30 days and 5-5-2013 for the second card. I also enrolled in your auto-refill plan at the same time as adding these 2 - 30 day plans.

The last time I was able to use my home phone was 3-7-2013. On 3-8-2013 when placing a call, I heard the message "there is not enough money in your account to place this call, please add money to your account." My question concerning this development is -what did you do to my phone service? I am double covered for payment - both 30 day cards AND auto refill.

To make matters worse, I looked online to see my account shows my home phone number was changed to yyy-yyy-yyyy. How did this happen? Between yesterday and today I have spent 4 hours on hold and speaking to representatives. First, I started with Martha who transferred me to Mary yesterday and she said all would be fixed within 24 hours. I was given a ticket #xxxxxxxxxx I kept dialing *22890 or *22891 as i was told to do so. When trying to place a call after the familiar "your phone has been programmed successfully", I continue to get the recording that "there is not enough money in your account to place this call, please add money to your account."

No phone service through last night or today. I tried several times to program the phone and then place a call as instructed. No service.

I called this afternoon and spoke to Jethro who transferred me to his supervisor Claudia I. Claudia said she had to check to see if my original xxx-xxx-xxxx was still available. "Not still available?", I asked "how could this be?" She did not give any explanation as to what had happened, why my service was deactivated and how my number had been changed, nothing. I have spent over 1 1/2 hours on the phone yesterday and now 2 1/2 hours (and counting as of this email) trying to correct the mistake you made with my phone service.

I have 3 questions that I would like answered-

1) how did this problem occur in the first place?

2) what needs to be done to avoid it from happening in the future?

3) in what way are you willing to compensate me for you shutting off my phone and it taking me 4 1/2 hours to fix this problem?

The supervisor Claudia said she was "following procedures" to "re-port' my phone back to my xxx-xxx-xxxx number I started with and it would take yet another 24 hours.

Note: I am currently on the phone with yet another supervisor Michelle (transferred from Monette and previously transferred from Michael) to verify that my original xxx-xxx-xxxx phone number is "still available" to be ported back to my home phone router # xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. My phone was reconnected successfully at 5:45 PM today 3-9-2013.

Please contact me as soon as possible concerning my straight talk home phone service and what occurred on 3-7-2013. Michelle called it a 'glitch' giving no other explanation.

Thank you,
David Smith (fake name)
[email protected]
zzz-zzz-zzzz cell

.... March 9th, 2013

Aunt of a teen

this customer service is the worst I have encountered. They are not sure how to fix the phone from a 3 year old locking her out
that is insane. and they do not speak English very well I think that whats makes it the hardest. a teen locked out of technology for a couple of hours. We ask for a transfer they hang up guess we were transferred

.... March 8th, 2013

Playing games

Almost every game I down load doesn't work rite. It rather won't load at all or boots me back to start,or quits in the middle of game. Like my phone and gets good service.

.... March 8th, 2013


This company has the worst costumer service I have ever encountered. I tried calling them for about a week, about 10 times every day just to activate my sim card. I have never been this dissatisfied with a company. I do not know how the service is yet but Just wanted to let people know that if you are willing to spend weeks to just activate your sim, go ahead and buy it.

.... March 7th, 2013

Satisfied with servicr

I have used this service for1 year. It worked as well in texas as it did in pa.

.... March 7th, 2013

international unlimited calls

ST international unlimited calls, is a scam, once you buy the $60 service plan you can not make any international calls, after calling ST customer service, they told me that i can make INT. Calls if i give them a credit card so they can charge me for every call i make. This is not what they advertise.
FCC the institution that gives license to these guys are the biggest crooks, and they get payed out of our tax dollars.

.... March 7th, 2013

Don't try it!

I picked a phone that Walmart a employee and the ad on the internet said would work at my residence. I got almost no service. It took 4 or 5 attempts to call out from my home.I kept getting "call failed " or "net work busy, try again later." I got no incoming calls, just a beep alert that I had a voice mail. I could not call voice mail and got the same above mentioned recordings.I took the phone back and was told that there had been a lot of complaints similar to mine. I did get the price of the phone back from Walmart but was told that "Straight talk" had never refunded any "plan" money.
Then the trouble began. I went to another carrier,got a new phone and,purchased a service plan. I tried to get my number ported over to my new plan and phone but it was up to "Straight Talk" on when they would allow the port. I was told it could take from 4 to 48 hours. The new carrier continued to try for 30 minutes but got a test message on the new phone that there was a problem with the previous carrier releasing the number. "Straight Talk" chose to cut my old phone service with them off. I was still paying for the service but was not allowed to use it and I got no refund from them. What a rip off ! Forty six hours later " Straight Talk" released my number and I was told later that 48 hours was the legal limit for holding the number. I also called the "customer service" and got another recording saying "your call wait is more than 30 minutes, leave your number and we will return your call. You will not loose your place in order of calls." I left my number and was never called back. I am unable to express my frustration and disappointment with "Straight Talk." I wish I had read the reviews instead of listening to the adds. I lost $50 in the tryout time of 4 days. Read the reviews and don't try "Straight Talk."

.... March 6th, 2013

Transferring phone number from one straight talk phone to another.

This is a long, frustrating process. I set up the transfer about 8 hours ago and still nothing has come of it.

.... March 6th, 2013

Worst coustomer service I have ever seen

My minutes were up on my phone and I did not have access to a computer to update my minutes. I called Strighttalk coustomer services and tried to get it done over the phone. The agent could not under stand that I just wanted to update my phone for 3 months on the $45 plan. I was was on he phone for an extremely long time befor getting disconnected. Later in the day I was able to get to a computer and went on line,used my Visa card and got my plan updated. When I checked my bank account on line, Strighttalk had ran my debit MasterCard 5 times which hit my checking account for $721.55 which nearly overdrew my account. It took me 4 days to get the money back in the account and hours on the phone with Strighttalk and the bank to get it straighten out. This is not the only time I have had problems with Strighttalk coustomer service. It will be the last. When this 3 month period is up I will be changeling to another service. I have had the service for over two years and it works so so but when you have a problem there coustomer service is the worst in the business . Most of the time they do not understand English well enough to solve your problem.

I have found Apple to have the best coustomer service out there.

.... March 4th, 2013

Complete Waste!!

I have had "straight talk" more like "straight crap" for 48 hours and couldn't be more pissed!! this company is a total joke.. trying to speak with customer service is the worst, its like talking physics with a 2yr old.. Worst provider EVER!!! i will return my phones tomorrow all tho i will have to eat 120$ wort of service its worth it just to never have to deal with these A-holes ever again. Kiss my ASS straight talk!!

.... March 4th, 2013

Want refund or compensation

Brought a service card, gave the operator my phone number, somehow she hit the wrong numbers and put my minutes on someone's else phone. Now I am out of 50.00. Had to pay again. They cannot refund my money. Their mistake not mine's . Would like a refund or compensation.

.... March 3rd, 2013


This is a very long story cut very short. I'm giving you the highlights so you can get the picture w/o having to read the filler.

-Purchased $249 Phone + $45 Card from their website last night. When I clicked through everything, it said "Orer Failed." I was like, WTF? So I check my bank account and was surprised to see $313.72 taken out. (There is a tax charge)

-I tried calling customer service, but was informed that the call center was closed. So now I have no order #, no email verification, no nothing. So the next thing I did was call my bank. I can't put a "stop payment" on a debit swipe so they gave me a list of things to do with Straight Talk first, and then I could open dispute if that didn't work.

-Called Straight Talk this morning. Waited at least 35 minutes per call to talk to someone.

-The first person to pick up didn't know any more than I did and transferred me to a "Manager." This person was DISGUSTINGLY RUDE. I begin telling her what is going on. I told her that my card had been charged, but I had nothing from them confirming an order. You know what she says to me? She says that someone else charged up my account! I told her clearly says Straight Talk Purchase Authorization. So after some silence she asked me for my card number. I gave it to her and she proceeded to tell me that I didn't exist to her. No card found. I kept pleading with her that my card WAS charged and it was with them. After more silence she says that the charge will fall off my account in 24 hours. I said what? You just said that you have no record of me. Then she says it was a system glitch. This person acted like it wasn't HER problem this is going on. She had a thick accent and talked to you like you didn't matter. Anyway, I hung up the phone hoping she was right and my money gets back to me in 24 hours.

-I check my email a little later and all of a sudden, I have an Order Confirmation from them! It gives the debit card number she said doesn't exist and all the other info. So I take the order number and my email address and plut it in their system to track the package and it said "not a valid email address." I call up once again. I get another person with an accent who was helpless. I explained to them what was going on and what happened with my first phone call and they promised me they could help. I felt like I was in a twilight zone. He asked me my email and I would tell him. Then he would ask again. I would tell him. I even spelled it to him and he did back to me. After all that he says to me "Can you please give me a VALID email address?" At that point I raised my voice. I said "Why do you keep asking me for a valid email? I have been telling you over and over again the email address! I have an email from your company at that email address I am telling you." All through this converstion that last an hour long, he put me on hold at least 6 times to talk to his supervisor. So now there is no record of the order number I was sent. No record of my debit card which was confirmed in my order number, and no record of my email address which was where the order confirmation was sent.

-He then says he has to transfer me to someone else b/c he doesn't have the "tools" to help me. He kept me on the phone for an hour and couldn't help me!

-36 minutes later, I get the next person. Sounds just like him. I go through the SAME thing aaallll over again. FINALLY.....after basically crying at that fact that they have over 300 dollars from me and have no record of me at all, I said..."HOW ABOUT YOU LOOK ME UP BUY NAME??? NO ONE HAS ASKED ME MY NAME IN THE 3 HOURS I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET THIS RESOLVED" I was serious. Not ONE representative asked me for my name. Only asked for email, order #, debit card etc. No name. So the person went silent and then spoke up with a quiet...."what is your name?" Like it was some secret, last minute ditch effort to find someone! You would think it's the first and easiest way! So I told him my name and all of a sudden, he finds the order! Eureka!

-At the point I was at when the order was found, I didn't want anything else to do with them. I wanted to run as far as possible so I told him to cancel the order. I heard nothing. I said "Hello?" Nothing. "Hello?" Then he says, yes ma'am. I will cancel your order. Bare with me. 11 minutes he returns and says HE doesn't have tools either to cancel a transaction and send me to somebody else! 23 minutes I waited for someone else and they tell me they put in the request to cancel, but it's no guarantee that it can be cancelled. That most likely the package will be sent me and I will have to refuse it and then I will get my money back in 30 days!! 30 days I said! I just ordered this phone not 10 hours ago and you can't stop the transaction? I now do not have access to over 300 dollars for 30 days? "That's right, ma'am" he says. I just sunk my head down and actually had tears in my eyes. I was so upset and so pissed and so sad b/c that's a lot of money to me right now. So now I have to wait to see what happens. I may even have to open a dispute if this doesn't get resolved.

-Initial "manager" said someone else charged up my card and it wasn't for anything of theirs.

-Had no record of my debit card, email, order confirmation etc...

-Kept getting asked the same questions over and over and over again with no resolution.

-The representatives were cold as ice when they talked to you. They were dismissive, rude, short(gave one or two word answers sometimes and left you hanging), acted like this wasn't their problem at all.

-Wait time to talk to these people was astronomical.

-Kept getting transferred b/c that particular rep didn't have the "tools" to help me.

-Was on the phone for HOURS and NOT ONE rep asked me my name. Acted like it was a crazy last resort to do so when I finally thought to bring it up to them that no one attempted to look up my account that way.

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN! I don't care if they are the last cell company on earth, I will take two Dixie cups and link 'em together by string before I give these people my business.

Please let my bad experience prevent YOU from being out over $300.00.

*Sorry or any misspellings. I'm still quite livid.*

.... March 3rd, 2013

So far Great Service

So far I have had no issues whatsoever, and things have been going fine over the last couple of months. So far I haven't had to talk to customer service, but hopefully they are not as bad as people have been posting here. I would recommend this service to any friend or family member as it's literally half the cost of any post-paid/contracted service from any major carrier.

.... March 2nd, 2013

Worst Service Ever

They need to give it up. I will lose my money because they don't know their own business. I'm tired of being on hold to transfer to someone else that does not know what they are doing. I hate this company. I would stay clear of Straight Talk if you value your money.

.... March 1st, 2013

Poor Customer Service!!!

The Customer Service "Philipines" are the rudest people in the world. They put you on a hold line and forget about you, hang up on you, and times sabatage you phone service on purpose. Horrible quality of care. Will be switching to T-mobile and Straight talk can shove their poor customer service up there butts!!!

.... March 1st, 2013

Horrible Customer Service

I was relatively happy with my straight talk phone and service until I had a problem. I stopped receiving Text Messages despite the fact that my account said I had almost 700 remaining. Numerous attempts to contact Straight Talk failed. I emailed and called. When I emailed, I got no response. When I called, I got "We're experiencing an unusually high number of calls...CLICK". It took about a week to reach a representative, calling every day.

.... March 1st, 2013

Worst Customer Service Ever!

Was unable to activate my phone online, called the customer service only to put on hold twice and be transferred to a department that was "meant to fix the problem". Was on the phone for twenty minutes to no avail.

.... March 1st, 2013

customer service is the worst!

I am the new user of StraightTalk. I got my phone yesterday and I tried to activate the phone through the website. It didn't work. I spent half of my day to get the phone activated with customer support through phone. After the phone is activated, I can only used it for 8mins. It disconnected my call in the middle of conversation after the first 8mins and I couldn't make any call out after that. I called customer service again to resolve this issue. I waited for 45mins and got disconnected. I tried again and it got through the second time after I waited for another 45mins. The representative person made my tried many things and couldn't resolved the issue. She told me that she doesn't has the resource to solve my problem. I don't know what that mean. so, She transferred my call to another department which she claimed has more resources to resolve my matter. After I got put on hold for another 45mins, it got disconnected again. I tried to call back again and it went through the same procedure and trasferred my call to another department. I waited for about 30min and gave up. I am so frustrated and don't know what to do now. I paid for $30 plan which has 1000mins, 1000 msgs, and 30MB of data. I only made 8mins of phone call after the phone is activated. The balance from the phone is incorrected for mins, msgs, and data.

Prepaid->My Balance Info
0.00 Mins
500.00 Msgs
1024 kb
Service End Date

.... March 1st, 2013

Worst service ever...

Awful customer service. Cheap service plans, if you don't mind losing your pictures, music, and video on a regular basis. Not recommended for anyone. Absolute worst service!

.... February 28th, 2013


Bought international aire-time via pay as you go option offered on their website. Can't purchase the Unlimited Plan (though they offer it to me every time I call) because it does not connect to the country I want to call.
So, this is the SECOND time I have spent over 4 hourse on the phone with them to try to get them to credit my account with airtime purchased only to be told that they do not have a record of that purchase. So annoying since I have a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION NUMBER and date and time of payment made on a printout off their website. Also, my bank account was DEBITED by them!
If I could give Straight Talk a negative star rating, I would. It peeves me beyond speech that there is NOTHING I can do and I have to give them a one star rating!!!!!!
Their customer servicve sucks and none of them know how long four minutes is. You are asked to hold on for four minutes to speak with a 'supervisor' and this time I did - 40 MINUTES LATER and I'm still on hold!!!!! Usually I would have put the phone down long ago but I wanted to see how bad they really are. Also, none of their employees seem to have English as thier first language and they all read off scripts and tell you have a 'nice day' after they have been totally useless and happily unable to help you. They are unbelievably rubbish and I would recommed a carrier pidgeon to anyone before recommending them!

.... February 28th, 2013

Consistent poor customer service

OK, so they are consistent. I really dont understand why they advertise for more business. They cant handle what they have.

.... February 27th, 2013

Will not refund $100 /but they had never activated our phone!

What I thought would be an easy process had turned out to be a nightmare! Straight talk is now double talk in my opinion. They sent 2 SIM cards that would not work with our iPhones, found out from CS rep that they were meant for prepaid phones. Have been cut off while being transferred to yet another dept and wait times up to an hour and a half before customer service even answers. At times the wait times are so long you are asked to call later. Have called at all hours to find a time that you can actually get a live person. Now trying to get 2 $49 payments deducted with in 11 days of each other refunded, when our iPhones have never been able to be activated! They want to give me a credit....for what? No cellular service? One dept says they will send a modified SIM card by FedEx that should work and then the accounting dept that does not want to refund my money says there is no record that one is being sent! Almost 2 weeks of sheer frustration! Walmart must not care about customer service just getting customers! I am still on the phone nonstop with straightalk either holding or trying to get my issues resolved! If you haven't provided the phone service you offered, REFUND MY MONEY! Read the reviews before you sign up like I should have!!! Filing complaint with Better Business and FCC! Not cost effective enough for me! One great CS REP was Dorian, but they can't seem to get hold of their own employee to verify his solution!

.... February 27th, 2013

Worst customer service, worst reception

I don't even know where to start. First they ported over the wrong phone #. It took me 7 days to resolve. My straight talk phone would not work at all when I left my home. I work 26 miles away and need a cell phone when on the road for emergencies. When I called to cancel the phone, they said it was programmed to work at my home. I was basically out of luck and they would not refund any of my cost for the phone or the 1 month contract. (Total of $70) I basically told the customer service agent that I would file a complaint with the FCC and go through my credit card company for a refund. I did both and I did get my refund through my credit card company. Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with.

.... February 26th, 2013

highly upset .

So I perched a phone from straight Talk and like a month ago I lost the phone I've also had auto refill on my phone as well so my bill would be payed in time so I go to call them to have it to be taken off I was put on hold for hours and hours then someone finally picked picked up the phone but hung up on me so now I'm highly pissed so I called back once again then a man answer and I told him I would like to take the refill off the phone because it was no longer in use he asked for the information of my phone and said it was done ok my phone was already charged or the last month which I didn't have the phones so they look $50.00 off already so after all this time now I'm thinking this man turned off the auto refill I go and check my email and it said thank you your bill has been paid for this month and your now end date is 03.26.13 and I'm lie WHAT THE h I told him to take that shut off and its has been charged to my credit card so like that $50 more for a phone that is lost and not in use.. I freaking hate this damn company I shall never return to this page plus is calling for my services .i getting taken advantage of and I still have been calling all day and no one will pick up I don't know what to do. Help someone

.... February 25th, 2013

poor custmer service!!

it is soooo simple, i call requesting a simple action, but instead i get someone who does not speak English and when i requested a trsf he hanged up on me. Still on hold for the 3rd time! Good luck - DO NOT RECOMMEND!

.... February 25th, 2013

Straight Talk Scam or what? Auto refill $48.92 or $49.42 for same zip?

Last month I called Straight Talk to enroll in the auto refill for both my cell and my sons. The Customer Service was absolutely terrible. The Representatives are slow, don't listen, incompetent working with their own system, ignorant and clueless. I had to enroll each phone for the auto refill seperately although I was paying for it using the same credit card. I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat information. I ask for a confirmation number for each transaction and they had no clue what I was talking about. They ssid i would get a text confirmation. My son received a confirmation on his phone within minutes but I did not receive one. I called back to make sure everything was set up correctly. I had to go through everything again and was told the auto refill was set up correctly for both phones. I did not receive a confirmation until the following afternoon. Today, I received a text message confirming $48.92 was charged to my account. It should have been twice this amount however I expected that they sent my son text confirmation to his cell. My son later contacted me from his friends cell to tell me he was out of minutes. I called Straight Talk to see what happened. Apparently they did not set up the auto refill on his phone the previous month afterall so I did it today. Note, $48.92 was just taken out of my account for the auto refill on my phone. I was told the auto refill for my son was $49.42. I ask what the difference was. After being put on hold for several minutes. I was told the difference was due to variance in zips, city and etc. I told them that was not it because my son (who is 17) and I live in the same house, in the same city, with the same zip. I was put on hold again. The representative started deflecting and was trying to end the call. I ask to speak to his manager. The Manager was just as bad. He put me on hold for several minutes then when he got back to me told me the difference was only 5 cents. I said excuse me the difference between $48.92 and $49.42 is more that 5 cents. I was put on hold again for several minutes. The manager came and told me the difference was because a 911 fee was charged to my sons auto refill. I was told this is a fee charged by the government. I told him I wanted the auto refill for the $45.00 like I would purchase at Wal-mart with no added or hidden fees. I told him there was something fishy and i thought that they were scamming people. Fifty cents is not much but when you multiply it time a million it sure is. The guy then told me it was a local 911 fee based on city and zip. I told him my son and I live under the same roof so that was not it. He could not give me a straight answer so he offered to compensate me by adding 3 free days to my service plan. I told him I was interested in that, I just want straight answers. I did not get a straight answer.

.... February 25th, 2013

Straight talk

This is the worst customer service on the planet. They mistakingly deactivated my phone and admitted it. After 3 days over 50 phone calls, they still have not fixed the problem. Have been repeatedly lied to, hung up on, left on hold for hours at a time and now they refuse to correct the problem. Have reported them to the better business bureau and consumer affairs. They are ripping thousands of customers off. Should have done my homework on this company beforehand. They are total scam artists

.... February 25th, 2013


Straight Talk Customer Service Is Terrible Either In English Or In Spanish. It Took Me Three (count Them 3) Different Attempts To Set Me Up On Auto-recharge. The Phone Line To The Philippines, Ironically, Was At Times Horrible, And At Times They Just Lied To Me To Get Me Off The Line. The Unlimited International Calling At Times Has Horrible Connections. My Advise, In General, Is Don't To Business With Them Unless You Have To. At Times International Line Work And At Times They're Just Crap. I Guess There Are Times When It Can Be Ok - Just Don't Ever Have To Call Customer Service. They're Idiots.. In "english" Or Spanish.

.... February 25th, 2013


I have been a customer of altell, Verizon, spring, prepaid T-Mobile and now I'm trying out Straight Talk. So far, so good. Verizon had the best coverage, but higher prices. The highest prices were with Sprint with okay service. Altell beat all companies hand down with price and service, but they went out of business in SC. T-Mobile service was a joke in my area. I LOVE MY NEW STRAIGHT TALK service. I have all bars in places I didn't have any service with Sprint. I bought the Motorola defy xt. Phone is very nice, but smaller than my Samsung SII. The only complaint I have about phone is the camera sucks. Not good at all, but I have a camera for that. For the price and service NO ONE CAN BEAT IT! My entire family are now on Straight talk phones and service. With all the bad reviews online, I wanted to be one of the positives. Try it, you will be happy!

.... February 24th, 2013

Straight talk

I have really good luck with my straight talk! I actually recommended to friends and family! I get service just about every where I go.!

.... February 23rd, 2013

samsung phones suck.

we left t mobile of six yrs to go to this and, we are not at all husband cant get to his messages cause of this dam andriod lock that pops up and, you cant get to your keypad.tells you to push button at top but, when you do it stops everything you were trying to do.theres a place where it says you can dasable it but, it does not let you.called them and, they were of no help what so ever.i,m frustrated to say the least.ready to go back to t mobie never had problems with them.ever.

.... February 23rd, 2013


This is the absolute worst company to have a phone connection with! Do not expect anything! You are permanently on HOLD, transfer of numbers is a nightmare. Ive been without a phone for THREE weeks because the process is going on. Ridiculous. Please spare yourself the trouble and learn from those of us who are suffering.

.... February 23rd, 2013

Don't Be Tempted by the inexpensive data plan.

If you have to contact Tech Support (and you will), you are connected to the Philippines, where you wait on hold for a lifetime. The Tech support employees speak poor English and are extremely rude, and unwilling to provide assistance. The phone was expensive and has been a maintenance nightmare. One star rating is one too much!

.... February 23rd, 2013


I wouldn't recommend straight talk to any1. Tech support is awful. I paid $45 to text??? Really my internet is very very slow and won't even load most pages I cant send or receive pix and now my caller ID isn't working!!! Since when does the company control that? And randomly my phone was ringing ( a ringtone I've never heard) but there was no incoming call or msg. Garbage I'm goin back to my previous provider!

.... February 22nd, 2013

Worst Customer Service on EARTH!

It has been a LONG time since I have had such horrendous customer service. The first time I called, their phone system hung up on me because they had too many calls. The second time I called, I sat on hold for the better part of an hour waiting for service. This very moment, I am waiting on permahold for my call to be escalated. There go at least 2 hours of my life. I'm hungry and I need to go to the bathroom, but I figured I could at least write unfavorable reviews while I wait! Don't even get me started on the fiasco to try to transfer my old number.

.... February 22nd, 2013

is it possible to give them 0 stars?

their site claims it works with ATT phone, but it doesn't even fit my ATT phone. now they are claiming no refunds and the tech support is gawd awfully dumb. so painful.

.... February 21st, 2013

Straight talk has THE worst customer service!!

I have been with straight talk for over 2yrs and although ive had some issues with their customer service its been minor up until today... I paid my bill online last night and today ( its my birthday) i tried to make a phone call and got a recording that my phone has been deactivated... double checked my records and my bill is paid.. their records indicate my phone is active yet im not able to make or receive calls... i have been on hold for over 45 mins waiting to speak with someone to fix the problem.. no one speaks english, earlier when i called i kept getting transfered to a "higher level" of tech support! i will be changing my service!!!

.... February 21st, 2013

Initial reaction:

Tried to port over two numbers from Verizon. Waited 5 days with no action/response...nothing. Made the call and got through fine but found out that when they ask for '...the zip code where the phone will be used' they actually mean WHERE THE PHONE WAS ORIGINALLY ACTIVATED. Now don't you think they should say THAT?
Plus it would be nice to speak to someone in my own language...ENGLISH.
Not a happy camper so far. I'll keep you posted.

.... February 20th, 2013

Straight talk

I bought the phone samsung s3 straight talk is junk I have been on the phone for hours still can not get anything taken care of no one can do anything this service is junk no even worth it can't believe this place

.... February 20th, 2013

Mediocrity service, but terrible Customer Service.

If you have to call them, forget it! Email them and tweet or post on their facebook about the issue. They seriously get to the issue WAY faster and actually fix the issue. They must not like public recordings on service errors. Talking on the phone with them is a complete nightmare. You are calling a foreign country that doesn't even have hold. The phone has a ton of static on their end. They say "thank you" and "sorry for inconvenience" a ton before they say we can't help you!

the actual phone service is okay. It's down at least once a week. Sometimes for a few minutes, but other times it's hours. Surfing the internet takes SO much time. It's SO slow. It takes me over 30 minutes to do simple image browsing on Google.

I've never had an issue with texting and calling until today. I got this "Error code 97." I had to Google it to find out it's tethering related. I don't even know what that is. But if you are looking to do this, it's against the terms of service. They will disconnect your services if you download the app to do it. However, as I don't even know what that is, I clearly didn't do it. Luckily my tweets and emails were responded to within one hour the issue was fixed.

Overall, it's mediocrity at it's best. I don't have a choice in networks as this is the one we can afford to have.

.... February 19th, 2013

Straight Talk can go straight to ^$%^#&

Don't even get me started on Straight Talks horrible Tech support. I was using their T-Mobile sim card and the internet was useless. The Tech support supervisor told me T-Mobile towers were down, should be back up in 48 hours, call back then. I called T-Mobile locally and Nationally, none of their towers were down.
Straight Talk Throttles you down so low, it's worse than 'dail up' on a computer.
They lie, they lie they lie. I've had it with them. I rather pay more money with AT&T or Verizon and get what I want instead of spending $45.00 a month and getting nothing. Not even any help from their Brain Dead tech support. Bye Bye Straight Talk.

.... February 19th, 2013

Samsung galaxy S is the worst phone I've ever owned.Customer service sucks.

It takes sometimes 30 plus minutes to, g iou try to typets the worse service et then you can't understand service reps. Phone won't send pics of messages. The screen goes crazy. As you can see is unreal.

.... February 18th, 2013

Worst Service Ever

This was a terrible carrier, an average of 0 to 1 bar service rate. At times i could not make calls, and also could not receive picture messages for a month. And don't bother with customer service, your better off googling a way to fix your cellular problems your self.
Its a very cheap service... and trust me i learned why.

.... February 18th, 2013

Very very happy with Straight Talk now that I got APN Data settings configured

I have been a long time ATT user and decided to save some money. I ported my existing number over to my iPhone and that was completed in less than 15 minutes without a hitch. I activated everything over the internet, but also did a second phone via their Customer Service and it was just as efficient. The only major problem I had was trying to configure the APN settings in order to get my phone to connect to the network outside my home wireless. Since your start up package only gives you the settings and tells you to go to your phone manufacturer to update your data savings, I am going to save you about 40 hours of google searches by telling you to download the iPhone Configuration Utility (free) and then google "Editing APN settings using iPhone Configuration Utility". The instructions and screenshots are very good on the website, however, you will not need to indicate the Port and proxy info as provided by ST. Only fill in the required fields with the items quoted below. GENERAL: Identifier needs to be "com..profile". ADVANCED: Access Point Name (APN)needs to be "Straight Talk" and Access Point User Names needs to be "att.mnvo" . I am taking the time to post this because it was an awful experience until I figured out what I needed to do. Don't working about unlocking your phone either. I must say that I called the ST Help Desk and I left a number and they called me back in about 30 minutes. However, he didn't help me and I thought that my issue had to the lack of a profile in my General Settings of my iPhone. He didn't know anything about that and I managed to fix the issue myself (see above) and was good to do in about 5 minutes. Now, my 3G service has been just fine and I can access the network anywhere with unlimited usage. Go with Straight Talk if you want to keep some money in your wallet.

.... February 18th, 2013

Piggy backed on Sprint

I have been with Straight Talk for more than 2 years. The call service was great. Initially, my phone was piggy backed on Verizon towers and it was great. I got a new phone from Straight Talk when that one died. That put me on AT&T and it was also great. Finally I decided that I needed an upgraded phone. I bought one from Straight Talk. Unfortunately, it is piggy backed on Sprint. The coverage in my area is lousy!. When I call about it the rep has to escalate the call. I get VM that says "due to high call volume, I need to call back later" then it hangs me up. It I had simply been made aware that I would be getting a Sprint phone, I would have purchased a different phone. Used think that Straight Talk was great, now it sux.

.... February 18th, 2013

Straight Talk Phone

My experience with straight talk phones are that it is the worst phone ive ever owned. I have waited for over an hour several times to talk to someone in customer service and have just hung the phone up because i have run out of time waiting.The phones i have purchased have been the $100 ones. The first phone i had from straight talk, one day it just turned off and i could not get it back on at all. I bought another one thinking maybe that was just a fluke. That phone began constantly hanging up on people and when i tried to call them back it wouldnt respond at all right away, then a few min later it would call them over and over and over. Walmart eventually will no longer allow people to return the cell phones to them. People will have to deal with the company to get their money back so consumer beware.

.... February 17th, 2013

Horrible customer service

I have never experienced such disgusting customer service I held today for 36 minutes never got a rep. Called 4 hours later response was "all reps are busy bood bye" they hung up I can't nelieve it.

.... February 16th, 2013

Don't break your phone!

I had used straight talk for three years without any real problems until my second phone - had it for two years - stopped working after I bought a service plan.

It took them a week to replace my SIM card after they decided that was the problem. Then I needed to buy a new phone anyway because it still didn't work.

Customer service is awful, you'll most likely never get a person on your first try. They'll even hang up on you. When you get them, they ask you stupid questions like "are you calling from your phone?" directly after you tell them you can't send or receive calls.

Tl;dr it's cost-effective and easy to use - just don't let your phone break or try to get customer service!

.... February 16th, 2013

Straight talk-straight to hell.

Lost 53 minutes on renewal, reps who cannot understand a word that you say. 45 minute phone calls that should take 5 because of it. Poor reception and dropped calls. Straight talk is fired and no promotion will ever get me suckered back to them again.

.... February 16th, 2013

No to Straight Talk!!!

Do not go with Straight Talk!! The wife and I trying to save some money switched from AT&T to straight talk. Worse idea I have ever had. The service is horrible and the service representatives are no better. We kept our phones and bought sim cards to switch, it took me over 3 hrs to transfer my wife phone number and 3 hrs to transfer my number. I should have known better with all the trouble but I thought to save some money it would be worth it, wrong, wrong, wrong. The signal was horrible, missed calls, received text messages hours after they were sent and could not receive pict texts at all. Called the service numbers was told it was the sim cards that were causing the problems and that i should buy two new sim cards. I asked if they would send me replacement sims but they said they do not refund or replace sims, even if I have just bought these three days before.
Kept the service for a month transferred back to AT&T and they had to fight to get them to transfer my numbers back. Do Not Use auto fill, after we transferred back they billed us for another month. We switch back with more than a week to go and they charges our card for the next month. I called and asked for a refund since I will not be using the service, they said they do not give refunds. Called Chase credit card services and they took care of the problem and reported them for credit card fraud. Just check the BBB website, numerous complaints.

.... February 15th, 2013

Terrible customer service

If you need help with your phone, make sure you have at least 1 hour of time while the straight talk service puts you on hold. I simply wanted to cancel my auto refill for minutes and couldn't do so on the terribly user interface website. So I tried calling but I was rejected because they were busy, or put on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. Overall, terribly run company, would not suggest it.

.... February 15th, 2013

cheap while you are with them. Tough when you try to port.

fair coverage. average billing. When I tried to port, they had the wrong name on my account. Had to take the phone apart and read them the numbers to prove I was me. Then the shut off my daughters phone also. Leaving her without a phone.15 minutes on hold to hsve them refund automatic bank payments.

.... February 15th, 2013

Customer Service sucks! Web site sucks!

Not much more to say, all the other reviews you read are accurate. Even the account on the web is F'd up. My user name and password are what I type in - but they say it is wrong. Reset it, change the password again, and you bet - it is still wrong.

.... February 14th, 2013

Straight Talk Guilty of FRAUD

They give a FINAL price with taxes etc all included then when you authorize they charge your account more than you authorized without any notice.

For couple of bucks they lose a monthly regular customer and gain a pissed off consumer who reports them to the Attorney General Consumer Fraud complaint division AND a BBB business complaint.

Customer Service is PISS POOR AT BEST.

.... February 14th, 2013

The worst customer service (consistently) I've seen in a company

Both my wife and I purchased and activated Straight Talk phones. My wife bought from Walmart, and attempted to port an existing phone number over, and I ordered mine online.

Because she was porting an existing number she had to talk to a customer service rep. After waiting on hold for close to an hour, she gave them the information they required and was told that it could take up to three days to port the number. On the fourth day of my wife called back because her phone still wasn't activated. After waiting on hold for approximately 1 1/2 hours, she hung up, vowing to call early the next morning. The next morning she was on hold for another hour before finally speaking to someone who took all her information again and attempted again to port the number over. My wife stopped them at that point and said forget porting the number. Assign a new one. That worked.

I ordered mine online and was told I'd have free three day fedex shipping. On the fourth day following the order, I received a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. Fedex had no record of the tracking number. I attempted to talk to someone at their customer service number, but hung up after an hour.

The service (my wife's) seems fine, and the price is reasonable, but the customer service is all but non-existent.

.... February 14th, 2013

overall performance

The performance of the phone is great. The problem that I keep having is that my number is changed everytime I need to talk to your customer service. I then cannot get my old number back and then have to call all my contacts to give them my "NEW" number.Trying to talk to your customer service reps. is a joke. My wife bought a new phone and used mine to get her service started. My number was changed again (for the fourth time) and I am on day three without a phone that will work. It took two (2) days for them to get my wifes phone to work properly. The customer service reps. can hardly be understood when talking to them.VERY POOR ENGLISH.I do not think they understand English very well and this is the reason for all the problems. The last rep. I talked to I could hear children screaming and crying in the background and could hardly understand what she was trying to say. This is also the reason she could not understand what I was trying to say to her in order to solve the problem.I will grade your customer service a one (1) only because it will not allow me to grade it any lower. As far as the phone and other services it is great and very cost effective. Customer Service is another story.I am not interested in gaining any POINTS and do not care if this is posted on you sight.My hope is that someone that understands English reads this and is able to assist one of your other customers.

.... February 13th, 2013

are you serious

I've never really had a problem until today. I waited for 2 hours for customer service to pick up and still never got anybody. try again later and same thing. You get what u pay for.

.... February 11th, 2013

Considering StraightTalk? Don't even think about it!

What a pain in the .... this "service" is. Switched from AT&T. Did not have voicemail. Called customer service. HOURS wasted on people who don't speak English at all. Finally configured (hours wasted as I've mentioned).
Refill next month. Bought a card at Refilled 2 days prior to expiration. Guess what? Two days later prone went DEACTIVATED. Took another FEW HOURS to reconnect.
YOu figure it out. Is it worth saving $5-10 for hassle and time wasted on phone vs. actually USING YOUR PHONE?
Switching back to AT&T ASAP.

.... February 10th, 2013

Straight talk

They are a good phone company and i have never really had problems with the phone service its self. But the few problems i have had with my proclaim they got fixed but it took a while. So overall they are a good company and very fairly priced. I would recommended it to any one on a budget.

.... February 10th, 2013

Incompetant customer service!

In short, horrible!! I never knew that Straight Talk is owned by Trac phone! Have you ever used them? You'll get the same crappy service! most of the time you get a phone ROBOT for half an hour then...if you are lucky you will get a customer service rep (maybe) but...they know nothing! They are constantly texting you to call them to finalize your AUTO BILL. Huh? I thought this service was to keep them at bay and not bugging you every month!! (only for you to call and go through the robot and play their phone games) They can't answer any questions as to why you have to do this each month.... I just ordered Consumer Cellular. I can't wait to have a service where they answer the phone and their customer service is from AMERICA! As in, they speak English clearly and know their jobs! Pass Straight Talk on'll be very thankful.

.... February 10th, 2013

Very unhappy with my services

IV been with straight talk through several phones and over roughly six months.I started with a cheap phone,then upgraded to a mid levels phone.three months ago I bought an android version and IV spent probably twelve hours on hold with customer service because of problems playing videos. This past month I cut my phone off for roughly two weeks and I know IV not used much data.Friday I called and was on hold an hour until I got a representative. She called me back on my landline and we were disconnected. She called back before I could even awnser and left a message to call her back,keep in mind this is a manager supposedly. Ok,so I call back and it says due to a high call volume please call later.I just hung up.I'm very sick of this and would not suggest getting involved with this mess.

.... February 9th, 2013

A joke

No coverage , poor customer service, seriously long wait times, incompetent customer service , would not ever recommend to anyone. Cheap is NOT better!

.... February 9th, 2013

If u replace your NEW broken phone under warranty, it will be REFURBISHED

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2. After less than 2 months of use, it would not load the data package. Sent it back and received REFURBISHED replacement phone 2 weeks later. It WOULD NOT power on! Waiting on a third phone which will also be REFURBISHED!!! Will probably sell on eBay (at a loss) and ditch Straight Talk once and for all!

.... February 8th, 2013

Straight Talk is Horrible and don't get me started on there Customer Service!

First let me say there customer service is the worst thing on this planet. I have an iPhone 5 and I purchased the unlimited everything and then suddenly when I went to use my phone the other day my Internet was gone but could still make phone calls. I called and was out on hold for 58min the guy that finally answered who I could barely understand said I have has excessive data usage and it has been suspended until my next billing date?!?!? Now explain to me how I purchase something that is supposed to be unlimited he states " I have used excessively?!?!" He says read the terms and conditions and I tell him if you look at your website under FAQ it states there is no limit what so ever on data, text, or phone calls and the bastard hung up on me! I called back was out on hold for another 36 min no answer and hung up then called back again and was out on hold for yet surprisingly another 48min and hung up due to poor service connection and called back an after an hour and a half I was on hold for the 5th time I called the line tells me they have closed for the night. I have emailed them called them countless of times and no one will give me a straight answer. They are a scam, they are false advertising because apparently I have read on some sites that with iPhones you are only given 2GB per month with straight talk! Do they tell you that when you purchase it do they display that on there website the answer is NO!!!! It is a horrible phone service there customer service is the worst possible thing in the world and I will make damn sure everyone knows that straight talk is a pos!

.... February 8th, 2013

God... this is tech support

Here is the letter I just wrote their customer service...

Dear Sir/Madam:

I called your customer services NUMEROUS times today. I'm not talking 10 minutes here and there, but hours out of my day.

First, you couldn't get the account number correct to forward my phone to new service with Straight Talk (thank God Pure Talk USA has much better customer service than you). They walked your staff through it.

I spent more hours after we finally got the number trying to get the number to actually work on my phone!

AND THEN, when we finally got the phone working...

It went south again and it said I'd been deactivated.

I called - once more - and not in a terribly bad mood - though I had every right to be -

After holding 15 minutes, I got a rep. He kept me on the phone for 42 minutes. I finally asked to be escalated... and he hung up on me. This all cost me money out of my pocket (as I had to use Skype to call you).

Is there no accountability there? No integrity? I have several options (calling the BBB, bad reviews, asking for my money back, and getting a new (better) service. Probably PureTalk... because they evidently care more about customer service than you do.

My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx - but don't attempt to call because...


.... February 8th, 2013

Once was a very loyal customer

I have been with straight talk since the begining. I have also incoraged family and friends to get them also. For the first time in years I have an issue. I spent 45 dollars on min and the next day my phone said that I have no min to make or receive calls. I have called them 12 times this morning to try to fix this the only thing that I have found out is that the min are on the phone but Im still unable to make calls. Which I new before I even called.they have done anything but give me the run around. After I get my money back or my month of service, I am diffenitly changing phone service and taking my money else where. I will be encoraging my famly and friends to do the same.

.... February 7th, 2013

Can't beat it for price.

I knew going into this what it took to get a phone connected to their service. I you are not computer literate/simi tech savy, stay way! I bought a unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 bought a sim card and for $45 a month I have AT&T service with unlimited everything for a fraction of what AT&T would charge.
Have dealt with customer service and it is awful, but if you want to pay less you have to sacrifice. no pain no gain.

.... February 7th, 2013

Incredibly poor service and support

I purchased a Straighttalk phone and 30 day service card directly from Straighttalk. I did this because I wanted to deal with the company directly and have them see me as a trusted customer. The FedEx box arrived in good time. As per instructions to activate the phone, I signed onto their website to activate it. No luck - the phone was always reading "NO SERVICE". I called the customer service line and waited over 1/2 hour to get someone on the phone (don't hang up and redial as this will put you at the beginning of the line again). No help at all, the representative was 'mystified' and transferred me to his 'superior'. After a 45 minute wait, we again went through all the steps to no avail. This person actually got upset when I said I didn't receive a text message from him. Since the phone had "NO SERVICE" I told this manager that it was impossible to receive the message. After about 1/2 hour I asked to be transferred to his manager and got a "vice president" on the phone. Zero concern, zero help, as a matter of fact I was told it was not his position to take phone calls. At the end of my willingness to listen to his banter, I asked for a refund and we would part company without animosity. He then informed me he could refund the price of the phone but not the service card as it had already been used. I explained that the service card had been used on this non-working phone and had zero deductions. It didn't matter. Only the phone would be refunded, IF I prepaid the return postage. The vice president's quote "That's our company policy and there will be no exceptions". Thank God I called my credit card company on the next call and they cancelled payment without hesitation. They too, were incredulous to what happened. My advice - save your peace of mind and go with a carrier with a reputation.

.... February 6th, 2013

I hate straight talk.

I have had problems constantly. I bought a warnty with my phone just in case somthing went wrong well less than a month after having my phone it wont turn on and they say they wont give my money back they will just replace it i told them no thats y i got a warrnts was because im getting my money back and they transfered me three times i waa on the phone for an hour and a half i finally hung up now bbb is handling it.

.... February 6th, 2013


terrible customer service
phones would shut off every month even when i was enrolled in auto refill.
i had to call them every time to get the phones re activated and had to enter a long series of numbers. the phones were for my kids and this was an ordeal each month.
i do not recommend straight all

.... February 5th, 2013

If only I had read the reviews first!!!

And if only I had read their "Terms and Conditions"! Make sure that you don't make any "conference calls" as they put it. First of all my son doesn't even know how to make a 3 way call and 2nd of all who would have thought that was against their "law", well it is! I just put $50 into the account for the "unlimited plan", which really isn't after reading the Terms and Conditions. They de-activated his phone 3 days after I put $50 into his account! After waiting literally 1 1/2 on hold and speaking with 3 people I got 2 different reasons for why they de-activated his phone. Then they said if I bought another phone that they would transfer the $50 and his phone #. So after reading their terms I called them back and asked them again why my son's phone was de-activated, it was like pulling teeth to get a response. I was then told that not only was he making "conference calls" but he was making "900 #" calls! What??? I think that you need a credit card, don't you? I asked the woman with the heavy accent that I could barely understand. She said well yes, and said that he was on for quite some time. So she's telling me his phone was de-activated for 900 # calls but yet they let him talk for a long time??? Which story are we going with people?? Then she told me that they could not transfer the $50 to another phone, that I was never told that. So I'm a liar now, I asked for proof of these phone calls, she threw me into an automated phone system that tells you what you need to do at the end of the call after writing everything down, it says if your phone has been de-activated we will be unable to send any records to you as we will not be able to verify your identity. So they took over $130.00 for the phone, $50 that I couldn't use and now they want more of my money! DO NOT BUY FROM STRAIGHT TALK---- IF I CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK BY REPORTING THEM TO SOMEONE I WILL--THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE!!!

.... February 4th, 2013

WORST PLAN EVER!!!!! Dont purchase!!

Internet is NOT unlimited!!!! They shut it off non stop and your always on the phone with tech support. NO ONE speaks english! Customer service SUCKS! I have never been so aggervated at a company before, dont waste your money! Other plans may cost a little more, but you get what you pay for

.... February 2nd, 2013

HHahahaha funny comments but I agree

First of all STRAIGHT TALK bosses listen dont sell if u cant provide. First of all GET RID OF SPRINT. I have an andrid that I bought for 150 which is my second phone qnd I will throw this one in garbage too and then I will try your other phone samsung galaxy s2 because it is not covered by sprint. I M a truck driver from canada and this works out for me perfect because canadians rip us off when it comes to long distance and data roaming. I get a 60 dollars international card "unlimited outgoing incoming anywhere in the world and unlimited data" perfect I love it except if not for really s*it as* data because of sprint. thats why I rated u only 2

.... February 1st, 2013


Been with Straight Talk, practically since they came out. At first, the experience was great. Great customer service, affordable plan, etc. However, in the last six months, my communication with Straight Talk has been BEYOND HORRIBLE!!! I am American, want to deal with American people, and purchase American products. Instead, I call their tech support CONSTANTLY, only to be connected to an Arabic person (I have dated an Arabic man); a mouth-breather, who isn't professional enough to press the "hold" button before he goes off on a rant in Arabic with some unknown person beside him! Constantly lose my internet, WHICH I PURCHASED the Android phone to utilize youtube for school-purposed videos! They are RUDE! Please call the Better Business Bureau and report this company with me! Oh, and if you purchased the UNLIMITED card because of the unlimited internet--think again-- they'll give you only a little more than the $30 card offers. IT IS LIMITED. In my neck of the woods, that's labeled FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. The saved money isn't worth the HORRIBLE SERVICE.

.... January 31st, 2013

Does anyone speak English????????????

I purchased 2 yes 2 phones and tried to activate !! What a mess! First the person trying to help with activation couldn't speak english and second my phone was on Spanish! I DON'T speak Spanish!Hello! He was very rude saying I was not following his directions again I was ready for a full bottle of aspirin.I don't speak or read Spanish! Now my phones do not work in my home!!! No service!

.... January 31st, 2013

Connectivity good BUT...the service is the worst in the world

At initial set up on hold 1 hour 40 mins then 1 hour to set up. When time to renew next month 1 hour process with some useless dumbass from Asia Pacific who could not spell Michigan. If the service was done in US with competent people Straight Talk would be awesome.....but since service is worst I have ever experienced I say PASS if I were you.

.... January 31st, 2013

Website glitch made me lose my phone number forever.

Do not try to transfer a number from an old phone to a new phone on the website. A glitch made me lose my number I had had for 8 years. It is connected with my business. It deactivated my phone and when that happens your number is gone, and there is nothing they can do to get it back!!! So frustrating. So I have a new number and I really did not want a new number. Also I was told that a new sim card would fix the problem so I waited for 3 days with no cell phone for sim card to arrive only to find it did NOT fix the problem. The cust serv rep told me the other rep had made a mistake in telling me that. Bunch of clowns. Also on Christmas eve my phone was deactivated for no reason, I was told a "glitch" in their computer system did that. I work at a hospital and they had been trying all day to reach me to let me know I didn't have to work that night. So I go all the way in only to find I am on call. AAArrrgh!! Starting to hate Straight Talk!!! Buyer beware!!!!

.... January 26th, 2013

I love Straight Talk! Saving thousands of dollars!

I bought two factory unlocked used IPhone 4S's. I purchased the STraight Talk sim cards inserted them and ported our numbers with Verizon. It was fairly simple to do. I changed the APN settings on my IPhones and they work great! We have 4 to 5 bars using AT&T towers here in Bend, Oregon even at Mt. Bachelor ski resort. I also purchased the one year prepaid card and because we are doing this we are saving over $1700 dollars in comparison to Verizon at $180 per month for two smartphones! WOW!

Anyways, so far customer service and cell phone service has been awesome for me. I can not complain. LOVE my IPHONE on Straight Talk. For an average of $41 a month..with unlimited services.. I mean really? Why not! Works for me!

P.S. NO I have nothing to do with these people. I am a jeweler!

.... January 26th, 2013

Service nightmare

My service is terrible. I can never get any kind of connection. Even in public. Its absolutly ridiculous. I'm paying 45$ a month for a 3G connection that only works 10% of the time. I can't talk on my phone at all. Texting fails 50% of the time and whenever I "resend" my texts, it sends the last text someone sent me. Only place to get a 3g sig at all is in my room at my window, or at a friends house.(which I rarely go to other peoples houses at all) browsing the internet is one hell of a pain. Sometimes it doesn't even work when I have a 3G connection. Oh and guess what else, they sold me a faulty Sd card. I have to sit for at least an hour and a half trying to get my sd to work, whereas I almost always lose files. I only gave an extra star due to my hardware supporting video game emulators that run at full speed. Customer service is Ok. They were polite, but also very short with me. I got hung up on twice.

.... January 25th, 2013

Terrible customer service

First, unlimited data is not unlimited at all please don't be fooled by the hype they will suspend your service. Straight talk probably has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Some of them are nice but the bad ones are truly terrible. I was lectured for 30 mins on how I was using my "unlimited" data too much. How this was I STILL do not know. When I finally had enough of the cs reps rudeness I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me to watch my tone! I then continued to ask him to speak to someone else and he hung up on me!

.... January 25th, 2013

Worst customer service ever! More painful than calling the IRS.

PATHETIC!!!! They pass you from one person to the next, and never supply the information to each other so you end up explaining the issue endless times, answering the same stupid security questions each time you get someone new. And when you've finally had enough after 40 min or so and tell them they hang up, because heaven forbid you raise your voice and question their competency! If your phone is under warranty and it breaks you have to send it in, but first they have to send you the box, 7-10 days it takes, it's a 3 to 4 week turn around, WITHOUT A PHONE, what are they thinking! When you finally get your phone just try and re-activate it without an issue. As for international calling, forget about it, minutes just disappear without ever making a call, I've had to call 5 times now, about three hours in call time explaining over and over again the problem just to get my $5.00 put back on my phone so as I can make a call to Europe, and just as there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel they ask more stupid security questions, like someone is going to call in, pretend to be me just to sit on the phone for an hour and try and get my service sorted without my knowledge, the logic just isn't there! Oh and then the line goes dead, and you have to start all over again! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! IT STINKS! NEVER AGAIN! PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GO ELSEWHERE! But if you want to sit on the phone calling India for days on end go ahead!

.... January 24th, 2013

Good service and phones

I've been with straight talk for almost a year and I've been satisfied with my phone and service. I want this review to be helpful for people considering the switch. First off I live in the city and my service is great... no dropped calls. Once I get into some of the more rural areas my service starts to slowly diminish so I wouldn't suggest straight talk for anyone living in rural areas. My phone is an older model (Samsung Galaxy precedent) and it works pretty good... once in a while it will freeze but if I lock it, it will go back to normal. I am not super tech savy so I mainly use my internet for checking email, downloading music, pandora, iheart radio, and googling. Sometimes people post negative reviews because they are into more sophisticated apps and super fast phones so it depends on what you're looking for. I personally love straight talk for the phone and service. As for customer service I have not had to call them yet so I can't comment on that. I hope this helps.

.... January 23rd, 2013

I wish I could give them negative stars

I bought one of their android phones for $100 and a refill card for $45 and the same day that I got them my phone already began messing up. I stuck with it because I thought it might get better? but it's been about a week and a half now and here are just some of the issues I have had with the phone and the service.

1. My apps don't work/ can't download them -not even facebook works and when it DOES and I try to type something to someone it glitches out, erases everything and then won't let me type anything else. The few apps that I did want either wouldn't download or when I did get them onto my phone they either wouldn't open or they would begin to and then a message would pop up telling me to "force close"

2.Texting doesn't work-I might text someone and then spend a long time going "hm, why haven't they texted me back" and when speaking to them via my laptop they say "I texted you back" and I literally NEVER get the texts they send me. This happens all day, everyday with everyone I talk to. I RARELY RARELY RARELY receive a text message and when I do my phone just doesn't alert me to it. period. It doesn't make the text message alert sound, it doesn't vibrate...if I am lucky it MIGHT blink the notification light but that is also rare. Also while I am trying to type out a message to someone it too glitches out, erases everything and then won't let me type anything again.

3. storage space-apart from the phone storage I also have a 4gb micro card in my phone and despite the memory reading that I have plenty left, I can try to download something or just simply take pictures and what not and my phone is quick to tell me that I am out of storage space and that I need to delete stuff. I had literally only downloaded maybe 3 or 4 apps before it told me that my storage was full....oh, and not to mention the fact that your phone comes loaded up with a bunch of pointless crap that you have no option to delete.

so, if you want to PRETEND like you have a phone but not actually have a phone or at least one that works, then you should go with straightshit(talk) otherwise BEWARE! STAY AWAY!!!

.... January 21st, 2013

Data service interrupted for no reason

For several months, "straight-talk" provided me with good service; however, when extenuating circumstances necessitated a phone number change ...texting and voice remained active, but my data plan was taken away.

Numerous attempts to resolve the problem resulted in lengthy stays waiting for the 'next available representative' (up to 1 hour+)to come to the line.

Still haven't been able to get back on the internet with my Android...

I'd recommend Android; I'd recommend "Straight talk" (for the $s); however, the customer service is seemingly desperately lacking and unable to resolve what other companies would consider a very minor problem.

6 days of internet service taken from me ~still no help from customer service...

Anyone considering alternative phone companies ~understand that if you need assistance; you're likely not to get it from "Straight-talk" which should be renamed "Staight-automated-lack-of-customer-service"... Just sayin.

David in Texas

.... January 21st, 2013

The absolute worst

There is not room enough here to detail the depths of straight talks incompetence. To make a very long story short . Straight talk sold me a phone and service plan . They were unable to activate the phone and after 30 days and 4 sim cards . They refused to refund my money or take the phone back! I spoke with the supervisor and asked her specifically if the policy was to sell a product, collect the money for the product and refuse to refund the customer if the product didn't work. She said that this was the policy and after stating my incredulity I told her I would post my experience. So here it is.

.... January 21st, 2013

My Straight Talk experience

Here is my experience with Straight Talk:
-Purchased micro SIM card and $45 airtime card from Straight Talk to use on my unlocked iPhone 4
-On 1/16/2013 received SIM card and airtime card & called Straight Talk to request porting over my existing number from AT&T and activation
-Also, immediately getting off the phone with Straight Talk, called AT&T and inquired about my line being suspended per my request for the 30-day vacation I took. I specifically asked if anyone would prevent successful porting over to Straight Talk. AT&T female rep told me everything would be fine.
-1/18/13: Called Straight Talk to report that porting was not done and phone not activated. Was told by Straight Talk rep that it would be completed by 11 pm on 1/18. Also told by the rep that original request on 1/16 was cancelled out
-1/19/13: Woke up to a voicemail message from Straight Talk rep. Rep spoke extremely fast and soft, making most of the message and callback number useless. Nevertheless, called Straight Talk, whose representative stated the porting could not be done as scheduled due to my phone line being either "suspended or inactive." Straight Talk rep advised me to speak with AT&T to resolve this.
-1/19/13 approximately 1:00 pm, spoke to AT&T Porting Department representative, who stated my line was suspended (still do not why because call made to them on 1/16/13 stated number would be ported over to Straight Talk). AT&T further went on to state that my line could be temporarily unsuspended to allow porting if Straight Talk would have contacted them directly. Instead, it seems that Straight Talk sent in an electronic request and once it was denied (1/16 & 1/18), they simply went back to me and reported the reason(s) why porting request was not successful.
-1/19/13 (approximately 1:30 pm):" AT&T Porting Department Rep offered to called Straight Talk to remedy the problem with regards to porting and activation. For the next 2.5 hours, despite having AT&T Porting Department Rep on the phone with me the entire time, I was passed along to three (3) Straight Talk Reps, who not only would not stay on the line to transfer the details of the problem to the new rep, but also did NOT solve the problem.
-1/19/13 (approximately 4pm): After being on the phone with BOTH AT&T Porting Department Rep and 3 Straight Talk Rep for over 2.5 hours, the final Straight Talk Rep (Pablo from Escalation Department) stating that another porting request (this would be the 3rd) would have to be sent in, I could NOT have my existing number, but instead a new one, and the process would take ANOTHER 48-72 hours. I told Pablo NO WAY this is acceptable and said I would seek refunds for both my Sim Card and airtime card.
-1/19 & 1/20/13: Sent multiple Twitter messages to Straight Talk. Straight Talk gave me an email address to provide details of my complaint. Sent complain to email address telling them of my frustrating experience and requesting refund at a MINIMUM the $45 airtime card I did NOT use or PREFERBLE, the $15 micro-SIM card I ALSO DID NOT USE.
-1/21/13: Received the following e-mail response from Straight Talk representative Dominick ([email protected]):
"Robert sbmedlg,
We truly understand how frustrating it is not to complete the port process, and activate the phone. We have checked your account, and the case number you provided. It's shown that the port cannot be completed. We can only transfer your phone number if it stays active with your current service provider until the port process is completed. As per policy, we're sorry to say that we can't create a refund for your airtime, and SIM card you purchased. You are left with two options. First, you can call your current service provider and make sure that your phone number is active so that we can complete the port process. Or, you can activate the phone with the new phone number. We will wait for your response."
Straight Talk Wireless

The short of the TERRIBLE experience is to NOT waste your hard earned $$ and valuable time with Straight Talk! They are STRAIGHT-UP FRAUDS!!!!

.... January 18th, 2013

Straight Talk.

I was impressed with Straight Talk's pre-paid service. I used the 45$ card which is unlimited text, web and data and never had a problem with their service. I would recommend Straight Talk for anyone who is looking into getting a pre-paid phone!

.... January 18th, 2013

Horrible customer service and double charge on auto pay

Beware I had no problems until I went on auto pay and realized they were double charging, random amounts too. From 49 to 45 to 48 what is that? Forget customer service you will get nowhere you don't understand them and they just keep repeating the same thing over and over. 2 hours of my life wasted on the phone to get nowhere. I'm reported them to my credit card company and will be contacting the bbb.

.... January 18th, 2013

Money wasted

I spent $30.00 on a card I'm told I can't use on my phone.....seriously....I just wasted$30.00 because I can't take it back.....I'm so mad!!!!!!

.... January 18th, 2013

3 stars is probably generous

Straight Talk advertizes:
Great reception everywhere because they piggyback on the all the other cell provider's towers. They promise unlimited talk text and data for $45/mo.

Reality over the past 6months:
Reception is great... as long as you are in a city. As soon as I left a city it didn't just get bad, it disappeared. Want to use your data for GPS, well, that's not going to do you a lot of good if you are driving anywhere rural. That said, in the city, reception was good. 3G data speeds were not quite as good as friends with "real" cell phones, but pretty close.
Call quality was good too.
Porting my number in upon activation took a couple days, so I had no phone for a while. Porting my number out also took longer than expected (according to the new cell provider I am with now). However, porting is possible.
They only offer OLD Android systems. I bought an LG Optimus Q, which was the newest one that was offered at the time. It was only running Droid 2.something. This meant that there were troubles with new apps, and so forth. Overall, the phone was okay, but only okay.
Customer service: okay, once you got a hold of them, which was nearly impossible.

Summary: It's a descent temporary fix, but long term they were not for me.The reception trouble is what killed me the most.

.... January 17th, 2013

Ripped me off! dont ever go with straight talk!

I went and bought my first fone at walmart wanted a track fone easy to pay i have no problem with the phone however i spent 495$ on a 1 year service card thinkin i got a long time to wait for another payment awesome however when i added the card it only gave me 3 months of service when i called in to report my issue i waited 54 minutes for a technician to speak to me and ask for my name apparently according to them i do not know my name and they hung up on me after trying to call back after 30 minutes of waiting my phone died and i finally gave up

.... January 17th, 2013

The Worst Customer Service

I don't know if that is really what you might want to call my experience with Straight Talk. I Purchased the wrong phone which had Sprint. It just doesn't work for me. So I had to order another phone that would work better so I could do all the transferring of no's This time I spend 2 hrs exhausted and finally told them to replace it. They got my e-mail wrong so I call once again. They finally send me an air bill for return. They have to have the phone back before they do the switch. So I send all the appropriate info with all the Case #'s and I sent both phones back easy right. I then get my new phone and one hr later I told them I wanted all my money back and I would return the phone. Low and behold a miracle happens and they finally get the phone to work. Great.
Then Three weeks later no refund for the return phone. I have now called them and each time they know whats going on but will not refund my money after waiting 30 business days since November 26, 2012. On the 14th they said 24 -48 hrs and the money would be refunded into my account. Guess what they need to open another case and to expect another 24-48 hrs to receive the refund. Well on the 14th I told them this was their last chance and I would turn them into the BBB. This was going to be an ongoing thing and I truly believe I was never going to see my refund of $136. I would have never thought they would go this low to have unsatified customers and business ethics so low.

.... January 16th, 2013


I switched one of my cellphones from verizon to straight-talk. Bought the Galaxy precedent (129.00) from walmart and they ported my verizon cell number to my new phone and I left the store with my new Gallaxy phone activated and ready to use. Had the phone for one month with flawless operation and did the same with spouses with the same success. Have had the phones and service for 1 1/2 years and no need to contact Straight Talk. Have unlimited everything including gps from google maps for $100 per month,could not be happier!!

.... January 16th, 2013


Beware to anyone that signs up for the "no-hassle" automatic monthly refill service. They deduct the funds stright from you bank account. (OR credit card) Cool. What they don't provide, is a way to cancel this so called "convenience". Go ahead, check for yourself. Look their web-site up and down. The only way to cancel this service is to contact Straight talk directly, which proves nearly immposible. If you do get through, they give you "their word" that your automatic refill service will stop,.. and guess what... it doesn't! You are left with no proof that you are attempting to cancell this "convenience" which they promote as "cancel at any time". No,.. it takes letters sent via certified mail to them, and threat of legal action. Then and only then will these charges to your account stop. Stay away !!

.... January 15th, 2013

So happy I read reviews

I am so glad I read the reviews. I was going to go to straight talk. I thought my bill was a bit too high.. I now realize I love t mobile.. I will stay with them. NO thank-you to straight talk

.... January 15th, 2013

A bit of a struggle at first due to my own booboo. But customer service awesome!

So a bit nervous about making the leap, I screwed up. Gave them my internet account # and not my cell account #. The process is very automatic and easy...give them your correct cell account tho, really really for a quick transfer. The short of it is that my error left me without a cell that's usable on either end. OUCH! Couldn't contact Straight talk by any fone. Sent them an email with my plight late last night, and in less than 18hours, had a new sim card at my door step. So very automated, tho Great! customer support with people. Popped the new sim in and was off and running. Couldn't believe it! Every body is doing a mass exodus to this program..figured I'd get lost in the woods. NOT! So the APN thing. Couldn't figure that out... to get internet. Well, this is for apple users. Its easy. First Unlock fone. do it legit tho, since it invalidates your fone warranty if you go otherwise. I have a 3gs although with the latest software that we all have. Don't go to aftermarket Jailbreaks and soforth.
So settings simplified.... don't cuss about language..APN vs VPN.
Apn changes:
Got to settings/ general/ Vpn. Choose custom or Manual Whatever you have. I chose L2TP
Description: Straighttalk
Server: att.mvno
Rsa securid: skip
Password: skip
Secret: skip
Send all traffic: on
Proxy: manual
Port: 80
Authentication: off

The world will ultimately end up here...Probably with antitrust litigation down the road....
Hope this gets out to make things easier for apple people transitioning to ST. Service is superb for an automated process...Good luck
My texting and MMS sends are blistering faster, tho who cares...doesn't cost a thing. If you see this post, plz pass it along....It makes the transition process so much easier.

Good luck and best wishes

.... January 14th, 2013

Costumer Services

I was too long on hold and after 40'm on call to activated the phone. Was never actives. Took me more 3 calls with a long waiting to try to resolve the problem.... PS. The phone was from straight talk, purchase direct from the walmart store.

.... January 13th, 2013


I bought a Merit ZTE phone from Walmart (AKA: Straight Talk). Within 45 days I started having problems, contacted Straight Talk and over a period of 4 weeks they agreed to accept this defective phone back and send me a new one but FIRST I had to return the defective phone B4 they would replace.... Received the replacement phone and it was a factory refurbished phone. I paid $182.00 for this phone and 3 months later I have NO phone only a refurbished one witch by the way I refuse to accept. Worse customer service I have ever been subjected to. SO if you have $180.00 you just want to throw away then buy one of these phones from Straight Talk otherwise go with a normal cell phone provider!

.... January 12th, 2013

BEWARE of Straight Talk-Poorest Quality customer service EVER

Beware of what you pay for. This is a wonderful cheap, quality product when everything works. However, please expect no customer service. The poorest quality reception for abnormally extended time periods for which you pay for your minutes customer service does/does not resolve your problem. I was a former TracFone customer who left the company years ago for lack of customer service. Due to poor economic times and trying to save money, i recently was persuaded by a co worker to get a straight talk phone. I've been happily satisfied AT&T customer 12+ years. However due to costs only, i decided to switch. WORST decision ever made in my life. I spent over 30 minutes on phone with no resolution and informed by customer service they couldn't email me either. I was able to understand only 4th syllable of every word. I inquired where this customer service was and she explained Southeast Asia. I asked if this poor quality reception was any indication of the quality of service to be expected. Worst customer service ever. I was calling their customer service from a straight talk cell phone to the customer support trying to convert a home phone to $15 per month plan... Well needless to say i'm evaluating this entire experience and plan to return the home phone router to the company for full refund. Customer service is an added benefit that is required in the technology world we live in today. Remember, you get what you pay for. Nothing in life is free... Sad to think this could be an exceptional value if the customer service was improved. Please read other reviews online of other straight talk experiences with customer service.

.... January 11th, 2013

No one can help!

We have ATT and wanted to switch over to Straight Talk, was told by 2 different Straight talk people at the store that they did not know how to port a phone that has a different provider to Straight talk and that we would have to do it ourselves...fine, I figured I could figure it hard can it be. Well, I think I have completed the task, but have 2 questions, and have been on hold waiting for a rep for 30 min now, wondering if there is anyone avail to really help! This is truely ridiculous...morons. What a waste of my time!!! Im wondering how long I should wait!?!

.... January 10th, 2013

Loving Straight Talk!

I left Verizon because im paying $160 a month for 2 smart phones with unlimited text, i think 700 minutes and unlimited data. I am now with Straight Talk. I have been with them for a week so far. I have no complaints so far. It took them about 3 hours to port my number from Verizon. I did have trouble understanding one Straight Talk rep but I was quickly transferred to a rep that I could understand. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 off ebay and bought an AT&T sim card to use for Straight Talk. My phone is showing the 4G icon. My speeds are much quicker now. I mostly use wifi on my phone but when I am at work or somewhere else I have watched netflix using 4G. So far I am much happier with Straight Talk.

.... January 10th, 2013

nothing but problems with my Samsung S G phone

I purchased a samsung s. at first I was happy with this phone until my phone no longer worked said I needed to add money. (automatic pay) three days in a row this happened I was told by straight talk each time this would not happen again?hmmm then my phone took it upon itself to randomly call people I did not know over and over again..last phone started freezing..finally they said they would replace it...sent me wrong address and Fedex said they have had nothing but trouble with straigt talk on giving wrong addresses..finally was sent off today, now I will see how long it takes to get my new phone, will be back if it takes to long...

.... January 10th, 2013

Customer service sucks!!

I have been back and forth with straight talk since last week, was put on hold for almost an hour for three consecutive days still the problem of my phone was not resolved.i called them again last night waited for 1 hr. 45 minutes finally spoke to customer service only to tell me that they will call me back today to resolve the issue,gave them three numbers wher they can reach us nobody called. I ended up calling them tonight . I am on the phone since 8 pm waiting for the customer service. Extremely poor service.

.... January 9th, 2013


I payed for a $45 monthly plan and had to buy a new SIM for an iphone. I received everything within 4 days, went online and typed in the information given to me. I then got an error message.
After 3 days of calling customer support (I spent an hour and a half on the phone, I am on the phone right now). I was told that they were going to give me another ticket number, fix the problem and I would have to call back in 24hours. This company is chockingly unprofessional!!!
Plus, they do not give any refund. I have requested at least a one month service compensation.
This company is TERRIBLE!!!

.... January 3rd, 2013


My husband and I both have a s. t. phone. every since we have had them (about 6 months)we have called s. t. about 35 times. I am actually on the phone with them now, and I have been on here for 24 minutes talking to the rep. and a wait time of 1 and a half hours. the guy has told me to give him a minute 10 times already(yes im counting)every time i have call the reps. have been rude with me and my problem never gets solved or it does for a few hours then its back to square one. im highly thinking of switching to the att 60 dollar plan. i would rather pay an extra 15 dollars and get a company thats way better. THIS COMPANY IS CRAP.

.... January 3rd, 2013

Wow, it's really that bad.

Horrible. I needed a SIM card right away and paid for overnight shipping. I got a confirmation and shipping info, then it all disappeared and I have no phone and can't get someone to explain what happened or refund the shipping charges. They don't know what the status is, and the person that I finally talked to said that overnight usually takes a few days. (?????????) I asked to talk to someone higher up and I'm still on hold after an hour.

.... January 3rd, 2013

Activation glitch, otherwise great

I've activated 2 new phones with Straight Talk, both accounts were with numbers rolled over from another service. There seems to be a glitch in the system. Both times I had to call Straight Talk Customer Service because it wouldn't port on it's own. Both times they were helpful and we had the issue resolved within minutes. Since that time, I haven't had any issues. One phone is a standard flip phone, the other is an android smart phone. I'm very happy with both so far.

.... January 2nd, 2013

I bought a motorola flip top phone from straight talk and it is one of the worst phones I have ever used!!!!!!! It is so cheaply made. It is constantly breaking up and the dial don't work very well. It is terrible!!!!!

.... January 1st, 2013

The worst customer service ever

It started with me activating my phone. I was trying to ask the guy a couple questions about why my phone was taking so long to activate to make sure I wasnt doing something wrong he just kept repeating the same thing over which wasnt an answer to my question. I simply asked to talk to someone else because I felt like there was a language barrier and ge was just reading from a card. He told me no three times that I couldnt speak to someone else because he was highly trained. Upon my fourth time asking because he still couldnt get my phone activated nor answer my questions he just got quiet and when asked a again to speak to someone else he hung up on me. Ive been having trouble with my phone and I just called them for help and the guy said he couldnt help me until I called back from a different number. When I tried to just ask a question he gave me attitude and repeated the same lines. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

.... January 1st, 2013

The worst of the worst

Unless you want a life of customer service hell go with an American company where you can go into a store anywhere in the country and get service and things done. I went back to AT&T and gladly pay twice as much for real service and a new iPhone.

.... December 31st, 2012

Cutomer service !

I had 2 phones at 1 time & wanted to discontune 1 of them so I called them to cancel & didn't know that they out source that service,, Thats where I could hardly understand the person from Iraq & my problum got deep !
The gal did get me a service mgr but that wasn't much better !
I couldn't explane to them well enough to discontenue 1 phone & not both so I had to have both of them cut off & then reacivate 1 of them & set it up on a new account which took me an extra 1/2 hr of my time !

I would say there customer service dept has bad comucation problums !

.... December 30th, 2012

This is a "Straight Talk Review" not a hardware review.

I have had straight talk for about 1 year and was trying to convince a friend that ST was worth trying. He saw this review site and with all the negative reviews, came back to me with questions. So this is for those of you that have failed at your purpose in leaving a review. If you are having a hardware issue, that is a hardware which relates to a company like "Samsung or Sony". How can a company like ST be responsible for you wanting to save money on a cheap phone? People, if you buy a cheap phone, you will have a cheap phone? Furthermore, if you do not understand read the fine print, that is your own problem, i.e. "non refundable" means that you will not receive a refund.??? How is that hard to understand. Why are you the exception to the rule? Anyways, it is true, the Customer Service will make you want to pull your hair out and yes it is not truly unlimited data as it has speed limitations, but overall if you do your homework and get a good phone that is compatible with the towers in your area and don't expect to receive freebies you should be satisfied.

.... December 30th, 2012

My experience with straight talk

I bought a st talk pre paid samsung r375c cell phone 3 months ago the box said mp3 player video cam download apps and so on. I went to the desktop site as it said to activate so i could download the apps i need for all this. When i got to their site i clicked on first time user make user name and pass to access site. A page came up saying site no longer avabile. After trying over and over i called the tec service they told me they would have to email me my user name and pass they never did. So i called again after being on hold for 30 mins someone i could not even understand answered after trying to fig out what they was saying i ask to speak to someone that talked English. I waited another 15 mins or so someone answered they said once more user name and pass would be email that never happend. So i emailed them stating i was dropping them. Then a week ago they called me saying they would email it within 48 hrs. This never happend. I did get an email reminding me to add money i only have 8 service days left. I also ask the tec person last time i called to just give me my user name and pass while we was on the phone they said they couldn't do that. I am convinced i was ripped off this phone cant load apps has no mp3 or video or any of what the box it came in said. So take it from me someone that made mas take anc read reviews b 4 i bought. Stay away from straight talk its all fraud. The worst cell i ever owned and cust support totally bites I now know i got ripped off. Am planing on calling bbb and talking to them next about the box phone came in saying the phone has all this crap it dont have to me thats fraud. Very very upset former straight talk costomer

.... December 30th, 2012

Don't Beleive the positvie Reviews

You can tell when it is a company rep writing the review. They always say it only cost me $45. But we all know the truth. The real user would say $45 plus tax and list the whole price.

They are only trying to boost their reviews. I hate the customer service. My time is precious to me. When I spend 1 hour on the phone with them that is costing me money too. You have to factor that into the cost of the phone also.

I was looking to get a phone with unlimited data. Most companys advertise unlimited data, but in the fine print they all throtle down the speed when you go over a certain limit. Not unless you are the president of the US do you truly get unlimited data at full speed.

We all know Walmart deals with dirt cheap pricing. All I can say is that you get what you pay for.

Btw I was considering getting a Straight Talk phone for my wife. But after going reading all the reviews, I can spend my $45 plus tax elsewhere.

.... December 29th, 2012

one problem in 2 yrs

i got straight talk service in december of 2010 as a way to cut back on cell service and not commit to a contract. i've only had one issue in the 2 years i've had the service which customer service worked within 48hrs to fix. so far so good.

.... December 28th, 2012


I activated my phone and it took over 4 days and hours of phone conversations to get my phone to work. I'm sorry my husband bought me this phone and this service. I like Tmobile, it has great service and in over 2 years I've never had a problem.

.... December 28th, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

When my phone works I love it. Straight Talk provides good service when my phone works. However, I have had nothing but trouble with my phone. In October, my family changed to Straight Talk phones. Everyone has had great success except for me. Every month I have had trouble adding minutes or even when I have minutes, the phone states I have insufficient funds. As of today, my end date of service is 1/22/13, but every call and message I try to send says insufficient funds. I emailed customer service, they said it would take 5 days to get a reply to my email. I tired calling customer service 3 times today. First time I was on hold for 40 minutes before I hung up, second time they stated they would call me back, they never did, third time I was on hold for an hour and they said they couldn't help me unless I called from another phone. I asked if there was a direct number I could call so I didn't have to be on hold for another hour and they stated NO. Tried to sign up for help on their forums and mistyped the security code one time and they blacklisted me from the forum website. Customer service is terrible. Seriously considering finding a new plan with better customer service.

.... December 28th, 2012

I love Straight Talk!

I have been using Straight Talk for over a year with no problems.

Customer service cannot do much for you. This is true. They are super polite and will help in way that they can, but they don't have the ability to just ship you a new phone or refund you money.

If you have no service...Don't call straight talk. You can't use them. Move on.

I live near Pittsburgh, and I get great service everywhere. I use a Samsung Galaxy s3 and it is awesome! Data speed is great. No problems whatsoever.

I only prepay, so even if I were to have problems, the most I would lose is $45. I would waste more than that per month with any of the top 3, PLUS be forced into a contract.

Straight Talk just keeps getting better and better. I recommend it to everyone!

*If you live in an obscure area where service is a problem already, then this might not be the carrier for you. Try it. If it does not work. Move on. Don't harass the nice people in customer service because they cannot give you whatever you demand. (I worked in Verizon customer service for years...I know how some of you cats work).

.... December 28th, 2012

Straight Talk Lies

I was without phone service for over a month, for some reason the PRL and the Profile wouldn't update, they said they would compensate me with 30 days additional service for my inconvenience, they only gave me half of that when that time its up so am I , going back to one of the big 3. The worst experience ever.

.... December 28th, 2012

customer service SUCKS

customer service is the pits,they have disconnected our phones more times then i can count,when you call expect to spend HOURS on the phone,they cut us because lack of payment,even though we have auto-pay and the money is always in the acct, in the past they double billed for 4 months,and my wife never caught it ??great job,now we cant get the money back,they keep saying it will be there next month,NEVER IS,they dont have supervisors,they say,so your hands are tied,contacted their corporate offices for help,told me to call customer service,DUH,i will not give up,as soon as i get my money the phones are advice is run far away

.... December 27th, 2012

Google Nexus 4 and StraightTalk

I am one the rare fortunate folks whose Google Nexus 4 arrived in 5 days, not five weeks. I ordered an ATT SIM from Straight Talk. It arrived in 4 days. I bought a $45 unlimited card for ST at Walmart. Had to trim the SIM to fit the phone. I signed up for Google voice, ported my old number to GV and set up voice mail, etc. at GV.

This service has worked just as well as my Sprint plan and has better reception in basement of house. Only issue has been echo cancellation issues during two calls, but only while using phone through GVoice.

On day one of service I got "butt dialed" but I screwed up entry of VMail passcode with ST. I emailed them 23 Dec. They CALLED me on 26 Dec at approx. 8pm central time. I didn't have a second phone, which I would need to give them serial number from Nexus since I don't know how while talking.

I called them 27 Dec at approx 9am CST, got through in less than 30 seconds and they reset my email password and in less than I minute later I listened to the "butt dial" message.

Overall I am pleased with the service. I hope those that are displeased find better service in the future.

.... December 27th, 2012

Pain in Ass

The service of St is "PIA"... the staff is not capable of solving your issues. The international plan is fake.... unlimited is only for 2 numbers, if you try the 3rd, it will say good bye we have to hang-up now. Stay Away from ST..... they are thief.

.... December 27th, 2012

Loss of service and no communication from Straight Talk about widespread problem

Lousy service. No contact with people who have a problem with zero service. I am contacting my senators and attorney general into their practices and have suggested all my friends and their friends do the same.

.... December 26th, 2012

straight talking to nothing all the time, is what they should called it ... lil storm pops up in the west, next thing you know, theres no cell service.. i shoulda just got walkie talkies if its gonna be like this. wheres this made anyways, and dont say china?

.... December 26th, 2012

No service in Alaska on CDMA Straight Talk (Tracfone).

When you sign up for tracfone, you get either CDMA verizin or GSM ATT service depending on where you live. If you get CDMA and travel to areas where there are no Verizon towers you will get NO service, not poor signal but NO signal, no 911, nothing. There are CDMA towers in Alaska, just not Verizon, but ST Tracfone is not willing to pay for service on those, so you get NOTHING not even in life or death emergencies.

.... December 26th, 2012


Service SUCKS! For the price I would be more than happy with 3g service, but half the time I'm getting 0g. What good is half price if its unusable? If you speak english dont bother calling customer service, you wont understand them.

.... December 24th, 2012

Straight Talk good service!

I've had straight Talk for almost a yr and I love it! Never had any problems with them!!!

.... December 24th, 2012

Nothing but problems with LG Optimus Q and Straight Talk. NO REFUNDS EVER!!!

I had T-Mobile for more than 10 yrs and never had a problem. I had to lower my monthly bill so I switched to Straight Talk in May 2012. My phone was always tinny sounding and it was very hard for people to understand me and for me to understand what people were saying to me. it would call people randomly. I decided to cancel and move my service to another plan. I very stupidly did the auto refill and my service was refilled on 12/12. Since that date, I have gotten 1 email that payment was being processed and 9 emails saying my service was refilled!!! Of course there is no place on their website to CANCEL their service so you have to call. I held for 30 minutes for customer service and got someone that I could barely understand. I asked for a REFUND since I had only used 9 and 1/2 days (my service was ported to new company at 2:46 on 12/21). I was told that I would not get ANY money back. I asked for at least 1/2 of my money. The c/s person told me that she was transferring me to another customer service person. I have been holding now for a total of 54 minutes, another woman came on the line, saying she was a manager. She told me that she could not give me any refund. I said for 9 and 1/2 days, you cannot give me a refund of at least 1/2 of my money? NO! I asked to speak to HER manager. Over an hour now, I finally got to speak to a man, I had to ask him his name about 4 times before he told me. He told me that COMPANY guidelines say no refunds! I asked him where and he stumbled around for words. I told him that I would be telling everyone what a scam Straight Talk is and hung up. DO NOT SWITCH TO STRAIGHT TALK!!!

.... December 23rd, 2012

they suck

i have had straight talk for a couple years now and up until this month have had good service so now im calling tech support i call talk to someone that cant understand english language and all they can say is pull out the battery put it back in try make a phone call well since that wasnt what was wrong to begin with guess what that works and they say good bye after 6 phone calls phone still doesnt work right good bye straight talk shut your doors and unemploy more people your no help

.... December 23rd, 2012

Love Straight talk.

I switched to straight talk about 3 months ago...and now my hubby is strongly considering dropping his contract to switch.

I have a phone that uses At&t towers and to be honest I have better service than I did with At&T. I so far have not had any issues with the automatic bill pay...and my bill is only 45.75 a month 75 cents is for 911 fees...that way all cells even with out service can call 911 its a govt thing not straight talk thing...

Anyway I am very impressed with the service I get...

Now with that said....NO when you call in you don't get as good of customer service reps as I did with at&t but being that..i have unlimited everything and my bill doesn't change each month..and I don't have to worry about contracts or upgrades...I don't have a need to call them...and to be honest the Att customer service was not worth the extra 50 dollars I would be paying plus less product from att.

No you can't track messages and called numbers like you can with a contract phone...i'm sure the courts could get the records if a legal matter was far as on a personal level no..But I know who I call and my hubby and I don't review each others records so we don't need that service.

The phone I have, isn't great...but that is the phone not the carrier. As people continue to move to the prepaid phone carriers like ST the phone companies will start releasing better phones. Plus you can really bring your own unlocked phone to ST if you want to do all the work but I don't do all that instead I use the plug and go phones.

I am not a heavy phone user...calls..text..facebook...a little googling is all I do on my phone. So I can not answer for high tech stuff.

.... December 22nd, 2012

Poor Customer Service Support, however, Great Reception

I signed up for the automatic bill pay. My contract ended December 15th in which I was billed. It came through on my account on the 17th. Then, two days later I started to receive emails that my service contract was to end on December 23rd in which I would be billed again. I called their customer support line- I was on the phone for 53 min and 53 sec in which my problem was still not solved. I was given a case number and told that I'd have to call back the following day. And yet, I received another one of those damn emails! The support line had told me to cancel my automatic bill pay. So, then I asked would my service be cancelled on the 23rd and he said yes. So, I called to speak to a supervisor 2 days later and was on the phone for 30 min with one supervisor and then 30 minutes with a manager in which I now can't access my account online.

On a positive note, my signal is far greater than my previous, T-Mobile. However, it's very time consuming to deal with the kinks that this provider has. The phone is decent. Very poor battery life, but I guess that's what you get with a SmartPhone.

.... December 22nd, 2012

card refilled, but service terminated

I refilled via a card, it said it worked, but did not. I had to call customer service and was put on hold for 30 minutes. Finally go through to a person who barely spoke english, but got thru it and the problem was fixed in 10 minutes. The phone worked fine the remainder of the day, but the next day same problem again. Straight talk customer service is the worst. I do not recommend them at all, they are terrible.

.... December 21st, 2012

Straight talk is garbage stay away

Customer service sucks people can't even speak english after 1st week data slows down u can't do nothing when u call they keep transfering u and hang up.
I gave one star because i can't put 00000000000

.... December 20th, 2012

Straight Talk is not bad

After reading a lot of these reviews bashing ST, i had to comment. First Straight Talk uses more than just ATT network, they also use Verizon, and T-mobile networks. Unless you leave in a horrible place, signal should be Excellent. Im constantly getting 4G signal. I am using a HTC One X unlocked phone and have no problem. That being said, i have been with every other service provider out there, even the ones that no longer exist. Yes the customer service is from India not the USA. Just like most other companies outsource customer service. I travel around a lot, so i can say wherever i go, ST is online. That is even traveling through the mountains.

.... December 17th, 2012

Disconnected services

I purchased 2 micro sim cards for 2 of my ATT iPhone 4. I used the service for 2 months now with no problems. Now with my 3 month, just recently paid about 1 week now and my phone was disconnected without notice. Before paying for this month's plan, I used to received multiple messages regarding accounts end date and to set up auto-fill, but now I didn't get any text and phone was permanently disconnected. I called numerous times, but each person I spoke with would give me different infos. The second rep., hung up on me, which made me even more upset. At first only one of my phones was disconnected, but after 2 hours, both of my phones were cut off. I've been trying to call customer service, but the hold is quite a long time. I'm not sure if everyone who is using the compatible phones are having problems or what, but the wait time is over 1hr. I'm looking into filing a complaint with BBB.

.... December 16th, 2012

Stay away from Straight Talk

I purchased a Straight Talk home phone from Walmart along with a 30 day service card. Went home and activated it with no problems with a phone number they furnished ( I wanted to be sure it worked before porting my number ) and it worked fine. I called for a number port to my old number and that's when the trouble started. Like everyone says you can't understand the service reps talking broken English a mile a minute. They said it would take several days because it was a home phone. It finally got done and my At&t phone turned off. 2 days later the S.T. phone went off (phone still worked but I had been disconnected). Back to customer service and after holding with several people some guy gave me a *2260 (or something) to call to reprogram my phone. I called it then tried to make a local call and the operator said I didn't have enough minutes to make the call after I bought the 30 day card about 1 1/2 weeks ago.
I took the phone back to walmart for a refund (had to eat the 30 day service card - no refund on that)and went across the street to Verizon and got their home phone which the guy set up for me and have had no problems since.

.... December 16th, 2012

Misleading International Straight Talk Plan-- DO NOT BUY!

Straight Talk claims you have international calls and texts to certain international destinations including the UK. However, this does not include mobile phones despite the fact that it does not specify this. It also only includes free international texts if you have one of two specific phones. The plan is purposefully misleading and I would advise anyone interested in international calls to steer clear of straight talk. Moreover, when I discovered this Straight Talk's customer service while polite was completely useless!

.... December 16th, 2012

Done with s t

Im on my 5th phone i have nothing but problems. The phones wont do a third of what there suppose to do TOTAL JUNK!!!!!!! Im done.

.... December 14th, 2012

WAS a potential buyer!

Well until I read a bunch of the reviews from you guys I was considering buying out my contract with Verizon and changing over to straight talk. Everything sounds so troublesome I think what I'm paying for a contract phone is worth keeping. Straight talk I really hope you see all of this feed back from your customers and change your ways! You lost a potential customer!!

.... December 14th, 2012

Straight Talk so far great

I have been using straight talk for a couple of days now without any issues. I have iphone and after installing the sim from straight talk and following their directions the phone was switch over from att to straight talk within an hour. It looks like this site have all comments from people that work for ATT on it. All negative but this one. The customer service sucks on ATT also and maybe more here because everyone is switching over from ATT to Straight Talk. Straight Talk is using the cell sites from ATT and Tmobile so I am getting the same service that I had from ATT but half the price and when your out of work it really helps.

.... December 14th, 2012

Straight Talk Review

OMG! I'm giving 1 as a rating because I have to!

I just got off the phone trying to sort out the mess with Straight Talk. We purchased a $200 cell phone with Straight Talk last Christmas and 11 months later it breaks without any warning!!!! So okay I call the company and am assured after trying to trouble shoot it, that the cell phone will be replaced with a brand new phone! Great! Finally a company who has the customer at heart right? WRONG!!! This is the WORST company by far to deal with! After waiting for an email for 5 days and after making 3 calls to try to get this email to send the phone to their company, I am finally told that they'll have to send the shipping labels and it will take 2 to 5 days! 4 days later I get the shipping information along with the long awaited for email containing the same information! Glory be!

We're now 5 calls into this company (which by-the-way you are placed on hold for an eternity each time then when the operator cannot help you she/he puts you back at the beginning of your call where you get to go through all the menus over again!) Feel your frustration mounting????

Today I get an email that I'm getting a used, once broken phone as a replacement!!!!!!!!!!! Really why do I want someone else's problem phone?? Just give me another $200 new phone!!!

Never again with I do business with the likes of Straight Talk and if you were smart you'd drop them like a hot potatoe too!

Very frustrated & left feeling used!!!

.... December 12th, 2012

Very frustrating

I switched to Straight Talk because it is a much better deal than any other phone service. Before Straight Talk I would not have considered getting 3G access on a phone because of the price. I ordered my phone in October of 2012, and activated it in November. Things were great with the phone until it stopped connecting to the internet. Sometimes I would get a blank white page, sometimes I would get "Cannot Connect to Network", sometimes I would get error 31 (??), but most of the times I get "Connection failed. try again?" I figured the phone was bogged down with cookies and such, so I emptied the cookies and cleared the cache. Still nothing. I rebooted the phone. Nothing. After two weeks, I gave up and called customer service. The man I was connected with had me try to connect to wi-fi, he told me the steps to turn it on. Unfortunately those were not at all the right steps for my phone. God knows what script he had in front of him, or what phone he thought I had, but it was obviously for the wrong phone. He did something on his end and told me to make a test call then restart the phone. It worked! ....for 5 minutes. The problems started again so I tried to call back. 10 times in a row I got "We are experiencing a larger than average call volume. Call back later." BULL! I finally got through and was placed on hold. I got a call at work, so I put Straight Talk on hold and had a 15 minute phone conversation. I switched back and was still on hold. Mysteriously, I was disconnected from Straight Talk so had to start all over. Once again, I got the "please call back later" message, and when I did get through I was told that my wait was 30+ minutes. So here I am, on hold timing how long it takes my phone to connect to the internet. We are now at 20 minutes, and I do hope their solution goes beyond "turn the phone off and back on again. is it working?" As for the customer service, it's really poor. But what can you expect from customer service now-a-days? It would be nice to speak to someone who knew how to speak English and knew my phone. Oh and BTW, my phone has said "connection failed. try agian?" 25 times now.

.... December 11th, 2012

It's not cost effective after all the other costs are added in

If your straight talk phone is ever lost or stolen the new owner can go right to straight talk and re-register your telephone under their name with your phone's serial number, even if that phone is still registered in your account as inactive, even if the police has a report that phone is stolen, straight talk will do nothing to prevent anyone from using it.

.... December 6th, 2012

Outsourcing/Greed is America's Biggest Problem.

Do not waste your time with Straight-Talk for they have no intention in helping any of their Customers. I bought a Samsung Proclaim early this year and this is now the second time I'm having to send it back because apps are freezing and phone keeps locking up. I was told by a Straight-Talk Rep. That I'm basically screwed. I can't pay the difference for a new phone and they have to send me the same one I keep sending back. So in another month we can start this process all over again. YAY:)

.... December 5th, 2012

Customer Service SUCKS~

If you ever have to send your phone off for replacement or repair Good LUCK! No option for claims or customer care on phone system.No option on website.Once you press options for tech help you are on hold forever.Agents are from foreign country,can't understand.I get one email which said i would get another email with a ship label.after 6 days still no ship label.After you speak to the entire dept you are left with unresolved matters and nobody who cares. DON"T BUY FROM THEM!!!

.... December 3rd, 2012

CRAP 1-10? I give -10

I have been a straight talk customer for three years now. The first phone that I bought was a Samsung Gravity. Second was the motorola touch screen and the third was the acend an android. with the first phone I had ok service with the touch screen I had to call customer service alot cause it kept messing up. Now with the android the service suck but the phone works fine. I have spoke with customer service managers many times about fixing my auto payments and receiving credits for days of no service. Have been told many times that I would receive certain amount of days of service to be credited and never received them. The current number as of today is 15, according to the straight talk manager. My service end date is suppose to be the tenth. As of this mornings bank statement payment went out today. Tried to call this morning and was on hold for over a half an hour, and now debating on keeping their service and/or filing a class action suite against them. P.S. I have always done my best to promote their service, Sold many people on their service. and have always been loyal customer. Anyone interested in helping with the class action suite please email me @ [email protected] Thank you

.... November 30th, 2012

Two months and going strong!

Just switched to Straight Talk service two months ago. I bought a simple phone at a really good price and had no trouble activating. Very simple to get started. Easy to refill time and have had no service/reception/dropped call issues. Worth the switch.

.... November 27th, 2012

I got the Samsung Precedent a few eeeks ago.Loved it at first ,then all of a sudden I was unaware that my phone did not get calls and they were all being routed to the voicemail system.The phone does not have reject calls or anything that I can unlock to fix this matter.Talking to a live person is awful they all must come from the Patel family(7-11).Now I have to get another phone so that I can answer my calls,but the other phone wont hang up the calls.Can't win for losing with this service.

.... November 25th, 2012

Run as Fast as you can from Straightalk

Want to know why its so cheap? Try calling customer service. I tried calling today and the automated recording said to call back because they were too busy. I can't even use my phone because they are saying I have insufficient funds even though my account online shows I paid.

.... November 25th, 2012

Less than a week after I bought my straight talk smartphone I begin having problems with storage capacity. This affect my ability to download and update applications as well as a whole bunch of other problems. When I finally talked to customer service they were very unhelpful and seemed to be only aware of basics functions of the phone. It's been 3 months and my problems have only become worse. Yes this phone was relatively cheap compared to other smartphones and I only pay 45 dollars a month but it barely works well enough to be worth 10 dollars a month. For anyone that doesn't already have a problem with Walmart or is unaware of their policies buying 1 of these phones will surely give you a reason to hate them

.... November 21st, 2012

Cheap price because their customer service SUCKS!!!

Best price in the area.....but now I know why- the customer service is so terrible you want to pull your hair out.

Customer service is so terrible that it outweighs the cheap price. I give them 1 star out of 5 (I would give 0 stars out of 5 if possible)

Two of their cheap LG Straight Talk phones broke on me (exact same phone, exact same charger issue), so I bought my own iPhone and ordered a sim card. I called and followed all the instructions on how to do it; everything was done correctly on my end. I get the sim card and it won't let me transfer my unlimited yearly plan from my broken phone to the new sim card because the phone was listed as "inactive" in their database...Called and 1 hour and 20 minutes later on the phone with a lady whom barely spoke English my phone is listed as "active." I hang up as she says everything is fine now; WRONG!! I go to transfer the plan from the current broken phone to the new straight talk sim card I ordered and it says I don't have an unlimited account even though in my account summary it clearly lists I do. I call in and they put in a ticket....I called to check on the ticket and they put in another ticket.

Long story short- $600 on the year unlimited plan I bought and the new sim later, 8 days without service later, 6 phone calls speaking to more people than I can remember later, 2 tickets later and lots of e-mails and time wasted with them and I STILL DO NOT HAVE SERVICE!!!

Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible!!!

.... November 17th, 2012

Straight Talk and area codes. What's up?

I had another carrier for a few years but switched to Straight Talk due to most of my calls being dropped when using the other carrier. Upon activating my Straight Talk service I was asked if I wanted to keep my same number or get a new one. I opted for a new one. When I tried to use it the call did not go through. I was on hold for half an hour before they answered my call. I them explained to them that I tried to phone a family member in my area code and was told that I had to dial all 10 digits when ever I placed a call. Even if it is next door. That is stupid in my reasioning. So I added all area codes to the numbers on my contact list. I only make, receive calls and use the camera. I do not use internet. Can't beat the Unlimited calling for the price. Which is far less than I paid with the other carrier and barely completed a conversation before the call was dropped.

.... November 9th, 2012

i hate that i use to wait 1 day to get payed to add minutes. and now if you wait at all they change your number now i have people calling me all day long looking for people i don`t even know which takes min. off my phone so i have to buy minutes sooner. this sucks they should give youat least 2-3 days.

.... November 7th, 2012

Avoid the scam

I just want to warn anyone thinking about getting service from these jerks. We transferred an established business number from AT&T to Straight Talk, thinking it would be a cheaper option. Well, you get what you pay for! It would not activate upon purchase! After two hours on the phone with a customer service rep that barely spoke English, they decided they had to send a new sim card, that was to arrive in three to five business days. I contacted them when it never arrived, and once again, we had to wait, this time for SEVEN days! After it was activated, I assumed we would be ok. Unfortunately they deactivated the phone 9 days into a service plan for NO EXPLAINABLE REASON! When I called to get this issue straightened out, they were again unable to resolve the issue after wasting another 90 minutes of my time. They once again decided they had to send a new sim card! It also did not arrive when it was supposed to, I don't think they rteally send them at least 50% of the time! When we finally received the sim card, it had a new phone number, which caused us to lose our established business number! I called again and they wasted another hour of my time trying to change the number programmed on the sim card, unsuccessfully of course. They said they would send a new sim card. I tried one additional time, but now I am done with this scammy outfit! They took our number and were so incompetent. They really should not be in business. Obviously they use outsourced customer service from India, and that is so wrong. My dollars will go elsewhere. No straight talk, net 10, or trac phone! They are all the same junk!

.... November 1st, 2012

If you want a smart phone that you use, you should go ahead and pay for the best. This is not. They say they offer unlimited data but this is not true and I think they should be cited for false advertising. I rarely use my data plan. I don't even get on Facebook with this phone. Two different weekends I downloaded 4 or 5 apps each weekend. It took several minutes for each app. Both times I have received calls threatening to cancel my plan because I am using too much data. Apparently, it is in the fine print that the data plan is limited. How does this qualify for them to advertise an unlimited data plan? I have not used the apps because they take so long to open. They should let not say they have an unlimited data plan.

.... October 29th, 2012

At the recommendation of Clark Howard i changed my home phone service to Straight talk home phone service. When i called i was told it would take 2-4 days to get my phone transfered over, it is 29 days and i am still waiting. Dont ever use Straight talk.

.... October 25th, 2012

No service

Anyone else having problems with their Straight Talk cell phones and having no service? I have been on the phone with them twice today for a total of 2 hours and it's still not fixed. Phone works fine but I can't call or receive calls. No service at all for 24 hours and I have the Straighttalk Android cell phone. Anyone else having this problem?

.... October 15th, 2012

First touch screen I paid $100 and it lasted 2 months. I just purchased a $60 touch screen 1 month ago and it broke today. I won't bother trying to resolve as it's a waste of my time. Headed to verizon wireless.

.... October 14th, 2012


Straight Talk never answers your questions or fixes your tech problems. I have called them several times and they either don't help, or what they fixed only lasted a day or two. So tired of this crap!!!!!!!!! Get your stuff together Straight Talk!!!!!! Don't make phones if you do not know how to fix them.

.... October 6th, 2012

Customers helping customers

What a joke! Nobody has the answers! Straight Talk is just trying to make the customers feel like we're helping each other but we're all lost and going in circles! My family and I are done with this company.

.... September 21st, 2012

This is so stupid, they advertise UNLIMITED DATA but if you read their TOS they only allow the data to be that of their junky downloads and such... I can not believe that you advertise UNLIMITED data and not really be UNLIMITED... In this day in age using a high amount of data is vary common for people with smart phones and you should not advertise UNLIMITED DATA!!! other companies say 2 or 3 GB a month and thats it but Straight Talk is SO much worst since they pick the amount of data they want to screw you with... Last month I used MORE data then I used this month and nothing happend but this month I get this message on my answering machine (Not legible) so I call back and ask what the heck did they want (thinking they were trying to sell me something) and they tell me that they have throttled my internet speed and the representative couldn't tell me why... I can only guess its for high usage... HERE IS A TIP STRAIGHT TALK DONT ADVERTISE UNLIMITED DATA IF ITS NOT TRULY UNLIMITED.... For christ sake section 7 of there TOS says and Im quoiting "7. STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED PLANS CANNOT BE USED FOR: (1) access to the Internet, intranets, or other data networks except as the device’s native applications and capabilities permit" What is native applications? My iPhone came with youtube so I can or cannot use it? Nowhere do they give an amount of data they will screw you with... SO I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A POST TO THIS MESSAGE SAYING OH WRITE US A LETTER OR CALL US AND WE WILL HELP YOU...... POST IT IN THE REPLY HOW MUCH DATA IS TOO MUCH!!!! I BET THEY CAN'T I BET THEY JUST PICK IN CHOOSE AT RANDOM... There is a reason why they have so many complants and if they want to be a recognized full service Cell phone compony then they need to get their act together and they need to post a data amount, but if they do that then they are not UNLIMITED DATA are they???

.... September 18th, 2012

very happy i switched

i used to be a us cellular contract customer service was great phones were great the price was horrendous 93.00/ month. now im a straight talk customer have been for 4 months i have a very good android phone iam on verizon cdma towers i have actually recieved as good and in some areas better coverage then when i was with us cellular and best of all i only pay 45.00/ 30 days like the ad says everything you need in a phone

.... September 16th, 2012

Not recommend

This phone is not great for anything.
It never has any service and for the price it's not much you can actually do with the phone. Whenever I used to call customer service I would be on the phone forever before I speak with a rep and when I do speak with someone they usually rush me off the phone.

.... September 11th, 2012

The old "Bait and Switch"

I seem trapped between Verizon, Tracfone and Straight Talk. Have used service for about year and a half and have had to call tech support on average every other month to restore service mysteriously quit working. Lately, I have had to call every day for the past 3 and spent an hour each time. I have been shuffled between the 3 services above and am about to end this adventure and go directly with Verizon. This whole deal has probably been set up by some of the same MBA's that brought the 2008 meltdown to us. Once they've made their money, then to heck with everyone else. BTW, The Filipino Customer Service folks are dedicated and do a great job. Problem is the system back in the good old USA run by a bunch of morons.

.... September 3rd, 2012

Straight Talk Isnt Straight

I first started using Straight talk back in 2009. I use it because they have decent phones and cheap plans. I first experienced problems 2 weeks after activating the first phone. The Samsung Messanger phone. anyway it would shut off and on by itself, couldnt recieve texts or calls, texts would send two or three of the same out at a time. the camara stopped working, it would earase my pics. when i called customer service i waited for nearly 30 minutes, then got put on hold again, finally when someone did answer i couldnt understand the person. she/he told me they could reset my phone, tried that, didnt work. next it was i had to take the battery out and reset it again, didnt work either. finally she said they would replace the defected phone but i had to pay for it. the customer service rep was being very rude, at one point she said it was my fault for staying on it. when i asked to speak to a manager i was told it wouldnt be possiable, wtf? anyway i just decided to get another phone. the next one i got was the one that looks like a blackberry. well ive had this phone for about 1 1/2 years. so far its shut off 5 times and the camara will often say check heap when clicked. the mp3 player feature is decent , the internet is slow and often says connection error or forbidden. i dont know how they continue with this, when i took the first phone apart i noticed there were no screws inside so basically everything is just hanging in there. could explain why the slider part of the phone would come unattached from the back of the phone. all in all, the plan is cheap but the phones are crap and so is the customer service. when i can afford it i will be changing providers.

.... August 31st, 2012


I purchased a straight talk phone early July 2012. First, I tried to activate the phone online but was rejected. When I called they told me the phone was not active. I had to go back to Wal-Mart and have someone in electronics activate it. When I left I got a error and called them right away they said its fine wait 24 hours and it will be active. It took five days and alot of yelling to get my number transferred AND phone activated. Since then I have used facebook about 10 times because the phone freezes so often or I get a CONNECTION ERROR. My Emails update when I power the phone off and on again OR about once a week. If I power the phone off it takes three times to have it start properly and I usually have to remove the battery! When I called for help the rep walked me through making software changes in the phone but the next day WORST ISSUES...I could not send texts, no facebook, had to delete Fruit Ninja, email account disappeared. I never had more than 1 or 2 bars unless connected to outside WIFI and can NEVER use the data portion of the plan I pay for NO APPS, NO EMAIL, NO SWYPE...On the box they have the entire map covered in blue but if you look through the site there is a completely different map and it is NOT completely covered but in green! My phone is disconnected right now. IF YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU GET A NOTIFICATION STATING YOUR SERVICE PLAN WILL BE END, PLEASE DON'T. They DON'T Guarantee those notifcations will go out everytime! YAAAAAAAAA! I live in Ohio and can't reach my relatives in New Orleans, right now! However, they DO send me sales/ marketing emails every other day to my email! To end this story, I spoke to a "MANAGER" today Karen said on Monday (of this week, 8/27/2012) there were some upgrades to the phones on the sprint network and IF I JUST PAY FOR A NEW AIR TIME CARD I WILL DEFINITELY SEE THOSE UPDATES AND NOT EXPERIENCE THESE ISSUES. I responded my phone was on last night and I was still experiencing EVERYTHING listed above how can you ensure I will be able to get enough bars to use facebook, gmail, etc...the basics. She responds if you buy an aircard from us over the phone...we will refund your airtime if you experience any problems.

.... August 29th, 2012

Passing the buck as most companies do!

I have emailed, called, been called and NO ONE at straight talk will call or is afraid to call AT&T to fix a signal issue! They instead told me to buy a cdma proclaim from them which means I would be spending more money. They expect the customer to solve the problem and not solve it themselves. This is the third or forth time I have had problems that would take very little effort to fix and they know nothing. So sad! Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and other companies make it hard to gain a contract and then if you do get one change plans, rules, costs, etc. Ready to use a text pager and a Tracfone!

.... August 6th, 2012

Amazing at how much work they'll do to avoid working

Their website has no way to let you recover your password. My father bought this phone for me a few years ago when I was living in the dorm. Unfortunately, he didn't keep track of the Username/Password he used so every time I want to renew I have to call to do so because they refused to let me reset my password without knowing the information my father used. No texting passwords to the phone or anything like that.

If you need to contact someone, they will have "a large amount of calls right now" and ask you to "call again later" then will disconnect you. No being put on hold, they now completely disconnect you. I did this about 5 times in one day and they refused to let me get through to them.

Lately they've got machines doing work now, which is sad that it's an improvement. So if you need to refill your phone or reactivate it, you don't have to wait on hold for 30 minutes like in the past to be put on with a representative who knew as much English as most USA citizens know Spanish. I'm a male adult with a deep voice, yet I got called ma'am almost -every- time I called, and even when I corrected them they'd still do it.

It's cheap, and works decent in large cities. In small cities though, like Prescott, AZ, don't get it. Seriously, it will not work in far too many places. I only recommend this phone if you need a cheap plan as it's not the worst phone company, but it is very horrible.

.... July 31st, 2012

misleading advertising

they claim to have nationwide coverage and use the ATT and Tmobile towers. They however mean this literally. ATT has assembled a network of 3rd party towers in addition to their own to provide greater coverage. Straight talk has no agreement with those 3rd parties, so the straight talk network << ATT network. When I reached out to customer service because I wasn't getting data or phone reception in the place I vacation in MT (which ATT and Verizon have been servicing for 12+ years), the first reply was about service not being guaranteed and retractable at any moment and how refunds are not issued. It's clear to me that they know they have misleading and inferior coverage and are more concerned with keeping my money than getting me service. I bought a phone and a sim card and an unlimited plan, and invested time switching over and getting everything set up. I would NOT do this again given a chance to do it over. It does work great in the area I bought the phone, but I travel a lot for business, and cannot endorse these guys for business users or anybody who travels outside of major metros.

.... July 23rd, 2012

Thief's in the Night!!!

Straight talk system has been to double bill people that pay online with a credit or debit; then when you call them they act like it is your bank's fault. And simply refuse to refund you your money.

.... July 21st, 2012

Overall very satisfied til they stopped prepaid international calling!!

They won't admit it but it has been impossible for me to renew my prepaid international min, by web site or customer service. Super frustrating website and customer service , over 2 hr,s on website and 80 min, talking to cs. STILL!!!!..!? Cannot call canada!! I suspect they no longer offer prepaid international calls to force you into the 60.oo plan. So frustrated! Why do they not just say, no longer avalible, they have wasted so much of my time, and wish I did no purchase new phone, the android lg optimus, not all that!

.... July 15th, 2012

Replaced defective phone

I had had a lot of trouble with my phone not working properly. I had tried to call the number for support to help me. No one I talk to could understand English and I sure could not understand their language. Finally I took the phone to Walmart and it was almost time for the warranty to be out and Walmart called support and took care of everything for me and my phone was replaced with a refurbished phone. I was finally satisfied.

.... June 20th, 2012

The cell phone equivalent of a toilet full of garbage.

The reception is just terrible. Several of the phones they have shipped me have not worked. While the customer service representatives I've spoken to have been perfectly friendly, I suspect the language barrier impedes their comprehension (they're clearly located in India) because they've made a mess of my account several times. Didn't correctly renew my monthly minutes, transferred the wrong number on my account to a new phone, insisted that my shipping address does not exist, etc. I urge you to find another provider.

.... May 23rd, 2012

My Straight-Talk phone worked great in the Walmart lobby, but it drops 90% of the incoming and outgoing calls at home...4 miles from the store. I've called numerous times to have it "reactivated", to no avail. It's supposed to work off Verizon towers, but they failed to mention I'd have to be sitting right under the tower to get the phone to work correctly. I'm very dis-appointed with Straight-Talk.

.... March 26th, 2012

Lost my cell number that I had for 12 years

I have had a cell phone since 2000. When I switched to ST about 6 months ago, I was able to port my number with no problems. I purchased two brand new Samsung Precedent smart phones and tried to activate them. They said one phone belonged to another account and there was nothing I could do for it. I took it back and exchanged it and when I did, my phone that did work was deactivated. When this happened, they deactivated my number and everything and told me there was nothing they could do about my lost phone number. I have over 1000 contacts that I had to notify about this inconvinient and involuntary change.

.... March 1st, 2012


the phone service itself isn't bad but if you have to deal with customer service then god help you they lied to me hung up on me ask why I wanted to talk to a supervisor then proceeded to put me on with another rep like I wouldn't know everybody knows Americans are dimwitted told me their website wasn't theirs and couldn't even get on their own website there isn't enough space to tell the things they have pulled if you need to port a number or put minutes on do it yourself on the website or you will get screwed by several different peggys

.... December 28th, 2011

Intializing and Other Issues

I have been with Straight talk for about a year and have had two different phone models. I had the Samsung t401g and it broke, so I got a replace free from straight talk. I encountered the same problem (turning off and not turning on) again and decided to get a different phone model. I then purchased the Samsung t528g and it stopped working within three months. It says 'initializing' whenever i try to open anythign and it wont even let me call emergency! I called straight talk. the people on customer service were rude (as usual) and did nothing to help me. they put me on hold and hung up on me multiple times. they said it will take them 10 days to send me an envelope to send my phone back to then and then another ten days to send me the replacement. I am very disappointed with the service I got and do not recommend this company to anyone because with Straight Talk, having a phone is more invconvienient than it is a blessing. I highly recomend a different service provider.

.... November 17th, 2011


i have had been with straight talk for almost 4 years now and my first phone everytime i would text or try to it always press 2580 on its own over and over...... i got a new one and it wouldnt work when i went downstairs..... i am on my third phone and i cant read my texts or see my contacts it keeps telling me initializing......... initializing....... so i called the straight talk ppl and they told me that it was a diffected sim card... makes me so mad

.... September 30th, 2011

acquiring your personal phone records

Contacted straight talk about getting my phone records for a certain month for a court appearance. I was told to fax various info to them, which I promptly did. Have called them several times and they keep transfering me to different departments. I need these records immediately! Guess the judge will have to subpeona them from the company. Not very good advertisement for the company. Their customer service stinks! I am very disapponted that NO BODY there speaks or understands ENGLISH! Bring jobs back to AMERICANS who speak and understand ENGLISH!

.... September 12th, 2011



.... July 18th, 2011

no contracts and no deposit

i love this service the only improvements they need to make are more phone choices and english speaking reps(most issues can be handled electrinicaly so this is a minor problem)

.... July 13th, 2011

tells you that everytime you travel to a differt town you will have to shut your phone off and then turn it back on and then dial *22890 to be able to reconnect with a tower for your cell phone to work.

.... May 30th, 2011

NEVER give ST your CC number.

ST is 1/3 the monthly price of Verizon contract. BUT=
StraightTalk Customer service humans cannot speak or understand American, and refuse to give you someone who can. NEVER give ST your credit card number, NEVER sign up for auto payments. They just started my new month a day EARLY again (according to their site!) and beat me out of another 133 minutes I needed. Use a WM scratch off card and add it through your phone at the last minute. DO NOT LET THEM HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. Phone is fine, the coverage IS still Verizon CDMA.

.... May 30th, 2011

this phone is a piece of crap. I am tossing it in the trash and going with a reputable company.

.... April 4th, 2011

I'm lovin' it!!

I have had an LG slide phone from Straight Talk phone for 4 months now. Service is great--good reception, no dropped calls & cost can't be beat. The only thing I do not like is the phone selection. I would love to have a smart phone & at a decent price. Hoping that can happen soon & if it does more of my friends plan to join.

.... March 30th, 2011

I have actually never had a problem with Straight Talk. I save so much money with them, instead of being on a contract. I literally spend $45 a month for unlimited calls and minutes and it is brilliant!I have a regular phone but my boyfriend has a smartphonehese guys really do have great dealsac

.... March 26th, 2011

Just about the worst customer service I've ever encountered for anything. I felt this way when we initiated the plan and even more so in disconnecting. I almost think they jerk you around just so you'll give in. I just spent 35 minutes saying the same thing over and over just to get them to quit automatically taking money from me. And that's after spending over an hour with my new company trying to figure out how to get my port away from Straight Talk. Really amazingly bad customer service.

.... March 25th, 2011

This service is horrible!!!! I hate when I have to call customer service....just called this morning b/c for the 3rd month in a row when I refill my phone it does not let me make or receive calls and I am 6 1/2 months pregnant!!! Every month they promise it won't happen again and yet it does and when I call I can't even understand what they are saying. Upon asking for a supervisor the rep. wanted to sit there an ask me why....who is the paying customer here??? Your service sucks and I would never reccomend it to anyone!!!! Then she tells me I have to shut my phone off after refilling and turn back on....duh it tells me that however it did not tell me I have to dial * then some number....never once have I had that said to me....learn your service!!!!

.... March 23rd, 2011

Straight Talk has HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! It is difficult to hear people calling me; and, my calls are continally being dropped about ever 30 - 45 seconds. It is very frustrating. At first there was no problem , so I paid for 6 months. BAD MOVE---I have had 2 of their phones that quit working. I just got the 2nd one back after 8 days. Although I had paid for those days, they will only remimburse me for 5 days - their max. After getting phone back, noticed nothing has changed. Still lots of major problems.

Although I did not think it was the phone, their customer service people told me to ship it back. Their people are very hard to understand and communicate with. No matter how many times I call them, I get someone with a thick accent and broken English. Most of what they say to me has to be repeated several times before I can be sure of what they are saying.

I no longer have a land line and having such an undependable phone is not good for me. I have a lot of health problems and being able to make phone calls is a serious matter.

When I started using the Straight Talk service, I loved it. It was great up until about 3 months ago when it became hard to hear people on the other end and the calls started frequently dropping.

I think there has been a major chage with Straight Talk, but don't know what. I live in San Diego, CA, so their should not be a problem with cell towers.

I have paid for 3 more months and am going to have to pay for another cell phone service because Straight Talk cannot be depended on. I wish they would fix the problems and get customer service reps that I could understand.

I would advise people to stay away from ST until they fix their terrible service problems.

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